Wednesday, June 25, 2008


After Morning Offering I spent my working day reading through the 101 manuscript. It is going well in that I am not finding anything large to change. I am still making the text simpler as I go, breaking up long sentences and correcting lapses in the person used for the narrative. I have changed a lot of “you” to “we”.

I got snarled up for a large part of the afternoon with 101's footnotes. I noticed that a footnote was not in the same font as the rest of the text and so I checked the manuscript. I had no less than three different fonts at various points in the nearly 200 footnotes. So I went through the entire manuscript, going from footnote to footnote and changing them to a standard font and point size.

It was a good thing I did this, for I discovered that in one case I had failed to give the actual reference. The footnote was there, but it was blank. I hunted for that q’uote for a good hour. I felt as though I’d discovered a new continent when I finally located it!

I have about 70 pages still to read. Then I will check with Steve M, who volunteered to read through the manuscript as a whole for me before I let go of it, and see if it is a good time to send it to him. Ian has also agreed to run the manuscript through his several editing macros to catch any copy errors. I would like for this manuscript to be clean as a whistle when I give it to Bill and Denise.

Mick worked hard all day, getting all his customers lawns mowed and their various extra jobs done in good time. One of his customers, who lives on our street, will have the brand new sewer hooked up to her house tomorrow, as will we, and she was concerned that they might destroy a new hydrangea bush in her yard, so Jim finished his day by taking some stakes and netting and putting a guard around the bush for her.

Romi visited in the evening on the eve of his 3-week vacation in Czeska. His Mom recently underwent hip replacement surgery and his brother has been with her for the last three weeks. Now it is Romi’s turn to care for her while she recuperates. Romi offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight. Bon Voyage, Ro Man!