Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I awoke on this day of travel for Melissa, Talitha and me to brilliant sunshine and humid heat. I spent my morning catching up my journals, doing what I could on the inside pages for the Aaron/Q’uo project and packing. I also wrote an apologetic note to Ian, who is asking for direction on how to arrange the CI-1 material, explaining that I would be back at the desk Wednesday.

We three had luncheon here at Camelot and then set out for Auburn, Indiana in Stanley Subaru. Just north of Indianapolis, storms set in, complete with pea-sized hail! Fortunately for Stanley, he was residing at a gas pump when the hail came through, and had a canopy over his hull. Fortune continued to smile upon us as we got Stanley's gas tank filled just before the power went out at the station! I had to write the receipt for our bookkeeper, Pam, on an end page of the book I was reading.

Melissa drove on through the heavy rains, which lasted the rest of the way to Auburn. We found our inn, got unpacked and sought our dinner at the nearby Applebee’s Restaurant. We had a feast! We began with an appetizer platter and then burgers for Mel and me and tilapia for Talitha.

The Auburn Inn was just lovely and we enjoyed a good conversation together before offering the Gaia Meditation, with Talitha praying at the end, and saying good night. I ended my day with a telephone call to Mick so that we could say good night and offer our last prayer of the day, The Lord’s Prayer, together as has been our daily habit for over two decades.