Saturday, June 14, 2008


What a day this was! After Morning Offering I worked with Ian’s questions all day. The questions were substantive indeed. By the end of the working day I had laid out for him my thoughts on creating two new e-books for our site. One will be made up of the relevant chapters from A Channeling Handbook, plus all ten sessions of my teaching from Channeling Intensive 1.

We presently have seven of the ten sessions edited. Two other transcriptions await my editing. The tenth, which was finally recorded on our third attempt to do so just last week at Channeling Intensive 2, awaits transcription. However I imagine Gary has hustled that last transcript off to one of our best transcribers. So I have some editing to do! It will be great to have that large project finished and feel that if people want to study the channeling process, anything I know so far is there on line for them to use.

Ian also asked concerning my plans for the e-version of A Book of Days. The printed version has 366 of the 469 channelings produced during that time of research into the tuning and challenging process. The e-book version will have them all.

Ian is also hoping to get a more precise scan of the Don Quixote image which has graced my walls since college days. He needs a clearer image to use for the cover of the collected newsletters of our first 25 years of publication. I sent a tickler to Gary on that.

At the end of the day I found a round dozen e-mails from Steve M, Jude and Ba concerning The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues’ Glossary of Terms. However they were all notes of agreement to my suggestions, thank heavens. I sense that we tremble on the verge of having the manuscript ready to offer to Hampton Roads. Whee!

I wistfully look forward to getting back to my new project, 101! It is now ready for the final read-through from me. I will need to spend tomorrow catching up my e-mail, so I am hopefully targeting Monday to start that. What a pleasure that will be!

As I was closing up shop I discovered that Barbara B, an agent from New York City, would like to talk with me about the possibility of her representing me. We set up a telephone appointment for 10:00 tomorrow morning. That should be an interesting conversation!

Mick came home a bit early, having been rained out of an extra job he was planning to do for a customer, but beating the rains nicely as far as his mowing went. So he did a whole lot of maintenance, sharpened blades, changed oil and was generally efficient with his rain time. And Mick was glad to see the raindrops fall, as we do need the rain.

Gary spent the first part of his day working with Mick and then cooked next week’s recipes before departing for Valerie’s. Mick and I dined in splendid isolation and he offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation.