Tuesday, September 30, 2008


After Morning Offering Mick was out the door and back at it, mowing several customers' lawns in the morning and doing extensive gardening for one customer in the afternoon. He is enjoying that job, as he was given every gardener’s best news – a free hand. The family has been gone for a while and will be back in October, and as they left, he was told to do what he felt needed doing. He said at supper that he’s just about finished with everything now and is looking forward to their reaction on their return.

Meanwhile I devoted the day to creating this week’s article for UPI. I am working on a question from JoyousChee of www.cosmiclighthouse.com on spiritual hierarchies and took on political hierarchies today. I hope I did a fair job of expressing my point of view! The topic has expanded far more than I would have thought. I will have more to say on the subject next week.

In the evening after our bath and Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now, Mick asked me for a date, and romance lit up my night! We napped in the afterglow, coming down to a late supper and the Gaia Meditation, at which Mick offered the closing prayer.

Monday, September 29, 2008


The Sabbath dawned sunny and lovely, the air cool and inviting. It was the first Sunday service in months where I did not overheat. We sang Brahms’ “Create in Me, O Lord a Pure Heart” and Brench Boden’s beautiful, jazzy arrangement of “I Will Sing”.

Mick picked me up and brought me back to the spanking-clean house and over lunch, we finally began the films which we were sitting down to watch two weeks ago when the power went out. Our first of two features was The Forbidden Kingdom, a Jackie Chan – Jet Li romp. As always, Chan’s work was athletic and balletic in the numerous fight scenes.

He chose a role for himself that clearly gave him lots of pleasure – a drunken, amiable Kung Fu fighter. Michael Angarand played the hero, a young man who learns Kung Fu in the eponymous Kingdom and then wallops the tar out of his neighborhood’s bullies. It was fun and the production values soared as Chan showed us his country, the city and the countryside both. And the costumes were magnificent!

In the middle of that film, we called a pause because we were falling asleep in our chairs, and had a lovely, leisurely nap together. This is one thing that home viewing has over the big screen! There’s no pause button when you go to the movies!

Then we viewed most of a jerky, cinema verite film called Sister Aimee – The Aimee McPherson Story. I had no objection to the story line, as it was a straightforward film biography of this noted healer and evangelist. And the lead was realized well by Mimi Michaels. But the camera work was just silly. A hand-held camera is used to give one the feeling of being there. However it was a failed idea in this application. We finally abandoned the movie with twenty minutes to go and enjoyed a break before supper.

Gary offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


We had an abbreviated Morning Offering today since we were going to have a meditation meeting tonight. Mick wanted to get on the road with a big load of errands, including picking up a mower and a blower that have been in the shop. He was tickled to have all his tools working at once!

I distinguished myself in the morning by napping throughout it! However I rallied in the afternoon and worked on Dana’s Alphabet Mosaics.

I planned to do a read-through of my edit on her introductory pages, but wound up responding to Vara’s needs by locating a very good half-page of text within Dana’s Preface in which she explains how she originally began studying the alphabet. I sent that to Vee along with a promise to find and send her an author photo of Dana and her biography to use when she runs the Mosaics and Wisdoms in Planet Light Worker e-zine (http://www.planetlightworker.com/), which she now edits. She will use one letter and one wisdom poem per issue. I’m tickled about this, as it will bring her material to lots of people who have not seen Dana’s work previously and hopefully will generate some money, in the form of advance orders, for printing the hard-copy book. It is such a wonderful creation!

Vara did me a favor by asking me for this material, since I will also need Dana’s author picture and biography for The Alphabet Mosaics in hard copy. Romi very kindly agreed to look for the best photo he has of her – he visited her in Moab shortly before she left this earthly life and took lots of shots – and Gary volunteered to see what he could find in Dana’s published books, all of which we have in the Library, in the way of an author biography.

Melissa was cooking today! She created another batch of cherry tomato soup, using up our Avalon harvest of the little red fruit. It is delicious! She makes it with rice milk so that it will freeze better. Each time she makes it, we go back and amend the recipe, so it is now one of our best!

In late afternoon, she and I got together for the continuation of our hanging tomato plant project and by golly we got her done! Whether or not the plants will thrive now that they are hanging around is another question! Time will tell. It would be great if it did work! Having fresh, home-grown Best Boys in the wintertime would be a real plus!

Mick’s afternoon was spent fiddling with the waterfall of the front yard’s heart-shaped fish pond. He got it running again and topped up the pond, which was low for some reason. He recently had to restock the pond, because a blue heron found it and ate the fish we had there, one and all, except the fingerlings. Now it has a net over it.

Gary was at the L/L Research helm today, valiantly pounding away at the e-mail. The harvest of the day included two requests for my counseling, one by telephone and one by e-mail. The season has begun! I took a break from counseling and private channelings over the summer.

We had a circle of seeking of five tonight for the meditation meeting – Gary, Mick, Romi, Mel and me. Gary had a whole sheet of q’uestions for Q’uo which had built up over the summer, so we dedicated this channeling session to them and Q’uo answered quite a few. It felt good to respond to the faithful readers who write in from all over the world to ask questions of Q’uo. They are our larger community of seekers and we are most thankful for them all.

It was especially good to respond to several from Terry H’s study group in Taipei. When they found that we were short of funds, they sent us a very generous donation that really helped us pay our bills last month.

We got some tough news today. Bob R, the producer of the L/L Mackinac Island Gathering last year, is in the hospital. His kidneys have failed. If you have a minute today, please send a prayer upward on his behalf. He is a beloved brother of the open heart and right now he is physically alone, dealing with this sudden difficulty. Let's keep him company on the inner planes!

I prayed the Gaia Meditation prayer at the end of our channeling session.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


After Morning Offering Mick and Gary worked with the one customer whose storm debris has not yet been cleared, since she has had workmen at her home and that makes lawn work difficult. Today was the day to rectify that! There was much more to do than they’d thought, as substantive storm damage was hidden by the house itself. They also polished off their other usual Friday jobs.

