Thursday, June 26, 2008


As the Kentucky summer deepened and the temperature rose over 90 F, Mick set out after Morning Offering to garden in the morning and mow all afternoon. He is hardened to the heat and has a gallon bottle of water and Fierce which he freezes overnight. Then he sets it in the sun as he works and all day, he has ice-cold water fortified with the salts his body needs. He changes his shirts often and stays dry, so he has a good time out there with his music and “his ladies and gentleman”, as I call his mowers, Susie, Thetis and Fielder.

He did have a small tragedy in mid-afternoon when his iPod died. A trip to Radio Shack is first on his list for tomorrow. He truly depends on his hand-picked music to help him bounce through his working day in good cheer.

I continued my read-through of 101 all day. Another couple of days of this very careful reading and final editing on my part, and I shall have the manuscript ready to send off to Ian to run through his copy-edit macros. I am eager to finish this, as I have set other things aside in order to git-r-dun on 101. And those other things are calling to me!

It was delightful to meet up with my deva-dancer for a relaxing whirlpool and an evening of conversation and TV. I offered the prayer at the close of the Gaia Meditation tonight.