Friday, June 27, 2008


We awoke to a heavily sultry day, in the 90s F and breathlessly still. Mick went through multiple changes of clothing today!

After Morning Offering I used all of my office time to read through 101. I have now perhaps one day, or two days, to finish the read-thorugh.

At lunch, Melissa and I had a planning meeting over burgers, working on Avalon issues. Bob R’s truck will be fetched by Melissa next Monday. Her brand new baby chicks are sweet and very tiny. She had them with her so that she could keep their temperature constant. She continues to work on the road after every storm. Lately she has done some refreshing of Sugar Shack’s interior, staining the floor and painting the inside walls. Now we need to find some basic pieces of furniture, like a bed, dresser, table and chairs and recliner. The furniture we have had there is falling apart after years of yeoman’s service in the un-air-conditioned country air, which is quite soggy all year round.

Melissa prepped my sleeping nook for painting in the morning and painted the nook a pretty blue with just a haze of smoky lavender that tones in perfectly with the wallpaper in the rest of the bedroom. Tomorrow I get my shelves and lamps re-hung! I’m so excited to have that nook looking pretty. It looks better than at any time since we moved in, which was in 1984.

Gary is home from his travels and reports having a great time. He stopped by to retrieve his car keys just in time to witness our power go out. Oh good! Out came the flashlights and battery-powered lamps! And Mel was just sitting down to a movie after working hard all day. Now that’s tough timing!

We enjoyed conversation and reading instead of TV. Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.