Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Melissa, Talitha and I had breakfast at the Auburn Inn while watching the rain bounce off the patio outside the French doors of their café. We went back to Mel’s and my room and made our Morning Offering, setting our intention to welcome and maximize the healing energy. Then we set out for Mr. Wickey’s home.

It was a 20-minute journey through deep country, seeing one immaculately kept farmstead after another along the tiny county roads we traversed. That beautiful tidiness seems to be a feature of Amish communities. The Wickeys’ farm was no exception. We knocked on several wrong doors before being hailed by Mrs. Wickey, who wore the traditional, dainty white Amish cap over her hair and a deep teal dress. We watched her for about an hour as she unpacked fresh supplies of bath products and books on diet and healing while we waited to be called.

When we were called, we went in together. Mr. Wickey fulfilled my expectation in appearance, looking old, wise and full of healing energy. His eyes twinkled and he had a constant, small smile which burst into a big grin when he assured each of us we were going to be better. He seemed to use a kind of kinesiology to aid his work.

He had an assistant who was learning his techniques. She aided him with the muscle-testing in my case, Mr. Wickey apparently realizing that the outstretched arm needed for the muscle-testing would bother my arthritic shoulder. The process was quite quick. He gave me a suggestion as to two herbs to take. He did the same for Talitha. He did not recommend any herbs for Melissa. He told all three of us we would be better very soon. And so we left, purchasing our herbs and also some of the Wickeys’ honey on the way out.

We went back to the inn for our final packing. I had brought some green tea, which I brewed in our room’s small coffeepot. We ceremoniously drank that together before checking out of the inn and setting out on our journey homeward.

The rains had passed and it was an exquisite day, offering us an easy drive back to Camelot. We arrived at bath time and I effortlessly slipped back into my home routine with great joy. Mel left almost immediately to get back to Avalon and check on her birds. Mick and I dined with Talitha and Gary, who was manning the L/L Research helm today, and conversed until it was time for the Gaia Meditation. Jim offered the closing prayer tonight.

I feel no differently than before the trip, in terms of the body drama I have been experiencing. Still I am very glad that we made the trip! Perhaps healing will come slowly. Perhaps it will come not at all. Yet we responded to the suggestion that we visit Mr. Wickey and offered ourselves a healing opportunity. That intention was an excellent one for us to set and I know good came from it.