Monday, March 31, 2008


Sunday! It was truly a day of rest for Mick, Melissa and me. Jim brought us back goodies for breakfast, Sausage McMuffins for Mel and me and a sweet treat of cinnamon buns for the Mick. We indulged in the delicious fast food, our weekly ritual, while we devoured the big Sunday paper. Then we shared Morning Offering, after which Mick cleaned house while I had chapel time and wrote my journals and Mel worked in the office.

Melissa found a DVD in German, the English translation to the title of which is Base: New Berlin. Someone at the International UFO Congress must have given us this. If you did, please write me so I can give you proper credit as a donor to the L/L Special Library.

With lunch came our first film, an excellent directorial debut by Casey Affleck titled Gone Baby Gone. Affleck also played the protagonist, a complex and well-nuanced private investigator who seeks to do the right thing in a world gone terribly wrong. It is an oft-played theme, but this rendering of it was fresh and compelling. Amy Ryan’s performance as a drug-soaked mother was absolutely fascinating, endlessly subtle and at the same time daringly brash. Michelle Monaghan was very good as Affleck’s business partner and wife and Morgan Freeman and Ed Harris were beautifully cast and likewise excellent as policemen with secrets.

Our second film was a cute and slight romantic comedy, I Could Never be Your Woman, starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Paul Rudd as the older woman/younger man couple. It was a good contrast to the tense and mysterious atmosphere of the previous film, and very enjoyable. Tracey Ullman was just perfect as Mother Nature.

Melissa left for Avalon after the second film, and I went upstairs to play with recipes while Jim did some chores which were on his mind, getting equipment ready for tomorrow and re-doing his list of handy telephone numbers for his truck. Then we started to watch Beowulf, but its computer-generated look and the constant, over-the-top gore let us know that we were many generations away from being the target audience for this film! So we spent the rest of our Sunday evening enjoying a CSI block which, while equally gory in its way, had the redeeming features of good and well developed characters, intelligent interaction and wit.

I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


After Morning Offering, Mick cleaned the kitchen and then set out on his round of weekend errands while I played with recipes, reworking a goodly number of them, and answering e-mail. Melissa and Gary both worked in the office all day.

I have started to spend some playtime reworking recipes which I have already collected but which I have never changed to bring into our usual format. That includes changing ingredients for healthier alternatives, simplifying or changing the instructions, sizing the recipe to feed a dozen people, adding herbs and spices or other ingredients I think would make the dish better and putting the recipe into a one-page, standardized format.

I recently realized how useless a lot of my old recipes are, because they have not been reworked. It is very satisfying, like solving a crossword puzzle or coming out in solitaire, to rescue an old recipe. And it pays off. Mick chose a new recipe and two reworked recipes this week for our menu.

I was not in a very gregarious mood today and kept leaving my e-mail writing in favor of recipes. This is not good of me - I have a huge stack of e-mail backed up to answer. But I did catch up with a few people.

Notably, I worked with Ian on some questions regarding the upcoming volume of collected L/L Research newsletters. I fiddled around with the title, with Gary’s help, until it seemed right and discussed other inner pages and possible cover art.

I dropped a note to Ruthie, a lovely woman in Florida whose path crossed mine years ago. She is a minister now, and love surrounds her energy like a lovely cloud. We have stayed in touch for close to 30 years now. She answered me almost immediately – which is the trouble with trying to catch up with e-mail - saying, “Your love lights up the world.” What a wonderful burst of energy that was!

I also caught up with Roberta, who also lives in Florida. She is now in her 90s. She was as active as anyone of any age until about five years ago. Then her world fell apart. A clever con man took her savings. Her teeth went very bad and caused her to lose her health before she got them removed. She has recovered her health, but since then her spirits have flagged. And she is all alone now, except for a daughter who lives here in the Louisville area, whom she never sees because of some issue between them. She tries for a happy voice as she writes her news, but is clearly having a sad time. I sent her my best love and encouragement.

Morris, Brenda, Dave and Rick had all sent good notes, which I answered before sailing back to the recipes. I felt like a kid with his hand in the cookie jar! But I badly wanted just to play today, and play, I did! I am only three recipes shy of having all my dip recipes reworked.

It is amazing, the change this rainy week has made. The crabapples are in blossom, suddenly. My redbud tree, the closest to my office window, is in leaf-bud. The forsythia is out! Happy Spring!

Gary spent some time up here straightening records in my office, archiving periodicals and filing away the records for the household, L/L Research and Jim’s Lawn Service. He also sent out the new issue of Light/Lines. It’s good to see my bower looking neater!

We had our meditation meeting early tonight in order to be able to see the U of L – U of NC game. It was a good meeting, with Gary, Melissa, Romi, Jim and I in attendance. Gary had a very good question for Q’uo tonight, on the power of mantras and affirmations. I look forward to editing the transcript. We turned out our lights and proceeded, after 8 p.m., on candle power. I wonder how many others in our area observed the Lights Out hour! What a wonderful way to alert people to our overuse of unsustainable power.

I enjoyed the game, despite U of L's loss. As Jim put it, the Cards won the second half by two. Unfortunately, they lost the first half in double digits! It was a good game and an excellent second half. And the Tarheels are a class act. They earned their victory.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Rain, rain, rain! We awoke today to see that overnight rains had added yet more to our already flooded river. Our wet-weather spring is running non-stop! And it had gotten chilly besides! I did little for L/L Research this morning, for I had overslept completely and needed to spend the time after Morning Offering and before Dianne came for chapel time and writing my journals.

Dianne and I had a lovely lunch at Jack Fry’s. She is a very thoughtful, philosophically minded person, and our conversations are often abstract and spiritually oriented, which makes her a delightful, unique and valuable voice for me to hear, although of course we cover the bases of what’s happening to us personally as well. We had a great time. However I was feeling less than swell, so we dropped our plans of visiting a couple of Louisville’s great little galleries which lie along restaurant row, where we were, and came on home.

I was overtaken by the need to sleep after she left, and after falling aslepp in my ofice chair three times, went to bed and slept straight through until bath time. I had a wonderfully happy dream where Don Elkins was visiting with Jim and me. He said that he was real, but not physical. He was just here because a healer with whom he was working on the inner planes had asked him to take this man, who was obviously extremely ill, into space/time for a while, and so Don had clothed himself with enough ectoplasm to do so. He was all smiles and grins to see me and said he loved me poignantly! Even in the dream I thought, what an interesting choice of adjective! It was fine to see him, my ever-beloved companion.

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Friday, March 28, 2008


This is a remarkable day! Today I finished Living the Law of One 101: The Choice!!!!! I’m so excited! After Morning Offering I came upstairs prepared to start on the next section of the last chapter, but nothing I tried was right. So I went back to the first section and reread it. And it came to me: this is it! This is all I need to say to sum it all up.


After lunch I edited the transcript of our most recent session to send to Ian for the next issue of Light/Lines. I agree with Mick’s assessment – it is indeed a good session and I think people will enjoy it.

I also managed to outlive my dental appointment this afternoon! I have an unreasoning fear of dentists, stemming from terrible experiences as a child with tooth-pulling without pain-killers. My adult teeth, when they started growing in, were obviously too large for my mouth, and it was good that the dentist pulled three of them to make room for the rest, but unfortunately the roots of them were all wrapped around the bone and they did not yield easily. Ever since then, I have had trouble being calm at the dentist’s. Dr. Cranfill, for such is my dentist’s appropriate name, suggested that I try sedation next time, and I believe I will. I got two fillings replaced which I had cracked over long years of use. I was thrilled to survive the appointment.

Jim, too, had a fine day, getting done all he had hoped to do plus some, and surprising himself by just how much work he was able to fit into his day! He is remarkable. He can get more done for a customer in an hour than most gardeners can do in three.

It was a divine coincidence that we had planned to go to The Jazz Factory tonight to say good-bye to it, for it is closing after a five-year run. It was such a great place, a place I loved to go and was proud to bring people to, a sophisticated place where you got good music and good food and great atmosphere. I asked Ken Shapero, the proprietor, what had caused him to close it and he said that while it filled up for special events and weekends, he could not bring people out on a weekday. Without the steady trade, he could not pay his bills. It made me want to sign up for coming in every Tuesday or something!

Anyway, it was a fine celebration, with Harry Pickens playing cool jazz and my beautiful husband wearing his party shirt. We had such a good time. We did the Gaia Meditation between sets, and I offered the closing prayer.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


This was a quiet, hard-working day for us both, single-pointed and very happy. After Morning Offering Mick tackled a huge job in the morning and another wowzer in the afternoon, cutting trees, splitting logs for a customer’s firewood and hauling away one trailer load, then another, of storm debris.

Meanwhile I focused in on Chapter 12. The morning yielded nothing but failed attempts. However, a fresh start in the afternoon offered much better luck and I have the first two pages of the last chapter written! It is exciting to get going on that!

I also collected three recipes today, one for green beans amandine, one for a delicious-looking black bean dip and another for roasted garlic hummus. With those latter two to try, we shall be ready for Derby Day festivities, or, hopefully, for Elite Eight and Final Four parties! The Cardinals play again tomorrow night, late, in the Sweet Sixteen. Guess what Jim and I will be watching!!

I spent a bit of time showing Mick how to save my recipes. We recently updated Gary’s and Mick’s copies of my recipes database and now when I collect a recipe, I send it on to them both, so all our versions are the same. At least, that is the plan.

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight, giving thanks for the beautiful weather today and the delight of being alive to see the sun shine so brightly on My Old Kentucky Home.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


After Morning Offering Mick set out on his own March Madness of winter debris clean-up for his customers. It has occupied him full-time since we returned from Laughlin and he has had to turn away customers, thanks to the intense storms which downed limbs and trees last month here.

I felt that I needed some good quotes for Chapter 12 of 101, so I spent the morning reading and collecting, and praying for guidance on how to approach this summation chapter. In the afternoon, I saw a way to structure the chapter, I believe, and finished the work day by creating my chapter outline. I may need some more quotes as I write, but I am now ready to write!

Around the edges of the day, I confirmed girlfriend time with Dianne, for later this week, and Connie, for the middle of April. Thank heavens for girlfriends. Between Melissa, Connie and Dianne, I have a wonderful local support group.

I wrote Allen F about his health questions and also worked for a good while on Yelena’s questions which she submitted for her upcoming channeling session with the Q’uo group. I pared the list down from 24 questions to seven. Many of her queries were for specific data, so I advised her to pursue them with Barbara Brodsky of Deep Springs, who is a wonderful channel and whose contact, Aaron, is an inner-planes guide and well able to handle specific questions without loss of polarity. And I wrote my Choirmistress from St. Luke’s with the update she requested.

After our whirlpool, Mick and I had a wonderful time sharing sexual energy and then enjoyed an evening of conversation and television with Romi. Gary joined us after he finished working at the L/L Research helm for the day, and offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


After Morning Offering, Mick set out for a long, long day’s work, only surfacing again here at Camelot after 7:00 p.m. He is cleaning up yards for all his customers and this is not quickly done this spring, as high winds, heavy snows and severe rains have brought down trees and branches everywhere in this forested area.

Meanwhile I spent the day going through all the chapters of Living the Law of One 101: The Choice and creating a list of topics I wish to be sure to include in the last chapter, which is a summation. I completed the search and list, but the writing did not come today. So I set my intention to focus into inspiration and will expect confidently to have a good insight given to me by tomorrow.

I spent some time in the downstairs office attempting to locate a needed receipt for Jim’s Lawn Service’s depreciation schedule supporting his tax form. I did not succeed, but Pam finally located the receipt and now I believe all is completed for our taxes for 2007. Hurray! Of course there are the finished forms to sign when our accountants get them back to us and undoubtedly taxes to send in, but the preparation work is finally done.

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Happy Easter! There are perils to having Easter so early, the earliest date we will have this moveable feast for another 200 years! Fat snowflakes fell during the afternoon and the sun rarely shone with the brightness we associate with Easter Sunday. However the daffodils are out in force now and the grass is greening. It is an ease to the heart to feel the bonds of winter loosening at last.

After Morning Offering, Mick cleaned house while I did my puzzles and wrote my journals, having slept overly late. I also caught up some e-mail.

• I let Ian know that Mick has chosen the channeling we had last night for the next issue of Light/Lines. I am concerned that we will have to delay the issue until we can get that transcribed, however, since I like to keep to the quarterly schedule of March, June, September and December for our spring, summer, fall and winter issues.
• I sent a brief note to Michael, as his brother passed through the gates into larger life yesterday.
• I wrote Morris, responding to his questions about my health and congratulating him on having a brief rest from his hard work and constant travel.
• I responded to Rick’s question about how my heart cath test came out, letting him know it was normal, a wonderful outcome.
• I wrote my brother Jim, encouraging him to manage his credit card debt by finding a consolidation loan which has a far lower interest rate and a longer period of payback, and then putting away his credit cards.
• I discovered that my introduction to the Light/Lines compilation had gotten stranded, during a recent malfunction of the house’s computers, in the Out Box and sent it on to Ian at last.

Mick and I enjoyed a double feature this afternoon in our home theater. First we watched Rendition, a film dealing with the American torture machine which our leaders have chosen to build. It was a hard film to watch. However it was a complex, thoughtful, tenaciously intelligent treatment of this situation and a good story.

