Friday, June 06, 2008


What a steamy, sunshiny day! After Morning Offering Mick set out on his round of mowing and mowing some mow, as he said on his way out. He arrived home at bath time happy with his day, having done all his mowing plus some extra chores for a couple of customers.

In the morning I worked my way through the Glossary of Terms and defined the last of the terms. I sent that document on to Steve M, who most kindly will peruse the definitions with an eye to simplifying the language. Our inside pages for The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues are taking shape!

After lunch I wrote Bob R about two delightful issues – a heavy-duty Dodge truck which he is donating to L/L Research and a proposed Gathering at Copper Bay Lodge in Michigan. We are dealing with details of how to get the truck to Louisville from Toledo. I suggested that he drive it down and rent a car to return, since Bob loves to drive. As an alternative, Melissa could take a bus up to Toledo and drive the truck back.

Later in the day Gary, Jim and I got together and agreed that we would arrange to hold the Copper Bay Gathering August 10-12. The topic discussed will be A Wake-Up Call for the New Paradigm. William Henry will again join the Gathering as a guest speaker.

I wrote Bob F. at Hampton Roads Publishing Company explaining that we were finishing the inside pages for The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues and would send him the manuscript as soon as we had those few pages done. It is wonderful that this manuscript has found a publishing home.

Then it was time for my final preparation for CI-2 – a haircut and facial at Images Salon. I came home feeling natty! I beat it upstairs even though people were already arriving, as I wanted to get a bit more done before I dove into the Intensive for the weekend.

I wrote Frank D, letting him know that Bob F and I had made contact and that Bob had agreed to look at A/Q, and thanking him for putting an agent whom he feels might help my work in touch with me. I have never had an agent. It is a thought! We will see if she likes my work and if so, we will talk.

Then I took some time to catch up with Ian, our archive-site web guy and beloved friend of many years. His wife, Michelle Tocher, just came out with her first novel, and they launched it with a boat-ride for 100 people cruising Toronto’s harbor. What an exciting way to celebrate a new book!

In the waning minutes of the work day I got two more inside pages done in first-draft form, the title page and the verso to the title page. Then came a quick bath and Mick and I emerged to welcome our guests. Talitha L had arrived first, having flown in from California. Then the G’s, Gerri and Leonard, arrived by car from Virginia. Lorena L arrived from Chicago. Carol C and Dean G drove in from Tennessee. Romi came, then Maria R from Ohio and finally John K from Minnesota. We enjoyed pizza, salad, homemade vegetable soup and brownies together before we sat down to read our essays on “Why I Want to Become a Channel”.

We paused in the midst of this to offer the Gaia Meditation. Romi prayed at the close tonight. We continued with conversation after the formal opening session of Channeling Intensive 2 was over. People began drifting off to bed at 10:00 p.m., including Jim and me. Usually a few people stay up later and continue to converse and that could have happened! Tomorrow we will have our first channeling circle.