Wednesday, June 18, 2008


This was a low-energy day for me. After Morning Offering I went to sleep in my chair and roused only in time for lunch. Melissa and I went to nearby Cheddars Restaurant for her favorite burger and my favorite country-fried steak. Then we came home and together we tackled shifting winter garments to off-season storage in the basement and moving my summer things up. I placed almost all of my jeans and dress pants in the Goodwill bag, having grown out of them all. My skirts fared better because I am a fan of one-sized Indian skirts with generously stretchy elastic waists. I am athwart sizes 14 and 16, and my jeans were size 12. Bye-bye!

I had a sliver of afternoon left in my work day after that effort was, not entirely done, but done to a good stopping place. All the winter things are moved to storage and half of my summer things have been brought upstairs. I used it by continuing to edit the session on tuning from CI-1.

Romi came to visit after Mick and I had our bath and descended for supper. He had a bite to eat with us and fixed us his patented love tea. Gary wound up his day at the L/L Research Inbox and joined us as well for conversation. Gary offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.