The cast was excellent. Jake Gyllenhaal was fine as an agent who decides to buck the system. Peter Sarsgaard and Reese Witherspoon turned in well-matched and powerful performances as the husband being detained and tortured and the wife trying to find him. And Meryl Streep was utterly and scarily on key in her supporting portrayal of the bureaucrat who thinks that the torture is necessary. The scenery of Africa’s cities was fascinating to see and generously shown as the terrorists ran down endless, narrow alleys and through crowded thoroughfares.

I think for anyone who wants to come to grips with what we Americans are doing right now, this movie is a must-see. It really brings the horror of our foolhardy, arrogant and wrong policy of “extreme rendition” home.

More and more veterans are speaking out about this policy. While the mass media cover the protestors on the right who object to the veterans who are speaking out, rather than covering the veterans, the internet does a good job of offering this information. One good example is Michael Prysner’s testimony at the Winter Soldier hearings. A link to his video of that is That is the beginning of the testimony. There are more parts to it than this five-minute start, and it, also, brings home the reality of rendition.

Our second film was a whimsical, messy art film distantly reminiscent of Woody Allen’s brilliant, dark, failed film, Interiors. In the case of Interiors, Allen had given the continuous and never-ending disintegration of relationships in a family a tight, smart screenplay and an ensemble of brilliant actors had given his screenplay vibrant life. In the case of Margot at the Wedding, the screenplay was a mess. There was no movement. There was drama but no story. There was sound and fury but it signified little. While Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jack Black were a competent, committed troupe, they could not breathe life into this disastrously uncoordinated screenplay. There was no cohesive sense to the images used, the sometimes bizarre actions taken or the motivations of the characters. It was as though we walked in on a family, peeped for a while through its windows and then stopped looking.

Nicole Kidman is to be given credit for choosing such quirky films, for she could play it safe and enjoy high respect all around. She never plays it safe! We like to catch her films despite knowing ahead of time that they are very possibly poor choices in any mainstream sense, because we are curious as to what she’s doing. We certainly ended up scratching our heads over this one.

At the end of the day, we watched the U of L – Oklahoma game and enjoyed it. Two Kentucky teams have made it into the Sweet Sixteen, U of L beating Oklahoma soundly and the Western Kentucky U Hilltoppers edging out Drake in overtime.

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


A chilly sun graced our day as the energies of winter continue to worry at the cuffs of Mr. Spring’s trousers. I spent my morning writing my journals, as I had overslept badly and lost my usual early morning momentum, and collecting three new cabbage recipes to add to the database, as Jim asked for more choices. I barely began to edit the channeling session which closed our first Channeling Intensive last February 10th before noon.

After lunch, I came back to it and completed the editing. It was a lazy day, with a couple of inadvertent naps for me amidst the editing.

After our bath, Mick and I welcomed Romi, Gary and Carl, a new member from the Indiana knobs, to our regular meditation group meeting. Gary had come with a question about the proper attitude of the seeker towards words of wisdom. Mick liked the Q'uo group's response well enough that he asked to use this session for the next newsletter. I look forward to editing it.

Carl is a healer and stayed late, talking with Mick and me about his gift. He reports that he has achieved all kinds of miraculous cures for people who have followed his advice. We look forward to meeting his wife next Saturday.

After he left, Mick and I piled into bed and found a late-night episode of Gray’s Anatomy to while us to sleep.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


While the sun smiled upon us, after Morning Offering Mick and Gary worked straight through until about 2:00 and got everything on Jim’s JLS agenda done. Then Mick went to a lawn service customer to load up a trailer-full of already-cut debris and took it up to Avalon for use on the access road’s ravine as erosion control.

It is a great blessing that Mick’s work gives him so much ready material for this erosion control, as our access road is struggling to stay viable. Both Mick and Melissa have poured countless hours into its improvement. Melissa has now extended all of our culverts. They were too short before, and as the water flowed out of them, the water was actually undercutting the banks of the ravine that hold the road in place.

I spent the morning finishing my comments for the next issue of Light/Lines and sent them off to Ian for editing. In the afternoon I wrote the Introduction to the Light/Lines compilation and sent that off to Ian also. Or at least, I tried to! The house’s internet connection went south and I could not send anything to anyone! Fortunately, Gary was able to do something magical to restore it later in the day.

Jim was quite late getting back from his run to Avalon so I worked on recipes, reworking all of our recipes for cabbage. That was his request! We now have a completely reworked cabbage section in our recipes database. He encouraged me to keep working on the chicken recipes from now on, as he and Gary prefer to eat no red meat, so fowl and fish recipes will be on my agenda whenever I have an exhausted brain but have not quite exhausted my work time. I absolutely love to collect good recipes for my little family.

I had my first complete immersion in water since the heart catheterization test last Monday. All went well; I am all healed up from that test. Then my studly husband asked me for a date!! What glory there is between two people who dedicate themselves to the Creator and then go off to dance the oldest dance of all! Thank you, Lord!

We concluded our evening by watching basketball. The University of Louisville Cardinals won their game against Boise State and advanced in the playoffs. I love March Madness, as Mick is so happy! He has such a good time watching college football, which flows seamlessly into college b-ball. His off-season is the spring and summer, when only baseball games are on. Although he was an excellent shortstop and his Little League team won a state championship when he was a lad – Monte Kiffen, then also a lad, was the coach – he does not follow any team, so only watches sporadically until the playoffs leading up to the World Series. He has pointed out to me that this slow season coincides nicely with his mowing season, and he'd probably sleep through evening games then anyway!

I never lack for leisure fun, as I do not follow any sports at all, but love to read and do puzzles. I always have a book going and keep a puzzle book or two handy as well.

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Friday, March 21, 2008


Today's weather was a gift, heralding spring with sun and bonnie breezes, the temperature rising into the 60s F. After Morning Offering I continued catching up a bit on urgent e-mail. I made an appointment to offer the rite of the Reconciliation of a Penitent with Father Joe tomorrow morning, which will be Good Friday. It will be a great blessing to be able to make my confession for Lent and have Holy Eucharist, since I have not been up to climbing the steps at church since last October. I greatly miss singing in the choir and participating in the services! Hopefully Dr. Aboud, my GP, will continue to investigate these symptoms and find something to repair or medicate soon that will enable me to return.

I sent a couple of angels forth today, one for Michael, whose brother is dying of cancer and one for a friend who is deeply mired in the process of breaking up a twenty-five-year marriage at his wife’s request. Little Rosie, whom I met in 1971, wanted to be with Michael and his brother, and for the first time St. George asked me to send him out, to the other fine soul. How much suffering there is in this world, and yet we never need to face it alone. Spirit is with us in so many ways, the angels being just one.

Our web guy, Ian, responded to my sending of the transcript of the speech I gave at Laughlin with a request to acquire the audio version of it, plus the PowerPoint presentation which ran behind it. I forwarded that request to Gary. Hopefully he will have the technical chops I lack in order to make that happen.

Ian also has an idea: creating iTunes-model audio versions of our channeling sessions to sell in our on-line store. The cost to the customer is less than a dollar per download, and instead of one song, the customer receives from us about an hour’s worth of channeling, so it is a good bargain. I sent that idea on to Gary also, and asked him to converse further with Ian as to how to make this happen. I love the idea! The audio versions of the sessions carry a strong presence which is magnetized to the recording during transmission.

I finished the morning out by collecting a recipe for Tuna Latkes topped with Citrus Nayonnaise. Yum! A great Lenten dish!

Melissa got out the dolly and put the boxes of supporting files for all three of our tax entities, our household, L/L Research and Jim’s Lawn Service on it and took it all downtown. We treated ourselves to lunch first (with a coupon) at Red Lobster before sailing downtown to the 22nd floor of a high rise overlooking the Ohio River, where we spent two hours culling through all our tax records with Linda D, our long-time tax preparer. I never can find the wit to enjoy this process, which feels like a trip to the dentist, but Linda makes the time as painless as possible.

From her window we could see the Ohio in full spate. It was ugly. The water was fully brown rather than silver gray and there were enormous numbers of sawyers floating past, dangerous, mostly submerged trees which the flood had swept away from the bank. No sensible person goes out on the river on a day like this so the river was free of barges and boats. The flood’s crest is expected tomorrow, at least three feet over flood stage.

Melissa did some town chores when we returned, while I came upstairs and worked on the comments for the upcoming version of our Light/Lines Newsletter.

After bath time, Mick and I rejoined Melissa and we watched together a perfectly gorgeous movie, Love in the Time of Cholera. Benjamin Bratt, Gina Bernard-Forbes, Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Javier Bardem and Marcela Mar conspired to offer a seamless ensemble in telling the slight story of thwarted romance, but the plot was negligible compared to the transcendent beauty of the cinematography. It reminded me forcibly of art films of the sixties and seventies from the happier Italian maestros of the time. Every frame of this film was thoughtfully composed and my senses swam in the delight of overwhelming, persistent artistic vision.

I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


The rains continued for most of this wet, wet day. Our wet-weather spring is running and overflowing its banks in our yard and the ditches along Hazelwood are almost full! It is very seldom that we have this much standing water. Spring is truly coming in with a fanfare of wind and rain.

After Morning Offering I succumbed to the desire to play some solitaire and wasted most of the morning happily watching my luck rise and fall. I got myself in hand by 10:00 and spent the rest of the morning working on my journals and catching up some e-mail. I sent Mick a notice I’d gotten that our favorite downtown club, The Jazz Factory, will be closing next week. What a sad thing for Louisville! We decided to make reservations there for one of the closing nights next week. When I called to make the reservation later in the day I expressed my deep sadness that this golden era in Louisville’s jazz scene must end.

Michael of the Law of One Community effort, currently in Canada, wrote to say that he has experienced a total blockage of his plans there in Canada and asked me for advice. After assuring him that I am often wrong, I suggested that he release his present plans and open himself to the wings of spirit. There is no use trying to push ahead in one particular way when many other ways may open themselves to him.

I suggested dowsing for locations and ran on about the beauty of this sweet land, Kentucky. The foothills of the Appalachians are a wonderful environment and Louisville is the best little/big city in the universe, so I invited him to come stay with us and venture out in his car to look for places in this area. I wish him the very best. He is attempting to do pretty much what L/L Research is attempting at Avalon, and we know how slowly this goes, yet how right it feels to have set our intention and begun the beau geste.

And I finished the morning by writing a note to my neighbor, Calvin. She has recently lost her brother, and yet wrote me to find out how I was. What a loving woman, and how lucky we are to have her across the street from us!

After lunch Mick drove me over to Bachman Subaru to drop off Stanley Outback for his oil change and check-up. On the way back we purchased new carry-on computer back-packs for us both. Gary had found this very handy item at Office Max. Incredibly, only two were left and they were on sale! Now we are far readier for a trip than before! Backpacks are so handy! With his carry-on on his back, Mick’s hands will be free to push my wheelchair. And I can put mine on my lap. My old carry-on had a slot for my laptop which was almost too small, and I struggled mightily with it at the security checks.

I used the remainder of the afternoon to read through and vet the session Mick chose for the next issue of Light/Lines. Now I am ready to write the comments for that tomorrow morning and, hopefully, get that off to Ian for posting on line.

I took my first shower since the heart catheterization test Monday! It feels good to be clean all over! I shall need to take showers until next week, jus to insure that the puncture into the big vein and artery will not open.

Romi came for a visit tonight and brought a bottle of good Riesling, which we enjoyed together along with television and conversation. Mick offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


We’re awash in early spring rains! I am still under orders not to climb stairs and so had to find alternate employment for myself downstairs after Morning Offering, as I did not want to unplug my laptop and transport it downstairs. Jenny Traveller does not like to be moved, despite her name, and I have it working just right, finally, after the trip to Laughlin. So I spent the day working on recipes, which I can do on a downstairs computer.

I have over 3,000 recipes which I have saved in my recipes database on the computer over the last twenty years or so. It is only in the last five years or so that I have developed a format for them and have standardized the number of servings in a recipe and changed them, when recording them for the first time, to include healthier ingredients and more herbs and spices. When I began doing that, I began dating the recipes. So it is easy to tell if I have worked through a recipe or not. The older and untweaked ones are not dated.

I asked Mick what he would like to see more of and he said recipes for chicken breasts. So I worked on the older recipes in the section reserved for baked chicken breast recipes. It took all day, but I did clean up every recipe in that section. It felt great to make something of the day! I know the guys, Mick and Gary, will enjoy these new dozen or so recipes – they all look good!

I also got my hair cut today, which makes me feel groomed and looking my very best! Most of the red/auburn shades are gone now. It is time to reacquaint myself with my true hair color! It looks as though I am still not turning gray as I would like to do. My maternal grandmother had the most beautiful white hair and I have hoped I would inherit that, as I did inherit her hair genes, in general. But not yet! We're talking brown. Well, I shall just plan on living long enough to see it happen. That’s all there is to it!

The drive over to Images Salon was amazing! It was raining so hard that the conditions were close to a white-out. I stayed in the slowest lane, placed my eyes on the tail lights of the car in front of me and prayed! All went well. And there is great beauty in such a drive, as water and sky coalesce. I had a great time.

The flood walls are going up along the river in the west end of town where the land lies low and it is expected that the Ohio River will crest well above flood stage for the next few days. The rains are expected to continue overnight and on the morrow, so we’re in for it! I am most thankful that our power is on! So often, hard rains take down tree limbs in our heavily forested little neighborhood and we’re out of power and out of luck for a while. We’re having a fortunate day!

Mick, amazingly enough, managed to get two jobs done even with the raindrops a-falling on his head, so he was a happy camper, albeit a damp one, today.

I heard a section of a speech Barack Obama made tonight and cheered! This is a candidate worth listening to! It is so very true that we all hunger for the change from prejudice to inclusiveness. Now IS the time for such change. Let it be so for me and my house, and let all houses come to the same frame of mind! What a blessed difference it will make for us all.

I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Jim and I spent the morning at the medical center, where I had the heart catheterization test which was scheduled. The results indicate that my heart is completely normal! This is super news! The only remaining question is where are all these symptoms, which have kept me immobilized since October of last year, coming from?

I feel most fortunate that, whatever the answer to that question is, it is not my heart or vascular system, since those are, in my family, the cause of death for every one of my relatives who have gone on before me. Thank you, Lord!

And I also feel most fortunate because even if I need to cultivate stillness and lack of movement in my life from now on, I can still go right ahead with my work, since I do that in my office recliner with Jenny Traveller on my lap, typing away.

Jim got me all settled in for the rest of the day on the couch, since I had instructions not to climb stairs for 48 hours while the holes they’d made in my artery and vein in my groin healed closed. He then surprised me by settling in with me.

We watched a delightful movie called Random Hearts, co-starring Kristin Scott Thomas and Harrison Ford. I just loved this film, although it was an odd romance, taking place after the death of his wife and her husband, whom they discover were having an affair. Both of them have been played false, and now both of them have lost their spouses. It seems an unlikely spot for romance to bloom. Yet it does, and believably. I give both of the stars full marks for creating complex, authentic characters which held my interest completely. And the sound track was beautiful!

I offered the prayer at the close of the Gaia Meditation tonight.


It was Sunday! We had a movie day, watching three movies altogether. After Morning Offering, we popped Feast of Love into the player. Morgan Freeman and Greg Kinnear were both very good as protagonists in a nesting series of love stories, stories of gain and loss, love and betrayal. The screenplay was quirky and fresh, though flawed. Like some of Robert Benton’s other work, the feeling of the piece was more important than the story line or the possibility of final solutions for the players. It was an engaging piece.

Our second film was We Own the Night. Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Wahlberg played brothers, sons of policeman Robert Duvall. The story line revolved around family and corruption. I kept falling asleep throughout this film, lulled by the constant violence. The production had a quality which reminded me of The Deerstalker, a weight and a sadness woven into the atmosphere. I admired the players without admiring the play.

We took time out to bathe and then to make love and rest for a while in the afterglow before coming down to dinner and our third film. Things We Lost in the Fire was a star turn for Benecio del Toro. Halle Berry and David Duchovny also acquitted themselves well in a family drama. The real star of this piece was the cinematographer, whose filming was luminous throughout. Nevertheless it was a frustrating film to watch, with an uneven screenplay and muddy energy.

I offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


The Ides of March, a tough day for Julius Caesar but a pleasant one for Mick and me, offered us uncertain weather, chilly and rainy off and on. Mick spent the morning cleaning the kitchen and doing a long list of errands for Jim’s Lawn Service and the household. I distinguished myself by once again falling fast asleep at the computer.

After lunch, Mick did some maintenance, took a nap – on purpose – and watched some basketball while I dealt with some e-mail. I was tickled to receive a confirmation from Bill H that he is donating generously to L/L Research. It is wonderful to have such supportive people helping us!

The choices Neil and then Mick and I made, Neil warning us against teaching Confederation channeling and our then choosing to exclude him from our future Confederation channeling circle gatherings where we are teaching this very channeling, though fairly cut-and-dried from my point of view, have created a lot of e-mail! Everyone is supportive of our decision, seeing the logic of it, but no one wishes Neil to be lost from our little family. He is much loved. I wrote four different people from that Channeling Intensive group today, assuring them that we love and support Neil, and hope he will be with us at Homecoming next September.

Ian J called to chew over some matters to do with the Light/Lines Newsletter collection volume and to iquire about my health. It is always a pleasure to spend time with our worthy webmaster for I assured him I am writing the Introduction for that volume now - given that I manage to stay awake! Hopefully I shall come to that joyful task next Monday, or Tuesday if it takes me a day to recover from the heart catheterization Monday morning.

Mick and I enjoyed a bath and dinner together before we welcomed Romi, who came for the study and meditation meeting. Talk about a small meeting! We had the minimum number for channeling. Romi had come with a question about mixed-polarity contacts and Mick had also been wondering about the same issue, so that was our question for the session. I’ll be interested in reading it when I get the transcript to edit.

Romi made his Love Tea and we enjoyed seeing Pitt beat Georgetown while we conversed and shared company. We offered each other peace at the Gaia Meditation.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


This was a leisurely day for me indeed. After Morning Offering I came upstairs to write my journals. I did get that done, but fell asleep before tackling anything else. The same thing occurred this afternoon. So I did not start on writing the Introduction to the compilation of Light/Lines Newsletters, as I had planned to do.

Meanwhile, Jim and Gary put in a solid day’s work in picking up sticks and debris for all JLS’s customers’ yards. It is still too wet for them to be able to haul anything heavy away. They tried to get a load of already cut wood on the trailer and it immediately sank into the soft earth. They had to unload it halfway, unhitch the trailer and move it separately, by hand, and then reload it. And rain is called for this weekend. Sometimes, one waits! Jim’s got a ton of jobs he cannot bill his customers for until he can clear away their now-cut debris!

We had a quiet evening. I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation.

Friday, March 14, 2008


After Morning Offering Mick set out on a day of fence-building. I have no idea how he managed to accomplish this feat, but by evening the entire fence line at this 200-acre, 200-year-old farm was repaired!

Meanwhile I spent my day first reading through the last section of Chapter 11 and then reading through the entire chapter. I am almost completely satisfied with it and have sent it off to Steve M for his comments. Steve is a genius at helping me write more directly and sparely. For the beginning reader, the fewer words the better as long as the points discussed are given complete coverage.

It was a bonnie day, full of crocuses and songbirds, the temperature reaching 70 F. Our hawk family is nesting even closer to our home this year, a wonderful sign of blessing for us!

After our bath, Mick and I had a date, always a blessing for us both! Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia meditation tonight.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Melissa joined Mick and me for Morning Offering and then Mick set out to chop yet more wood and take some bushes out of a customer’s yard, work he can do while the snowmelt has the ground mushy in this sudden spring warmth. Before lunch he also went to take measurements and calculate supplies needed for rebuilding a fence while Melissa and I did errands, buying necessities for Avalon and stopping by Quest Diagnostics so I could be tapped for the blood work needed for the heart catheterization I’ll undergo next Monday.

Melissa and I spent the early morning sewing up the tax preparation worksheets. Now Gary just needs to add things up and we’re ready to visit Linda D. at Compton Kottke. I made an appointment with her for next Tuesday. It was a full morning, but most satisfying to put that chore behind us for another year!

