Tuesday, June 17, 2008


After Morning Offering I did my journals, since I had overslept luxuriously and missed my before-waking-up-Mick office stint. Then I wrote a note to Bob Friedman to go with our manuscript of The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues and sent that in to him. This is a milestone and I was glad to see that it fell on a “seven-day”. It’s the 16th, which adds up to 7. It is a good omen! Like many people, I feel that seven is a very important number for me. For instance, I was born on 7-16-43!

I also wrote Ian concerning further questions regarding the e-version of A Book of Days. It will be very good to have the complete set of 469 Days up on line for people to use if they wish. I penned a brief introduction to both on-line versions, the print version with its 366 days, which can be printed out and used as a calendar, and the full 469 Days, arranged chronologically by the dates they were recorded. That new version should appear on site quite soon!

Brenda S sent me more information on her uncle, Pat S, one of those who were killed two years ago when their plane failed to take off at the Lexington, Kentucky airport. He was an unsung hero, working hard for Habitat for Humanity. It reminds me that I need to figure out exactly how to re-enter my article writing. I have let that sit on the back burner because I want to get A/Q and 101 finished ASAP, which means no articles yet.

Should I stay with the UPI site? Should I go off on my own? I need more information on just how much of an enlarged audience my work gets on the www.religionandspirituality site.

I knew that I was due to spend part of the afternoon seeing to the servicing of Stanley Outback, so put off starting my read-through of 101. Instead I worked on editing and got the session from CI-1 on “Visualizing Your Guidance” finished and off to the web site. Then I started on the session on “Making a Workroom”, which is the penultimate session transcript. When I finish editing it, I will only be waiting for the session on “Tuning” in order to complete that large job. Altogether it has felt a lot like editing a book, since there are ten teaching sessions and each runs in length somewhere between 14 and 25 pages. I did not get that editing finished, so I will hit it again tomorrow.

I sailed off to the Subaru dealership in late afternoon, noticing that the 17-year locust infestation is finally over. That heady roar of a chirr has been replaced by a mulch of their little exoskeletons at the base of trees and telephone poles. One can still hear the annual locusts, but their sound is not nearly so strident. And the red clover is in bloom! That makes the best honey! And the day lilies are in their glory. Stanley is in fine shape and only needed an oil change and some new plugs. He was feeling perky as we came home through the rush-hour traffic.

Mick had a personal record day at the old lawn service, accomplishing 9 jobs! What a guy! He and Gary together have done 9 jobs in a day before, but this was a solo achievement! I congratulated him, but also asked if he was feeling OK after all that work. He said he was just fine, but that he did not intend, ever, to do so much in a day. Often, customers ask for extras. When enough of them do so, it becomes a long day for Mick. In this case, one of the favors involved cutting another whole lawn!

We enjoyed a whirlpool and then a romantic tryst that was most inspiring and delightful to experience. I sank down into sleep briefly in the afterglow and then we went downstairs for supper and the Gaia Meditation. I offered the closing prayer tonight.