Monday, June 16, 2008


Mick and I had breakfast and enjoyed the Sunday paper until it was time for me to go to choir practice and then church, and for Mick to clean the house. The wheelchair makes going to services so very much easier for me! I am most grateful to be able to join in. I had to sing soprano today, and my high G was nowhere in sight. Drat! Fortunately, there was only one of those in all of the music for today! We sang an especial favorite of mine for the offertory, “He That Shall Endure to the End” from Mendelssohn's oratorio, Elijah.

We enjoyed the first of our triple feature over lunch, The Bucket List. I’d seen mixed reviews of this film, but it was an excellent, charming, funny and moving film. Morgan Freeman shone as the brainy auto mechanic who meets Jack Nicholson’s character, a crusty and self-centered entrepreneur, in the cancer section of a hospital where both men are having tumors removed from their brains. The two men decide to use some of their remaining year of life in crossing things off a list they make of things to do before they kick the bucket.

Sean Hayes turns in a nuanced, gentle performance as Nicholson’s administrative assistant. And I loved the ending. Director Rob Reiner’s sensibility was evident throughout. What a fun movie, and what great production values!

Over mid-afternoon popcorn, we enjoyed P. S. I Love You, a delightful romantic comedy which starts off with the hero’s death due to cancer – a theme today! Knowing he is going to die soon, Gerard Butler’s character writes his wife, Hilary Swank, a series of letters – hence the title of the film. As she opens each letter, the film moves towards a sweet, upbeat ending. The ensemble is solid and extensive.

I was unable to determine the name of a particularly charming woman who played one of Swank’s friends. She was plump, blonde, pert, outspoken and had a lot of screen presence. I hope those in the business agree with me and cast her in larger parts.

The production was impeccable and the sound track was very taking. I loved this film!

We had a break in late afternoon, with Mick working in the yard and running a few errands, and I doing some e-mail. I sent Jude a suggestion on the final definition in question for the Glossary of Terms in the Aaron/Q’uo manuscript.

Ian had sent a couple of questions concerning the e-version of A Book of Days, to which I responded.

Steve M sent a cc of a letter he wrote to a fellow scientist, proposing a project which is enormously intriguing, involving a physicist’s look at the connection between physics, a unified version of the creation and free will. I wrote to congratulate him on the concept and to send him my best wishes.

And lastly I wrote a fellow choir member who has had surgery, wishing her well.

Our last film of the day was The Walker, starring Woody Harrelson in his beautifully underplayed role as the eponymous walker, that term meaning a man who walks out with the ladies for a pseudo-living. He is not a gigolo but an appropriate companion for women whose influential husbands would rather their wives attend their charity and cultural events with Harrelson than have to attend themselves. Harrelson was surrounded by a wonderful ensemble – Kristin Scott Thomas, Lauren Bacall and Lily Tomlin. Their performances were delicious - smart and devastatingly accurate.

The single flaw in this gem of an art film was the glacial progress of the action. At first I liked the pace, for there was room for great detail, and each detail shone. Eventually, however, there was simply too much of a good thing for me. Perhaps I am a philistine. Perhaps the film’s screenplay was three scenes too long. You decide!

The production values were through the roof. Exquisite cinematography vied with wonderful costumes and meticulous direction for best feature. The mystery story which carried the plot forward was a good one. And the inferred comments on our political climate and culture were choice.

We really had an exceptional movie week!

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.