After a good lunch together Jim headed back out and worked through the afternoon, arriving home a bit late, while Mel watched a DVD here at Camelot and then departed for Avalon.

I tackled the work of writing a note to the Channeling Intensive attendees about a blog entry I made last week concerning an attendee whom I had asked not to attend any more Intensives. Several of the attendees had written to ask for more details and I was glad to offer them. It’s a simple case of the man not feeling my being an instrument for the Confederation’s teaching of channeling is a good idea. He asked Mick to ask me to stop doing it when we were all three in Laughlin a couple of weeks ago. Logic told me that he would get nothing out of attending any workshop whose sole purpose is to develop a Confederation channeling circle.

It is an important thing to respect the integrity of the “family” our Channeling Intensive attendees have become and I was in the wrong for putting such details in my blog before writing to the whole group and assuring them that although the gentleman will not attend the next Intensive, he is still beloved and invited to anything else we do, whether official Gatherings or just whenever he wishes to visit L/L Research. So I took some quality time and filled in the blanks for them all. I encouraged them to write further if they wish to talk further about this.

I got a bit of reviewing of Chapter 11 done before I ran out of time when Mick ran our bath, but most of the reading is still to do. I shall tackle that read-through tomorrow. I did have some catalyst because I am so eager to finish the chapter up that I was tempted to begrudge the time the letter would take to write, but obviously relationships are more important than projects and I know that for sure, so I quickly reconciled myself to losing the book time.

Mick and I had an outstanding evening of loving companionship and music as we went to Clifton’s Pizza to hear Walker and Kays play cool jazz and visit with Linda and Larry W. I met Linda in 1969, almost forty years ago, and fell in love with this saintly woman on the spot, a situation that has in no way changed. I love Larry too, of course, but Linda and I are deep, deep friends. And what a blessing it is to spend time with such friends! It’s food for the soul! The music was grand and the pizza was too!

I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


As the snowmelt continued, Jim put in a full day of working with various customers’ storm debris. He is piling up a huge supply of limbs which he has cut up. However the yards are all too wet for him to collect his work and remove it from their property, so he is greatly hoping for a couple of days of bone-dry weather! His hope may be in vain, though, as more rain is due this weekend.

After Morning Offering I put in a solid morning working on the sacred sexuality section of Chapter 11. After lunch I drove into town to pick up Melissa, who had some work done on her car in the downtown area. I sailed around her location three times before finally finding the tiny shop. She waved me down and boy, was I glad to see her!

I gave blood at LabCorp on the way home for Dr. June’s monthly tests and then came home and finished the chapter!! I was doing my happy dance mentally when I set out with Melissa to restore her to her car. Of course I need to read the section through again and then the whole chapter before declaring it finished, but these details are quickly concluded! How good it feels to move ahead! Chapter 11 is my longest chapter in this book, 27 pages in manuscript. Hopefully it is a good 27 pages!

Romi came over for the Gaia Meditation, at which Mick offered the closing prayer, and then we enjoyed conversation until Jim’s and my bedtime. He and Melissa were still chatting when we said good night.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


In a chilly breeze, Mick and I went to see Dr. Schmidt before we had our Morning Offering. He is a heart specialist and suggested that a heart catheterization would tell him much more than he knows now about what might be causing these symptoms that are currently immobilizing me. I agreed and it will occur next Monday, even earlier!

Mick and I did the Morning Offering, I doing the readings as he drove around to do errands, on the way home. We finished the last reading as we turned down our street, and prayed at the end in the garage before coming in. It seemed a particularly tidy way to get an early appointment done and not miss out on Morning Offering! I even got my puzzles done as I waited for the doctor.

I worked on the sacred sexuality section of Chapter 11 for the remainder of the morning and all of the afternoon. I have not gotten the flow I want yet. I shall persevere tomorrow! Meanwhile Mick cut up a forest of felled trees for his customers. He can only do so much before he has to wait for dryer weather, though. It is frustrating him that the earth is so very soft! Only a week ago it was frozen hard and equally frustrating him. The life of a yard man is not simple!

We enjoyed a date after our bath, sharing the Creator’s good energy, and then settled into an evening of Star Trek: Enterprise episodes. I offered the prayer at the end of the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Monday, March 10, 2008


While the sun shone gloriously, melting away a goodly portion of our twelve inches of snow, Jim and I hived in and had a movie Sunday. After Morning Offering, Jim cleaned house while I wrote my journals.

With our lunch came the first of our three movies for the day, Michael Clayton. The film shows what it costs to stand up against big business when big business is in the wrong and unwilling to be accountable, the seeming standard for corporate ethics today. I can see why George Clooney, the antihero of the piece, was nominated for an Oscar. His nuanced, understated performance is shot through with intelligence, wry wit and a sense of the true.

Tilda Swinton was an excellent villainess and Tom Wilkinson did a beautiful job of going mad. It was an excellent screenplay, moreover. I was not fond of the cinematography, because I was not intended to like it. It carries the weight of the gray, gray ethical world of corporate policies.

Our second feature was 3:10 to Yuma, and a modern oater it was, full of shooting and explosives, with no real character development other than the pivotal relationship between Russell Crowe as the evil thief and Christian Bale as the pegleg hero. I sank under the weight of the constant violence, wondering as I drifted off to sleep where these gentlemen carried all the bullets they fired. Perhaps they found some shooting irons from the old Clint Eastwood shoot-em-ups. The saving grace of this film was its ending! But you really had to wait for it!

For our supper feature we watched Julie Christie and Gordon Pinsent in Away From Her. Christie was slated to win the Oscar for this show and she certainly deserved it, although she lost to Marion Cotillard. Pinsent and she created a lovely, gentle story about a woman’s Alzheimer’s disease and the effects of it on her marriage and on the two who made the marriage.

The story was simply beautifully done, remaining, though sad, not mawkish or sentimental. Unlike Michael Clayton, which was hard to sit through for me, this story carried me effortlessly. The sound track was full of nicely chosen classical piano music and offered just the right touch again and again. And the cinematography was beautiful, artful without being precious, loaded with symbolic images. This was a very tasty film indeed.

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Sunday, March 09, 2008


We had the heaviest snowfall in over a decade, starting yesterday and continuing today. As I watched the heavy storm move through from my bower office I knew I had never seen such a blizzard. Sometimes the very heavy snowfall was moving almost sideways in the roaring wind. Then it stopped, in the afternoon, and the sun came out on a world awash in white. It is perfectly beautiful!

After Morning Offering Jim spent the entire day on snow removal for his customers. He had to clean their walks three times, as snow fell so heavily. But all his customers who ask for this service were good to go when they needed to go!

I finished my search in the Law of One material on sacred sexuality quotes in the morning and by bath time had combed through the material from our site from other Confederation sources as well. I am full of good material to share and ready to write, come Monday.

