Saturday, June 07, 2008


The second day of Channeling Intensive 2 started with Morning Offering, after which Mick took off for a very full day of mowing, since he did not have Gary to help him today. Gary was hustling all day to accommodate the needs of the attendees, putting out lunch and tucking it away and seeing to everyone’s comfort.

In the morning I gave my talk on tuning for the third time, and it was a charm! We got no less than three copies of the talk! Finally we have a full audio version of the training modules for CI-1. In the event that people wish to study this material in the future, we now can offer an audio version of the full curriculum. I am still editing modules of this material in text form, having three to go including the session on tuning. I gave 8 modules of teaching and then we had practices and so forth, so there are 13 modules, altogether.

After lunch we had a long break, during which I worked on the inside pages of The Aaron/Q’uo Material, generating the last two pages, the Dedication page and the Acknowledgments page. Then I napped until 2:30. Gary awoke me so that I could tune. Everyone else was also tuning during this period, and we had a channeling circle at 3:00. The Laitos group trained us all, telling a story around the circle. It was a long session and it went very well. People are making good progress, each at his own rate.

We decided to let the rest of the day drift as it would. We went to Captain’s Quarters Restaurant for a delicious supper and then some of the attendees watched the interview from 1978 which Bill Tush of TBS television did with Don Elkins and me.

Lorena L offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.