Then Gary set about cooking the menu for next week – peas creamed with artichoke hearts, sautéed red snapper and baked potatoes. Meanwhile Mick conducted a lengthy weekly maintenance, changing the oil in all the mowers since it has been so dusty this week.

I worked on the article on hierarchies for JoyousChee today in the morning and late afternoon. In the middle, I went out with Melissa in search of purple and lavender garments, looking forward to my purple hair, come Christmas. I found two good purple tops and some well-fitting jeans, good additions to the wardrobe!

After Mick and I had a bath, we enjoyed a lovely energy exchange. I went to sleep where I lay in the afterglow while Mick enjoyed football on TV. Later, we all took in some more football, Gary joining Mel, Mick and me for supper and the Gaia Meditation. Mick offered the closing prayer tonight. Then we watched the debate between Obama and McCain, supposedly on foreign policy.

The men are both smart and were equally well prepared, but one could literally hear the memorized “tapes” of response from McCain, as he had a habit of saying the key word before saying the sentence. It was all rote. Obama may well have organized his responses ahead of time, anticipating possible questions, but he seemed to speak more from the heart.

Mel had made some pawpaw bread from fresh pawpaws from Avalon in the morning, and we enjoyed that special treat after dinner.

Friday, September 26, 2008


I took this mini-vacation day with great pleasure, enjoying the leisure to rest and feel better. My afternoon was spent getting my nails done, my monthly treat since I can no longer be trusted with a nail clipper on my toenails, and I also had a wonderful massage there at Absolutely Salon. Driving back home afterwards, I could see fall color everywhere. Happy Autumn!

After Morning Offering Mick worked in the morning for the customer with the most trees down, finally clearing her acreage – she has an historic, 200-year-old farm – and cutting her grass amidst an amazing cloud of dust. Even in this drought, her yard needed mowing and trimming. In the afternoon, he finished the clearing of smaller debris from another hard-hit customer, bagging the leaves she already had raked into piles and chewing up the rest in fine style with the mulch plate on Fielder, his largest Skag mower.

To polish off a great day of rest for me, I shopped for shoes on-line. I plan to go purple for Christmas this year, coloring my hair a deep shade that I have fancied ever since choosing ruby red last Yuletide. Naturally, I am eager to have coordinating footwear! I was hoping the Goth style would produce more products in that royal shade. No luck yet, though.

This was Gary’s first day back at the helm for L/L Research, and he was swamped with e-mail. He moved a whole lot of mail! He joined Mick and me for a late supper, the Colbert Report and the Gaia Meditation, at which he offered the closing prayer.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Mick’s and my day began early since I was scheduled for an X-ray work-up of my neck and chest and then an MRI of the top few vertebrae of my spine at 6:30 a.m.! We got home at the usual time for our Morning Offering, enjoying the coolness and sunnyness of the morning and the light traffic. How we need rain, though! Grass is starting to burn all over this area.

After Morning Offering Mick set out on his gardening – no mowing today – for two of his customers. He is enjoying doing a complete refurbishing of these two yards. Both are owned by widows who lost their husbands in the last couple of years. And both widows are now beginning to take hold on their own and change things around a bit in their yards.

Mick also tells me that when he offered to express our thanks to our neighbors to the south, the L's, for their extension cord by giving their yard a free mow and trimming, Lee asked if Mick would instead begin mowing their yard as a steady job. So Mick will indeed mow their lawn for free, once, and see what kind of time it takes so he knows what to charge them, but then add the L’s as regular customers. On our little, block-long lane, Mick now mows every family's yard but one! The hold-out is a young family, the W’s, and they do their own mowing – so far!

I had yet another appointment with a doctor, this time my general practitioner, Dr. A., in the afternoon and when I returned from that, I put myself to bed for the rest of the day, continuing to feel quite poorly. Mick and I talked after our bath and decided that I should take tomorrow to rest and then hit it again on Friday. That felt right to me. I’ll spend the day storing up some vital energy and rosy humor!

Gary had a day off today, which he celebrated by completely cleaning out and scrubbing the “way-back” refrigerator. We have two fridges, a necessity when it comes time for L/L Gatherings, and the way-back fridge was the one that did not stay on during the power outage, since the L’s gift of an extension cord from their generator could power only one. So the way-back fridge was in pretty poor shape, although we got all the food moved and did not have spoilage. Now it is sparkling!

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I continued to be a bit below the weather today, finally choosing to take a nap after Morning Offering when I could not get myself going in the office. Later I drove the mile to Middletown to visit LabCorp for the blood test which Dr. J had ordered and then spent the afternoon researching quotations for the article on hierarchies which Joyous Chee has requested.

It still feels a little surreal to have our power back on and all systems functioning perfectly. The extended outage made me far more aware than before of just how much power we do use every day. We take so much for granted! We heard tonight that all the homes in our area are now back on the grid. Thank you Lord!

Mick and Gary finished clearing their last customer’s yard of storm debris. Mick says that he will now start on his list of back-requests from previous customers and neighbors of customers. The income from all this extra work will certainly pay some bills for us!

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I worked very little today, feeling under the weather in several ways, but greatly enjoying the power when it came back on at last after nine days without it at 4:30 p.m. After Morning Offering, Mick worked like the “work-brickle” guy he is and managed to come almost up to even with all of his customers’ storm debris.

It was Gary’s day to serve at Cracker Barrel. So he could not help Mick today. But tomorrow Mick and Gary will polish off the backlog of logs, branches and smaller debris for his last two remaining customers with still-messy yards. It will be wonderful to be back to normal! And I will greatly enjoy having my admin back, come Thursday!

We have been incredibly lucky in that, during these nine days and nights, the weather has remained clement, with highs in the mid-eighties and lows in the mid-fifties. Only 2,000 people in our whole area now remain powerless, down from over half a million at the time of the storm.

Mick and I shared a delightful date after our first hot bath in a while before coming down to enjoy supper, Jon Stewart, Steve Colbert and good conversation with Gary. Gary offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation.

Monday, September 22, 2008


We had a lovely Sabbath rest today. St. Luke’s had just gotten their power restored, so there were even air conditioning and lights to go with our service music. I am always amazed at how loving the parishioners are here at St. Luke’s. When the time in the service comes to pass the peace, a huge party suddenly breaks out and everyone is hugging everyone all over the church. I love being a part of this community of worship! We sang Gabriel Faure’s “Prayer of Racine” for the offertory.

Mick and I decided to take in a movie on the big screen after our dinner and chose Burn After Reading. It was a great choice! Brad Pitt pretty much stole the show with his carefully overplayed la-la beach boy character, but Frances McDormand and George Clooney were tied for a close second in similarly over-the-top dumbness and in his own inimitable way John Malkovitch won top honors for silly. They all must have had a wonderful time making this film! It was a true conspiracy of talented actors coming together to create a movie that clearly deserved its tagline – “Intelligence is relative!”

Mick and I prayed for peace together at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


After the rigors of this last week, Mick took it a bit easier today. He cleaned as he went in the kitchen, not trying for so thorough a job as usual because of having no power for the vacuum. In the afternoon he polished up the yard, which was bestrewn with hundreds of the small branch-ends that the seventeen-year locusts had chewn and killed. All summer, these little brown ends had hung up on the trees, especially our big oak tree. The winds of last Sunday had brought most of them down.

Gary had already picked up the big debris in our little acre and used the chain saw where it was needed earlier this week, so once Mick raked and bagged these locust-leavings, he could get at the rest of the little debris and mulch it with the mower. Now our yard is as pretty as are all of Mick’s JLS customers!

I am hung up on my editing projects, waiting for the power to come back on. So I enjoyed a lazy day, reading and reworking recipes. Currently I am reworking biscuit recipes. I just did a dandy recipe for refrigerator-pre-made biscuits made into lemon-glazed breakfast rolls.

We welcomed Romi for the regular L/L Research meditation meeting tonight and had a good talk around the circle and then a silent meditation together. I offered the prayer for the Gaia Meditation as we closed out the silent meditation period.

It was the first relaxing, easy day for Mick since the catastrophic windstorm, and I was very glad to see him take a good nap beside me here in the living room this afternoon! If a man ever deserved a rest, that would be Mick! Hail the conquering hero!

We saw two LG&E men walking on the ground here on our street today, out of their trucks, which is a very good sign! They were looking us over, scoping out the damage. Perhaps soon this period of emergency will be at a good end!

Friday, September 19, 2008


As the weather continued its gentle rise to summer warmth again, Mick and Gary polished off an incredible week of work with their very full Friday of storm debris clean-up. They used Stanley Subaru today since Sybil Dakota was having her valve covers replaced, so I was unable to get to the LabCorp office for the test Dr. J wants me to have done. I’ll do that on Monday.

I finished editing the transcript of our song-and-story tape, The Journey, and sent it off to Tommy, my brother, so that he can put his memory on it. I wrote the piece twenty years ago and I simply do not recall exactly what I wrote. I fear I have a soggy brain! I would like to recover all the lyrics. After working through it, I can say that enjoy the story as much as I thought I would, so I’m glad that we’re recovering this little bit of my creative work for our archives.

For the remainder of the day I worked at e-mail, sending 20 notes in all and reducing the backlog by perhaps half. I am still working in half-hour increments, then taking an hour off to rest my left arm. These days remind me forcibly of times in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s where I was similarly limited in what I could do. Then, as now, we found ways to spread around my chair – in those days it was not a chair but a hospital bed in our living room – everything I would need. It’s amazing how versatile one can be when it’s necessary! I have an empire at my commmand, from computer to telephone to flashlights, computer glasses and accoutrements of all kinds

While Mick was deep in weekly maintenance in late afternoon, Gary manned the cooktop and created a perfectly delicious menu for next week – chicken Parmesan, peas and mushrooms, corn and tomatoes and mashed potatoes. Mick got in from his work in the garage just in time to help Gary wash up and afterwards, I went in and beheld our entire range of counters around three sides of the kitchen lined with washed and drying pots, pans and the other artifacts of a successful kitchen campaign. Wow! The dishwasher tends to hide the sheer hugeness of the weekly washing-up by swallowing a couple of loads of dishes during the cooking period.

And, brilliantly, Gary got the noble idea of running an electric light for the kitchen off the refrigerator extension cord! We had two lights on tonight and it felt way closer to normal! And there was a first sighting of two Louisville Gas and Electric Company trucks about four blocks from here! Woo Hoo! This outage started last Sunday afternoon, so this is our sixth day being powerless. We’ve been told that it may be two more full weeks before we’re back on the grid, so anything short of that would be marvelous!

After a luke-cold shower, Mick and I enjoyed creating some excitement together in the darkness of my bedroom, exchanging energy and lighting each other up in the sweet old way of men and women. Then we shared a late supper and good conversation with Gary before the Gaia Meditation, at which Mick offered the closing prayer.


The weather heated up today and left our out-of-power house with an increasingly stuffy interior. After Morning Offering, Mick and Gary headed out into the heat for another killer day of storm debris clean-up for Jim’s Lawn Service's customers du jour. They won through, with five hours of chain-sawing and hauling for one customer and three hours of the same for another. They have done a massive amount of work this week!

As the power company gets into repairs of the local residential customers, as opposed to the services and commercial repairs, they are finding all kinds of unexpected further repairs that need doing, so the chances of our getting power back any time soon here at Camalot are mighty slim. Even in a small power-out emergency, our little village is at the end of the line for getting back on the grid. We are bearing up well, our only real complaint being the coldness of the showers, which is increasing daily.

I completed the editing of Dana Redfield’s introductory text to The Alphabet Mosaics today, with the exception of the Bibliography. Dana’s style of listing is alternative to the one to which I am used, and she omitted many details of publishing information which she apparently ran out of time before nailing. It will take me a while to straighten the Bibliography out, and probably this is not the best time to do so, as it is time-consuming to consult the Library of Congress listings for each book. We are currently operating on dial-up, so I will put that chore off until we regain our power and are back on DSL.

My version of Word 2003 has begun refusing to allow me to save a new document. Gary got my difficulties handled for today, and showed me a way to create documents on the desktop, so I am using his method for now and hoping that Romi can bring everything back into working order on Saturday. All in all, this was a day of resistance for me, with every detail hanging up and refusing to work. So I majored in reading! When all else fails, there is nothing as enjoyable as a low-tech, user-friendly book!

I got a call from BookSurge, who had heard that I was looking for help with marketing 101. However they offer pretty much the same thing as lulu and blitzprint, so I suggested they call back next week, when hopefully we will have power and can do business. Gary is currently getting price quotes from lulu and blitzprint and we will ask BookSurge for the same.

After I had accomplished all I could do with Dana's work I created a good many e-notes. Bob R has had further tough news and faces a lot of doctoring, so I sent him off a note as laden with love and light as I could make it. I think it is very hard to be in pain and isolated. I wish we could visit and cheer him up in person!

I also wrote Terry H concerning a detail of The Law of One Session 99 concerning the necklace I wore during the Ra sessions. It is always interesting to see what will be hard to translate into another language.

All in all, I responded to sixteen e-mail notes. It felt good to bat back the ever-burgeoning Inbox and to touch in with beloved friends.

My left side has settled into a zone of discomfort that is a bit easier than it was, while remaining such that I must work in short bursts and then rest. It is a good discipline for me. Patience is a wonderful aspect of the spiritually mature character and I am getting more than my share of practice with it. Thank you, Lord!

Gary offered a particularly good prayer at the close of the Gaia Meditation tonight, asking that we always remember where the real power is! Amen and Alleluiah!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


After Morning Offering Mick and Gary set out on another storm-debris-clearing marathon while I worked on my UPI article for the week in short bursts, my left side being too full of nerve pain to make a sustained effort. I was tickled pink to finish it and post it by the end of the day! I wrote about the experience of being without power.

Other than catch up on all the forwarded material sent by savvy political observers like Elihu E and Rho M, that was my allotment of work for the day.

Mick and the Bean Man came home triumphant at 4:00 p.m., just as I was reluctantly heading out to an appointment with my rheumatologist, Dr. J. Mick’s truck was acting up, and so I drove behind Mick to drop his truck off to be repaired, and then Mick drove me to the appointment, a signal blessing, as my left hand was not able to grasp the wheel and so I was driving one-handed.

Dr J feels that these symptoms are coming from my spine, and I agree with her. So I was scheduled with a CT scan of my head and shoulders, the “C-spine” area. This will take place early on September 24th, a week from today. She also ordered a bone density test for me and took X-rays of my hands before I left the office. Her tentative treatment plan is to inject epidural prednisone into the C-spine area rather than boost my oral intake of that drug. I can only hope that her diagnosis and solution work.

This was choir practice night, but St. Luke’s is powerless, just like the rest of Anchorage, and our choirmistress could not see us practicing by candle-light. So after a late dinner with Gary and the Gaia Meditation, at which Mick offered the closing prayer, I read him my article and then we both read, enjoying our one electrical light together, until bedtime.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


We are settling in well with the power-out emergency now. The weather has been a spectacular help, neither too hot in the daytime nor too cool at night for comfort. We’re blessed with a gas cook-top, so we can cook food here at home, and with the L’s extension cord running our fridge, we have our food supplies handy. Our one light gets a whole lot of use!

And last night Romi set my laptop to an internet dial-up connection. While I cannot write the article on hierarchies I had planned for this week, since it would be too costly to access the internet for key-word searches, I can post this Camelot Journal entry now and work on my current editing projects. And I will write an article about this storm, I think, this week instead.

After Morning Offering, Mick and Gary set out to do a very full round of lawn service, which today consisted almost entirely of storm debris clean-up. He said that two of his customers had utter devastation on their acreage. They took a total of four huge trailer-loads of limbs and other tree debris to their favorite tree service place - it accepts such materials for a fee per dump. And they came home elated, having accomplished far more than Mick had dared to hope. They also came home very weary!

I had to ration my work time today because of the nerve pain in my left arm. So I was not as productive as I had hoped. But I did write a long journal entry covering the last two days and got that posted after Romi set me up to access the internet in the evening. I also worked for a while on editing the song-and-story tape, The Journey. And I wrote a long and thoughtful letter to a beloved friend on a topic that we had between us. That felt really good! I had to send the letter to Romi so that he could print it out! Right now we do not have a printer handy.

There are still 200,000 customers out of power in our fair city! Still, this means that the power company has gotten 300,000+ customers back on line. Perhaps it won’t be a full three weeks that we’re out of power! Maybe we can hope to be back on line in a fortnight.

After we took a still slightly warm shower together – praise the Lord for well-insulated water heaters – Mick and I enjoyed a lovely date which revitalized us both thoroughly. It was the best I felt all day by far! We then visited with Romi and Gary over a late supper. Romi, whose power never did go out, offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

2008-09-14 and 15

We have had an exciting and somewhat challenging two days! Sunday began normally, with me attending services at St. Luke’s. It was Holy Cross Day in the church year and we celebrated with a special veneration of the cross and the choir singing lovely music from Cesar Franck and Palestrina containing cross-related texts.

The first clue that something was different came when Mick wheeled me back to the car after the service. The wind was quite high, soughing loudly and smacking honeysuckle branches against our car in he parking lot. As we got home, enjoyed our lunch and started watching a movie, the wind kept getting higher and louder. Soon after the titles ran on the film, our power went out.

We still had no idea that things would get really bad. Winds of up to 40 miles per hour had been predicted. That’s not too bad. Since there was no rain or lightning, we confidently expected to be back to normal in a day at most.

The resulting few hours put an end to that expectation! The wind speed rapidly increased to 75 mph. Fortunately it was a straight-line gale, not a tornado, but still the results were disastrous. When the winds finally died down, 75% of the Louisville area, over half a million people all told, were out of power. 80% of the local sub-stations’ transformers were either partially or totally off-line. And we had an immense mess, both in terms of trees, poles and limbs down everywhere and in terms of our coping with an extended power outage. The power company predicts that it will be up to three weeks before we have power again.

We assessed our situation: we have 120 gallons of hot water which will stay fairly warm for a few days. Mick and Gary stuffed our freezers and refrigerators with ice, which will keep our food cold for a few days. However Gary has no way to work for L/L Research at the Inbox and I have no way to work at my writing and editing. And Mick is faced with a stupendous clean-up job for every customer he has. Calls kept coming in for him, as well, from previous customers and friends of customers who also need clean-up. He has begun a waiting list.

Mick’s first priority was to go around to all of his customers and eyeball the situation in each yard. As he went, he cut up the large branches that had fallen in each yard and put them on his trailer. By dusk, he had cleared all the big pieces of storm debris except whole trees and came home happy, knowing he could get right on to his lesser yard clean-ups and mowing or gardening jobs tomorrow.

Mick stacked our unabridged dictionary and three Trivial Pursuit games to my left in the living room and placed our biggest, brightest, battery-powered torch on it so that I could read. He put new batteries in all of our smaller torches and we were set for the night.

This morning, Mick set out early to meet the challenges of his day and came home triumphant at eventide, having accomplished all of his work. How he did this, I do not know, since there was at least an hour of clean-up in every yard! But, he said, most of his people were on an every-other-week mowing schedule and not due to be mown, and this gave him the extra time he needed to do their storm clean-up.

We had agreed that I would obtain cheap motel reservations for this crisis, and by lunchtime I had found conclusively that there was no cheap way to go. The situation is complicated by the Ryder Cup’s being held in Louisville over next weekend. Most of the rooms in town were already booked before the crisis hit. I finally found a room for the three of us and made the reservation, but only for one night, since it was a $180.00 room and clearly, we cannot afford such accommodations for the entire time of our predicted outage here at Camelot.

Then I got the bright idea to wash by hand the dishes that were stacked in the now-useless dishwasher. In the process of doing this simple task, I somehow did serious nerve damage to my neck and the whole left shoulder/arm/wrist/hand process, meaning that I could not do anything which required the use of my left arm, like driving to my mammogram appointment or bathing.

And I was very uncomfortable, since from my upper spine down my shoulder and arm into my wrist and fingers, I was experiencing the nerve-pain equivalent of a toothache. I began the usual protocol for a rheumatoid flare-up, packing in a large amount of cortisone tablets. I will wean down from this dosage over the next few days and hope for the best.

In the evening Gary, Mick and I conferred. We cancelled the motel room, vowing to bloom where we’re planted. Our neighbors next door to the south, the L’s, offered us an extension cord which would run one refrigerator, one light and one computer. We gratefully accepted that boon, vowing to do a complimentary mowing and trimming of their sizeable yard as a thank-you.

Melissa called in with a storm report from Avalon. She is fine and so are the chicks and MG, our farm kitty. However there are multiple trees down there. She used her chain-saw to clear the trees which were across our access road, leaving the downed trees along the creek until tomorrow. She can get out fine now, and is able to cope because her power is solar and was not interrupted. That is a signal blessing of this emergency: the weather is idyllic, sunny and very mild, with lows in the 50s and highs in the 70s. Thank you, Lord!

I am experiencing a good bit of catalyst with the physical discomfort and loss of the ability to raise my left arm. This, only doubled to include both arms, was my situation years ago, for the time of approximately 1988 to 1992. It was in this period that all of my letter tapes were made because I could not use my arms. Mick had to bathe and dress me. We coped, but it was a tough time for us. And here I was, reprising that same degree of disability. And the pain level was acute. My shadow side loomed within me in strength and I could feel the tears, anger and frustration of having to ask for help to do everything come close to the surface.

Fortunately I knew to a nicety just what such indulgence in a private pity-party would do to our little family’s state of mind. There was absolutely no positive outcome for such histrionics. I leaned heavily on my stores of faith and will and remained cheerful and calm. This was my contribution to the crisis! It did not show, but I knew it was just as difficult for me to accomplish as Mick’s and Gary’s considerable efforts to cope with our situation were for them.

As we offered the Gaia Meditation, with me praying the closing prayer, we knew with relief that the worst was over. We could see our way to thrive for the duration of this extended power outage. Our mood was far lighter than at the beginning of this crisis. We are now facing cold showers and meals from the gas cook-top, but we are clean and fed.

And we have that one blessed light! Gary and I both stayed up a bit after our usual lights-out, enjoying the ability to read under the light! We eventually got sleepy, lit our torches and paddled off to our beds with thankfulness.

As to when this entry is posted, it depends on the Ro Man. He usually visits on a Tuesday night. Since he, too, is out of power and there is a severe shortage of gas her locally, he may not decide to come. And Jenny Traveller is not set up for a phone hook-up. She is set for phone connection to the internet from out of state, as I use the setting only in Nebraska, usually, when we are visiting Mom McCarty. I’ve left “help please” messages on his phones and have hopes of getting back on line with dial-up by the end of the day.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Sultry summer weather returned with nary a shower, although heavy rains had been predicted. Perhaps we shall have better luck tomorrow, as Hurricane Ike continues to blow itself out. We may catch the southern end of its rain and we will definitely experience some high winds with a chance of tornadoes manana.

It was a lazy day for us all, a putter-day. I worked with editing Dana’s Alphabet Mosaics, running into one conundrum after another. Linear planning was not my sister Dana’s forte and smoothing out the inconsistencies and creating a good book for her continues to be a delicate and subtle series of decisions as to both editing changes in text and format changes to make things flow better.

Mick watched a lot of football, some of which I watched with him. My favorite play of the day was a heart-breaker for MTSU. A Hail Mary pass as the game closed connected for them, but the runner was tackled by the ankle and fell one yard short of the game-winning touchdown, giving the University of Kentucky a third win for the season. Would you call that a tankle?