We cancelled our usual study and meditation meeting due to the heavy snowfall. My little Outback was up to its bottom in the snow, Mick reported, but did just fine. However I doubt that a regular, 2-wheel-drive automobile would get far today. It was heavenly quiet, since no one was trying to drive.

I continued feeling especially poorly and was profoundly grateful for our very quiet Saturday night! I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Saturday, March 08, 2008


We woke early because it was beginning to snow and Mick needed to clear the walks at St. Luke’s and a couple of his customers’ homes. He tended to that before we had our Morning Offering while I came upstairs and wrote my journals. I also took the time to write a thank-you note to Morris H, who had sent in a very generous donation and a kind note.

Mick was to clear the walks twice more today, as it kept snowing all day. By nightfall we had accumulated about four to five inches of snow, lightly laced with sleet, a lethally slick combination. He also did a good many errands.

I spent the day in reading in The Law of One, choosing quotations from it on sacred sexuality to use as references. I’m preparing to write the very last section in Chapter 11. I feel so fortunate to be able to do this work, steeping myself in the Ra group’s provocative and inspiring concepts. It is a real privilege.

I spent a good bit of time on the telephone with Dr. Schmidt’s office this afternoon, giving them my medical history prior to the appointment with him next Monday.

After our bath, Mick and I played in the fields of the Lord, sharing sexual energy and exchanging an amazing amount of chi. We were both buzzing for a couple of hours and from time to time would both feel the electrical energy shake our whole bodies, almost like a shiver but infinitely more pleasurable. I was trying to focus on how we set about love making, as I will be writing about that here shortly.

Mick offered the prayer at the close of the Gaia Meditation tonight. As we came to bed it was snowing again. I have a feeling that the wonderful hush of snowfall will bring us a quiet morning tomorrow! We’re expecting another four to eight inches overnight!

Friday, March 07, 2008


Our morning began with very chilly weather but a freak warm-up brought the temperature forty degrees higher by late afternoon, at which time the temperature turned tail and plummeted towards freezing again. With such uncertain weather, it is no wonder that this area’s folks are experiencing a lot of flu and colds!

After Morning Offering, Jim set out upon his day of storm debris removal for customers in Anchorage and clean-up at the downtown landscaping job, while I worked to recover from a nearly sleepless night, plagued with a bad stomach and coughing spells.

Sometimes such conditions are a very efficient spur to focusing on something I truly care about, and such was the case today. I managed to stay awake and by virtue of taking a late lunch, I wrote the healing section of Chapter 11 of Living the Law of One 101: The Choice! It felt wonderful to be moving on that project again.

After lunch Gary and I put in some more time on the taxes, getting through the Medical section of record-keeping for Schedule A deductions for the household and starting on Office in Home Expenses. And that, too, felt grand! Because of my many doctors, the medical statistics are a bear to corral and when we finished with that section I knew we’d broken the back of our job for this year. Gary will not be at his desk until next Tuesday, so we will wrap things up then. It will be good to have all the records off our desks and handed over to Linda D.

I also spent some time working with Gary on scheduling his time off. He will be gone quite a bit this month, and I am encouraging him, from now on, to spread out his absences to one per month.

I had a lovely end to the afternoon as I got my monthly pedicure and manicure. I chose a lavender polish this time to celebrate Lent! Now to find some outfits which include lavenders and purples. Fun, fun, fun for my silly, vain self!

I sent an e-mail to my beloved Mick, who chooses the sessions which we use for our Light/Lines Newsletters, letting him know that it is time to select a channeling for the spring issue. Gary let me know he'd brought Mick's file of sessions up to date and placed it by his chair.

Gary and I also talked by e-mail about our plans for Homecoming 2008. We both think it will be a good idea for every attendee to come with a presentation this year, in this way assuring that we will tackle items of interest to us all.

I was limp as a rag by bath time and slept through a good deal of the evening. Gary stayed late, cooking for next week, so we three enjoyed offering the Gaia Meditation together tonight, with Gary praying at the end.

Thursday, March 06, 2008


The thermometer dropped into winter weather again! Thank heavens for the few days of thaw just past! Mick would not have been able to dig today, otherwise. After Morning Offering Mick went to the downtown home which he is landscaping and put in a good, full day there, putting in all the plantings which he and the realtor planned. The patio is still not off the table, apparently, despite the land for it’s being on a neighbor’s property.

Meanwhile I wrote my journals, having overslept badly this morning, and then worked on the healing section of Chapter 11. I ended the morning with a net gain of zero. I was so “off” today! I pray to get back in stride tomorrow.

In the afternoon I worked with Gary on tax preparation, combing through the 2007 records to record Schedule A deductions for the household. We got through Donations and got a good start on Medical.

I finished the afternoon by writing a needed letter to Neil C, a Channeling Intensive attendee. He has come to feel that I am on the wrong track and has asked Jim to ask me to change course and stop being a Confederation channeling teacher. I needed to let him know that this change would not occur, and that therefore he was not to attend any more Intensives.

Due to a ferocious tummy ache and a rib musculature sore from all the coughing, I had a tough evening and was very glad to come to the Gaia Meditation, at which I offered the closing prayer, and bedtime!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


It had rained all night, a cold and steady drizzle that left us with a flooded street and yard. After Morning Offering Jim went downtown to work amongst the raindrops for a realtor, doing landscaping at a house she has up for sale. The plan had been to put in a small patio but fortunately, before Mick got anything permanent done, the neighbor came out to explain that he was working on her yard, not the house’s that was up for sale.

He was stymied and came back to Camelot to work for the rest of the day at odd jobs while the realtor decides what to do instead of a patio. It was wonderful to have him home, as he got a lot of housekeeping done here and made our sweet home feel spick and span again. I imagine he will hit that landscaping job again tomorrow, given new orders.

I worked on e-mail until it was more or less caught up; that is, I am caught up on non-personal e-mails and have a growing stack of personal notes to answer – my usual situation through the weekdays. My correspondence included:

• Several notes to Melissa on everything from alpaca farming to a request for her to work with Michael at the Law of One Community farm up in Canada to forwarded Morning Blessings.
• Encouragement to Paul C as he offers a speech at his local library on UFOs and the Law of One.
• Thanks to Kathy R, my long-time singing companion in childhood choirs, the Louisville Bach Society and now St. Luke’s, for many encouraging e-mails from her during my illness.
• Thanks to “Joyous Chee” for deciding to use one of my articles in his next Cosmic Lighthouse e-zine. (
• Congratulations to Judy R for finally achieving the nearly impossible task of producing a final manuscript of The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues! She will now begin her final read-through, taking us ever closer to having a finished manuscript to send to Frank DeMarco for his offering of it to Hampton Roads Publishing.
• Thanks to Michelle M for her fascinating story of Jonathan Dunham’s travels with nothing but a heart full of desire to seek the Creator and a donkey. If you’d like to be inspired as well, the address for that story is (
• Thanks to Mike T for his e-mail making sure that he has my right address.
• The Holly Journal entries from 2-23 to the present, I forwarded to Mick, something I was unable to do in Laughlin. Jim is the only one who sees these little daily inspirations from Holly. Perhaps one day I will make another book of days using her Words for each day.
• Sympathy and prayers to Gerry B, another St. Luke’s choir friend, who has had an operation on her ankle and now contains a metal rod in her leg!
• A long letter to Cintia P, who wrote in describing a very severe psychic greeting as soon as she read The Law of One. If you have a moment, join with me in praying for Cintia, a lovely young woman with a harsh metaphysical challenge right now.
• An update to Renee C, my editor at UPI, letting her know about the ear tubes’ not working yet and about my upcoming visit to he heart specialist, Dr. Schmidt.
• A note to Rick C, letting him know the current status of our video materials. He is thinking of working on a video, but is not sure he wants to tackle ours!

