Friday, June 13, 2008


After Morning Offering, Mick set out into a very hot and humid day to dance with the lawn devas of Anchorage. I devoted my day to moving through the several e-mails concerning The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues’ Glossary of Terms. Then I read through the current version of said Glossary and found quite a few things to repair. Steve, Ba, Jude and I have labored carefully over this document and as Ba said, it will make a very interesting piece of writing, all on its own.

We agreed to hold off on sending the finished manuscript in to Hampton Roads until the Glossary is in its final form. Hopefully, that will delay us only very shortly. I am most eager to send that in to Mr. Friedman and return to the read-through of Living the Law of One 101: The Choice. This project has of necessity been laid aside due to the press of having Channeling Intensive 2 and finishing the A/Q project.

At 2:30 I drove over to Glenview Trust, glorying in the abundant red clover at the roadsides and getting lost – again – on the way. Mick and I did not want sewers. We protested and went to meetings. We have a perfectly good septic system for which we paid good money. But the city of Louisville forced them upon us and we have endured a year of noise, dust and inconvenience as they were installed. Now we must pay for them, adding insult to injury. So Sherry F kindly guided me through filling out the paperwork. The trust will now take care of the five substantial annual payments needed to retire that bill. Once again, thank you, Don! It is the inheritance I received when Don died in 1984 which became the trust.

I stopped in at Anchorage City Hall to leave the finished, notarized paperwork and met Nan, the archivist and city clerk, in person for the first time. She recalls me from anguished telephone calls when our new neighbors moved in. Mick and I were looking for ways to curb their plans to install an ugly, roughly made gravel strip laid carelessly over the grass right by our living room windows.

We failed to find legal means of redress and instead planted a thick row of screening evergreens. The neighbors in question leave all manner of debris, construction materials and garden supplies scattered along this gravel strip, of which we have a clear view from our living room windows that no firs can hide. Such is life. At any rate, it was good to meet Nan, who has been very sympathetic to our plight.

I ended the day by noting that Ian has sent a dozen e-mails on various topics related to our archive web site, all of them important to me. So it looks as though tomorrow will belong to our faithful web guy, and the read-through of 101 shall need to wait another day. Again, such is life! I see my impatience and have to laugh! The ego is tenacious! All this work is equally important. It is only ego that makes me impatient, valuing one thing over another.

I worked with Gary before bath time, agreeing to the October dates of Bob Riedel’s proposed Gathering on the New Paradigm in colonial Williamsburg. We also finalized his letter to the current Homecoming attendees.

Mick asked me for a date, and we enjoyed a delicious time of effervescent and most loving energy exchange before we came down for supper. Gary joined us after his working day was over for The Colbert Rapport and the Gaia Meditation, at which he offered the closing prayer.