However in Mick's puttering, he did a wonderful thing! The walkway to the garage from the back door has sunk over the years, creating a puddle-and-mud problem when it is wet. Mick took up the bricks and stone, filled in the swale with new soil, leveled the ground there and then replaced the walkway. What a great difference for clean and dry convenience in getting to my car!

Gary was at the L/L Research helm today, sending Bill H a hard copy of 101 which Bill requested and going through a ton of e-mail. And Melissa also puttered, doing her office work and town chores and getting ready to head back up to Avalon.

We four were the complement at our first channeling meditation meeting of the year. Gary had questions about the gateway to intelligent infinity and I think it was a good session. I will know more when the transcript comes in for editing.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


It was incredibly humid today, but the promised rain did not materialize. After Morning Offering, Mick spent his early work hours at a customer’s house, coming closer to finishing a large gardening project there.

I worked a bit on the office back-up. Steve E, our B4 web guy, works at the Library of Congress, and he searched the Library to find our books. We were almost entirely unrepresented. So I wrote to Gary asking him to mount a project, when he has the time, of getting all our books catalogued by the LC. I believe it is a matter of filling out a long form for each of the books being presented for cataloguing and sending the forms in along with two copies of the books.

Since I had all of Dana Redfield’s materials out, looking for a good dedication for The Alphabet Mosaics in her style – she had not left me with that page filled in – I was able to write Elihu E, who had written some time ago to ask about her other unpublished manuscript. He ran across quotations from it as he included an article I wrote about Dana in his periodical, Both Sides Now. Dana had titled it All My Days are Shadows of Tomorrow: An Autobiography. It is a handsome, generous manuscript and I look forward to editing it and getting it out at least on the web some day. For now, I am focusing on The Alphabet Mosaics.

Then I settled down with the transcript from Aaron T of The Journey, one of Tommy Rueckert’s and my song and story tapes. However I could not remember the words to the songs I wrote so long ago, and wrote to Tommy to ask him for a song sheet. At one point he made sheets of all the lyrics. Later in the day he confirmed that he still had some and would send me a copy. This is great news!

I am glad to recover this “lost” creative work of mine. Unlike my other two song-and-story creations, Jenny and This is the Day, the recording that we have been selling has only the songs. This is due to the fact that the original tape was recorded in a church basement with only one take per song allowed because of a time shortage. It came out badly, both the guitar and the singing often hitting sour notes. So we re-recorded the songs only in a studio and that’s what people can buy on our site. Now the story together with the songs’ lyrics will be available in text version in our on-line library. IF I can get those lyrics!

I also asked Gary to bring a tape recorder up here along with the original tape so that I could have a listen and perhaps fill in some blanks in the lyrics.

Doris S, our trust officer at Glenview, wrote me with a request from her neighbor, who wants to have Mick do some yard work for her. I forwarded the request on to Mick along with a recommendation that he say yes! Dorita has been a great help to us for lo! these 24 years.

And lastly before lunch, I wrote to Ian agreeing with him that we probably could manage the change-over of three items from the archive site to the new B4 site, when it launches, without a telephone conference. I forwarded to him the admirably succinct and clear run-down I’d received from Gary on this subject and if it looks good to Ian, we’re all set.

Then I came downstairs for Mel’s birthday lunch, which we ordered in from The Cheddar Box Restaurant. We had homemade soup and sandwiches and tiny, delicious crab cakes. Then Melissa opened her presents. We had gotten practical things for her, since she is in need of them – jeans and tops, good boot socks and new steel-toed boots, rain gear and a straw cowgirl hat, plus a tool belt and some needed tools. She loved everything, thank heavens, and only one item did not fit – a pair of casual shoes to replace her moccasins, which are in shreds after long, hard use on the land.

Mel had brought a bunch of cherry tomatoes down from Avalon as well as a mess of cantaloupe. She spent her afternoon making cherry tomato soup and freezer-canning the cantaloupe. It will be good to be able to take out the sweet melon this winter and enjoy it, already cut up and ready to eat. And now we know what Avalon will grow with no irrigating or watering: cherry tomatoes and cantaloupe!

I spent the afternoon working on The Alphabet Mosaics. The work is going slowly, as Dana wrote in a style which varies on either side of the line of making linear sense and whole sentences. When I did not grasp what she was saying after the first three read-throughs of a sentence, I would stop and bring the sentence back into the folds of English usage – but, hopefully, with the least possible change wrought. I am probably close to half done with this introductory text of hers now.

Mick and I bathed and then had a lovely date before rejoining Mel and Gary, who had spent his day at the L/L Research helm, for dinner and the birthday cake. Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Friday, September 12, 2008


On this anniversary of 9-11-2001, the redbud leaves outside my office window have started to turn their lovely fall purple and along the lanes, all the tulip poplar leaves are yellowing and falling. We are officially into autumn! I welcome the change, although I will miss knocking around in tee shirts and flip flops! Here comes the season of socks and sweaters!

After Morning Offering Mick and Gary took on all of the Thursday and Friday mowing jobs, since heavy rain is predicted for tomorrow. They came home triumphant at 3:00 or so. Mick did his weekly maintenance on all his equipment and then reworked a strip of our front yard along the driveway which the sewer guys had left hilly and rough. By bath time he had it all reworked, tilled, raked, resown with grass seed and as he replaced the border stones for the driveway, he dug them in flush. They had been a bit tilted because of the swell of ground where the trench went through. It’s a vast improvement for that small area!

Meanwhile, Gary shopped for next week’s recipes. Then he cooked all of the food on the menu, including a wonderful, warmly spiced tomato sauce which is for a rice dish. Since I cannot eat rice, I asked Gary to hold out some of the sauce for me to use over potatoes next week.

Gary was also kind enough to create Mel’s birthday cake for me. He made a strawberry cake with strawberry icing in heart-shaped pans. I found some writing gel and candles, and now we have her cake waiting for her! I so look forward to giving her a good birthday tomorrow when she comes down to town from Avalon.

