Saturday, June 21, 2008


We awoke to squalls of rain, something not predicted. Mick and Gary had already agreed to start their mowing day early and it was a good thing! After an abbreviated Morning Offering they set out to dodge the raindrops, which continued all day. They were successful, primarily because the ground was dry and so there was neither ponding nor any tendency for the mown grass to clump. Gary came home in mid-afternoon to collect his sister and rendezvous with Valerie and Ocean for their camping trip to the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Mick soldiered on, finishing every job and then maintaining his mowers for the week.

I felt drowsy all day and fell asleep in my chair twice. However I managed to read through Chapter 2 of 101. I continue to make very few changes, merely substituting one word for another or making one sentence into two. This book is mature. It’s a joy to see that.

I also worked with Ian a bit on creating an e-book from my teaching sessions at CI-1. There are several details that are not at all obvious. I am not sure we have it down yet! But we’re getting closer.

I complimented him on the beautiful job he has done of creating an e-book version of A Book of Days. It is up on site now. It is such a pleasure to be able to offer our readers the entire 469 Days.

Steve M wrote to ask permission to share The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues manuscript with Lorena L, who studies with Steve in the Chicago Law of One Study Group, which meets at the Theosophical Society there. This gave me a chance to thank him again for his dedication. He will be reading through the A/Q sessions on his vacation this next week and checking our session summaries as he goes. I told Steve to make Lorena a copy of the manuscript, by all means.

I sat down with Bob R’s two e-mails on the Williamsburg Gathering we are beginning to plan for October. We can only go so far, as Gary will be nailing down the details of which hotel we will use and so forth when he returns from vacation.

Bob says that he has asked George G to speak and that George is responsible for the Handbook for the New Paradigm channeling. I suggested to Bob that, once he knows for sure that George will be a part of our gathering, he give me George’s e-mail address so that I can investigate the possibility of doing a co-channeling session or two with him during the weekend. That would be fun for me. And it might appeal to George and the attendees as well.

After our bath, Mick and I came upstairs for a lovely date, talking and sharing ever more deeply until words stopped and the Creator invited us to play in His fields. it is such a blessing that this balm of Gilead exists for us. I never feel better than in our afterglow.

I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.