Thursday, June 12, 2008


Scorching heat was Mick’s lot as he took off to mow and garden after Morning Offering. He is back to praying for rain, as our earth here is beginning to crack, even as areas north of here which do not need the rain get more and more!

I used every nook and cranny of my working day to respond to nine e-mails having to do with the finalization of the inside pages of The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues. Now that Steve has agreed to work only to improve the existing summaries of each session in our Table of Contents for now, all of the focus was on the Glossary of Terms. By the time I needed to drive Talitha to the airport, I had just enough time to finish addressing all of the remaining concerns. Dare I say that I think this may be IT?

It’s very exciting to see this manuscript take final form. Jude wrote to say that she felt sure she could send the final manuscript tomorrow sometime! She is doing all this work on top of long hours at her regular job as an engineer, where she has pulled a good deal of overtime lately. Bless you, Jude! And bless you, Ba! And bless you, Steve! It has been an intense collaboration this past couple of weeks.

On the way home from the airport, I realized that Mick and I had been with company for a solid week now. We are both ready for some alone time. It was pure heaven to have a quiet evening at home. I offered the prayer at the close of the Gaia Meditation tonight.