I was able to devote my day to working with Dana Redfield’s Alphabet Mosaics material. There is more to this editing job than I thought at first. She has tons of odd names listed in her acknowledgments and in her Preface. I will need to check the spelling on them. Also, she did not footnote references, so I started on that today.

It is interesting to me that any project one takes up creates a small but full universe inside my head. There is nothing linear about editing, any more than there is about writing. The project has a round shape and contains a world of complexity. I think editing is at least as much a matter of intuition and insight as it is the logical processes of correcting copy errors and adjusting formatting. My hope is to produce a finished text from which the errors and non sequiturs are removed but which still sounds exactly like Dana. Editing is an art, not a science.

I spent the last of my work day reading through some material Elihu sent me concerning the line-up of candidates for the presidential election. It stacks up as Republicans = empire thinking, Democrats = a desire to return to less aggressive policies. It is hard for me to believe that the pundits still feel the two parties are in a dead heat. Even Mick’s Mom, a Nebraskan Republican, says she is voting for Obama. I feel more engaged in the outcome of this election than I have for many years. That’s why we have a “Vote for Obama” sign in our yard!

Gary joined Mick and me for a late supper and the Gaia Meditation, at which Mick offered a particularly lovely prayer for the planet and its people.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


It was a clement day, never quite reaching 80 F, which was much appreciated by Mick as he went about his work after Morning Offering. As for me, I had overslept and had to write my journals in the morning work time. I also wrote to Mr. Wickey asking for appointments for Melissa, Talitha and me on November 4th, the Tuesday after our next Channeling Intensive. I made reservations at the Auburn Inn for the 3rd and was able to reserve the same rooms we had the last time we three went up into the Indiana hinterlands to visit the Wickeys.

Chee of the Cosmic Lighthouse e-zine wrote to ask permission to use my column on Pat Smith in their next issue, which delighted me. It is so good to see the new writing being used already!

I went to a late morning appointment with my GP, Dr. A. I wanted to check the three prescriptions she has for me, one for high cholesterol, one for high blood pressure and one for low thyroid. All three of these medications show shortness of breath as a possible side-effect. She stopped the cholesterol medication completely and changed the blood pressure medication. About the thyroid prescription, there are no real alternatives, as all such medications do precisely the same thing in the same way. I will check my other medications with the two other doctors prescribing them soon.

She also gave me a prescription for a generator. This will help allay the cost of purchasing one. Since our power goes out regularly in this heavily forested village, having a generator will help save money in terms of spoiled food and the costs of eating out when we have no power. When one is in some chronic discomfort, as I am, losing power often means increased physical discomfort. If it is hot weather, the heat spawns lots of mold and mildew, to which I am very allergic. If it is cold outside, my rheumatoid conditions object to the damp chill in the house. So this will help my comfort level a lot.

Dr. A then sent me directly to the hospital in the same medical complex as her office building to have a CT scan of my heart and lungs. She is concerned about the intensification of this shortness of breath which I am experiencing and all the accompanying symptoms. I’ll find out the results of the test in a couple of weeks when I see her again.

It was a grueling afternoon, since I had not had lunch. It was 5:30 before I got home! Had I known ahead of time that I would be in the hospital, I would have been able to arrange for someone to push my wheel chair, and the experience would have been much more pleasant. The hospital sprawls across a wide area and the walking I needed to do in order to get to the CT section crowded my abilities far beyond the comfort limit. However the staff was kind enough to provide me with a wheelchair ride for the trek back to my car, which was a signal blessing.

It was wonderful to arrive back home and have a good bath with Mick. Then I was off to choir practice. Then it was a late supper with Mick and Gary, pleasant conversation and the Gaia Meditation, at which Mick offered the closing prayer.

Gary has recently visited with a psychic and he tells me that a mutual friend, visiting this same woman, asked about L/L Research. She replied that our Gaia Meditations are very important for Planet Earth! That was good to hear.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


It was a delightful day, a welcome departure from the sweltering heat we have been experiencing. The temperature never quite reached 80 F and a gentle mid-morning rain cleaned the humidity from the air and gave us a sweet breeze. After Morning Offering Mick set about his day’s work, which included much less mowing and much more gardening. He is weeding and refurbishing plantings for two customers, and he worked on both of those in the morning.

He spent his afternoon undercutting limbs for a customer in a copse of trees under which grass has refused to grow, and then tilling the ground under the trees, sowing shade-grass seed and covering it all with straw. He says that the rain that is predicted for the next few days makes this the perfect time for growing some new grass, and with more sun able to penetrate the canopy of branches in the copse, the new grass should thrive. I love the thought of his beautifying Anchorage one yard at a time!

I spent my morning work time catching up on some office work. I wrote a thank you note to Fran and Dee for their thoughtful gifts of organic skin lotion and a lovely wire mesh pendant that is an exact duplicate of a Full Moon Maple leaf. I wrote another one to Dianne for her gift of a copy of the biography of Solomon Wickey, who is the healer Talitha, Melissa and I have been to see in Indiana.

I also wrote a snail-mail letter to my beloved friend Aubine in Igny, thanking her for new photos of her children, Ariane and Tercy, and her grandson, Fassely. She reports that Tercy is now working for a Japanese video company, dancing through the moves that are then replicated in the company's video games, as well as voicing the dialogue of his action figure in French

I wrote Vara twice, first in response to her e-mail and then to thank her for her post card, which arrived today. Its face had a photo of Alaskan grizzlies, which looked for all the world like teddy bears. Vara and Sean have trekked all the way to Fairbanks, Alaska, now, where they will settle while Sean is deployed overseas. Sean is an Army man.

I came across a recipe of Vee’s for spiced pumpkin bread last week and, picturing all her things still in boxes from their cross-country move, I sent it along so she would have something from her store of recipes to make for Sean before he has to leave.

Talitha wrote to ask about our next trip to see Mr. Wickey and I gave her the dates for the proposed trip. When she confirms that she is going, I will write Mr. Wickey and request an appointment for Talitha, Melissa and me.