Melissa made a quick run into town to bring Jim the chain saw she has been using on Avalon, since Mick’s is not working and he needs a chain saw for work later this week. We took some time to talk, and she was much cheered as she left to go up to Avalon again.

At lunch, Gary and I did some planning. We will start tomorrow on working up the tax worksheets in preparation for taking our information to our longtime tax preparer, Linda D, at Compton, Kottke and Associates. Linda began working on our tax returns in 1984!

We also chewed through some details having to do with the “Make-Up Weekend” which John K, Talitha L and Maria R will have with me in May. They all wish to attend the second Channeling Intensive in June, and since they missed the first one, there is some catching up to do. They will listen to the audio versions of all my talks from that first Intensive and we will review them together during that weekend. Many thanks to John K, who offered Talitha a scholarship so she could come to that weekend.

My hope had been to get back to writing today, but I wrote to Cintia instead, the composition taking me the whole afternoon. Sometimes the one little lost sheep is more important than the other ninety-nine! At least it felt right to me to take the time to encourage Cintia. I will get to the writing on the book again on the morrow.

Mick and I had a date after our bath, always an inspiriting and invigorating sharing of energy for us both. Afterwards we came downstairs to welcome Romi, who came over for a visit. We enjoyed conversation with Romi and he offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I feel sheepish at having nothing better to report, for my first day back home, than continuing to fall asleep in my chair! After Morning Offering Mick set out to work with a customer’s storm debris-strewn lawns and by nightfall he had done all he intended to do for the day. Meanwhile, I inadvertently snoozed the whole day away. This was not my plan!!!! Ah well.

Both the kittens have now forgiven me for going away, and it is lovely to have their sweet purrs in my ear and their warm, soft fur under my hands. They add so very much to our lives! Pickwick too!

We watched a Barbara Walters special on the British royal family tonight after Amy Goodman brought us up to date on the election news. It is very good to be home! Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation.


Our travel day back from Laughlin to Kentucky offered us wonderful weather, cool and windy and sunny, with a cloudless, blue sky. After Morning Offering I set about writing my last journals for this trip and then put my dear Jenny Traveller to bed for the journey home. Mick had begun packing things up yesterday, and completed the work after I had made my morning ablutions.

We dined one last time at the Outback Steak House, enjoying their good food before setting out in our rental car for the airport in Las Vegas. Jim had made sandwiches with the last of our food from the fridge and it was good to feel that we had used all of the food we had purchased at the grocery and not wasted a bit! We really were glad we had those sandwiches later, on the airplane. Southwest Airlines does give their passengers more than just the minimum bag of fake nuts one gets elsewhere, but it is not anything like a good meal. We enjoyed those sandwiches a lot!

The drive in to the airport went like a breeze. We turned our rental car in very smoothly and the flight also went well, although bad weather caused us to circle the airport for a half hour before being able to land in Louisville. It was wonderful to see Anchorage again, to enter Camelot at last and to greet our kitties. Pickwick alone was glad to see me! Both Chloe and Dan D. are still miffed that we left them. I hope they are over their snits by tomorrow!

I offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight. Then Jim spent a bit of time unpacking before we thankfully fell asleep in our very own beds. My last thought was, “Mission Accomplished”!

Sunday, March 02, 2008


This was the last full day of Congress activity, the wrap-up for the convention. After Morning Offering Mick spent his morning hours selling a few last books and chatting once again with Phyllis Schlemmer, who was most cordial and donated generously to L/L Research.

After lunch, Mick packed up our vendor's table. We came with three suitcases full of books and tee shirts and today we sent home one suitcase full of our remaining books and one suitcase holding the remaining suitcase and some odds and ends. Romi also took home a suitcase of tee shirts for us when he left at midweek. It will be great to have only four suitcases to carry to the airport instead of the nine with which we three arrived!

After enjoying some basketball, Mick took me to the Aqua Bella Restaurant for some continental cuisine. Oh my, what a delicious meal we had! We skipped the last banquet of the Congress to have this meal, and it was the gourmet’s choice, for sure! We have eaten a whole lot of sandwiches in order to save money on food, which is expensive here as they have a captive audience in this huge casino, so the fine meal was a true treat for us both.

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight and then we bathed and enjoyed one last lovemaking in this very pleasant, large room in which we have lived for the last nine days. It was lovely, and our descent into bedtime was slow and joy-filled.

Saturday, March 01, 2008


Happy Leap Day! The last day of February was gorgeous here, sunny and warm. After Morning Offering Mick and I helped Aaron make some sandwiches to take with her on her journey back to Los Angeles and, eventually, home to the northwest coast. After she left, Mick and I stretched together and then he went off to tend to the vendor table. We are beginning to sell out of our stock! Jim says we do have Book I, A Book of Days and the coloring book, What is Love, left, and some tee shirts, but the rest is sold out. Hooray!

I continued to rest except for coming down to the table several times to sign books. I also had a good talk with Phyllis Schlemmer, whom I had last seen in 1974 at Andrija Puharich’s house in Ossining, New York. She has long been a channel for The Nine, which was originally brought through by Mark Probert and on Andrija’s tape recorder. We had a good chat about Andrija and those days long past when we were working together. She suggested that perhaps she could find a group to sponsor a joint gathering for both her and me down in Florida where she lives now. I welcomed the thought! It would be good to work with Phyllis.

In the afternoon, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, an editor for Fate Magazine, came to the room and interviewed me for about an hour. She was interested in the beginnings of my story, how I got started with all the channeling and ET study. And it does make a good story! She took photos of me and I also promised her to send my publicity photos. I shall need to wait until I return home to do that, since I have no e-mail access here.

Other than that I rested all day, hoping to quell the coughing spells at last. We offered the Gaia Meditation a bit early so that we could see an episode of House on television. Mick offered the closing prayer tonight.