Finally, I wrote our web guy for our archive site, noting that our date for a telephone conference may well have to be changed, as Gary may be working with Mick on Thursday, when our call was scheduled, rather than Friday. Ian had also noted that the date was iffy because he is doing some renovation of his “this old house” on the outside and his time is not his own while workers are there and decisions are being made. It’s OK to put this conference off a bit, as the subject of the call is what to move to B4, if anything, when B4 launches. It is not yet launched, doggone it! B4's webmaster said two weeeks ago that it was just about there. I am so eager to see it launch!

In the afternoon I went out for errands having to do with Mel’s upcoming birthday celebration on Friday. She asked for box lunches from The Cheddar Box, so I got take-away menus from which we can order. Then I stopped in at Kroger’s Grocery and got a strawberry cake mix and strawberry icing, plus some really good vanilla ice cream so she can have birthday cake and ice cream for her dessert.

I also found a really sweet card and one last present for her, a University of Louisville baseball cap. She is fond of baseball caps and always wears one, often backwards and she's a U of L alumna. It is to be noted that she looks very cute in baseball caps!

I finished my work day by getting into the Alphabet Mosaic material at last! I am so excited about starting on this project for Dana Redfield. First I will edit her text and put together the printed version of her amazing, provocative and unique little book and then I will organize the e-book version, an expanded version containing an appendix for all her art work and another one for memorial material. Dana died a little over a year ago, and I promised her before she departed the fix outbound that I would make sure this book got published. What a joy to keep that promise!

Gary manned the L/L Research helm today and also, very kindly, put up new blinds in my bedroom. The old Roman shades had been destroyed by kitties. Gary cleverly wound the pull cords for the Venetian blinds around high hooks after setting the blinds at the correct height so the cats can no longer chew up the cords. This finishes the refurbishing of my bedroom. Now all my previously grungy horizontal surfaces are newly painted and my window treatment is pristine! Ah, bliss!

Gary joined us for some sci fi and the Gaia Meditation over supper. I offered the closing prayer tonight. Romi was due to visit tonight but could not make it as he felt a bit “off”. Hopefully he will recover very quickly.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Our yo-yo weather was on the upswing today, with temperatures close to 90 F again and the air heavy and humid. After Morning Offering Mick set out for his full day of gardening and mowing. He is mowing less and gardening more these days, as summer wanes and the grass slows its growth. Fortunately his customers use Mick for all sorts of yard and house work, so he stays busy in any weather these days.

I worked on preparing the next issue of Light/Lines this morning. Mick had chosen a session for this issue concerning the chances a busy person has of becoming spiritually mature. I like the choice a lot. it bears good news for the seker! It is certainly relevant these days, with all of us tending towards busy-ness in this ramped-up, intensely technological culture.

In the afternoon I developed and wrote a UPI article on Pat Smith, whose 2-year fund-raiser Mick and I attended last month. Pat was a Habitat for Humanity volunteer whose life ended in a tragic plane crash on August 26, 2006. It was a real pleasure to share a few details of his beautiful life and blessed work for my “Difference Maker” series, of which he is now the seventh subject. I hope to post to this blog each Monday during this next year. It feels like a good start to the work week.

Gary served at Cracker Barrel today and had a great surprise. A customer asked him to get the manager, which he did. When the manager came to the table, the customer said, “I have been coming to Cracker Barrel for many years, and this is the best server I have ever had!” That had to feel good! You go, Gary!

Mick and I rendezvoused for a whirlpool and then a lovely date, sharing a seemingly endless amount of energy and nestling together afterwards in quiet conversation before joining Gary for a late supper and the Gaia Meditation, at which I offered the closing prayer.

Monday, September 08, 2008


It was a beautiful Sabbath day, cool and crisp, and Mick and I spent our respective mornings with our halves of the “cleanliness is next to Godliness” routine. The St. Luke's choir sang “Thy Spirit’s Tether” and a small ensemble offered an original piece by Brench Boden.

Before Mick and I were ten minutes into the first of our two movies in the afternoon, I began falling asleep, so we decided to pause the film and take a nap. An hour and a half later, we viewed The Art of War II: Betrayal, with Wesley Snipes leading the cast as a government agent.

The director had so thoroughly splintered the film into flash-forwards, flash-backs and savage fights in shadows too dark for viewers’ eyes to plumb that I never quite got a handle on the plot. Snipes was eye-catching in excellent costumes and athletic and deft as a martial-arts fighter, and the production values were very good, but the film does not hold together well due to the arty and somewhat pretentious direction.

We popped some corn and viewed our second film, Married Life, starring Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper, Patricia Clarkson and Rachel McAdams. As the title suggests, the film was a cynical look at the relationships of these four people. Though the ensemble was effective and the acting excellent throughout, it was a slight script that trivialized the love between men and women even as it sought to explicate it. I felt slightly soiled after viewing it.

We called Mick’s Mom after supper, and I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation.

Sunday, September 07, 2008


Having badly overslept this morning, I took some of my work time after Morning Offering to write the Camelot Journal and the Holly Journal. Then I tackled the rest of Steve M’s comments on 101, finishing the consideration of them by lunchtime. Or so I thought. Just as I was shutting Jenny Traveller down for the night, I saw that Steve had sent some additional comments on the last forty pages of the book. So the exhilaration of being done, done, done was halted in mid-cheer.

Perhaps if I have some break time tomorrow afternoon, I can consider these last few comments. I would really like to be able to deliver the finished manuscript to Gary by Monday so that he can get started on collecting estimates on printing costs.

Meanwhile, Mick and Gary accomplished their Friday mowing schedule, enjoying the fresh, cool air – the temperature barely reached 80 F today and yesterday’s rain had washed some of the humidity out of the soggy air.

We rendezvoused for lunch and football. Mick did not get to see Nebraska break open a close game over San Jose State and romp to a big victory. He had to settle for watching Ohio versus Ohio State and Miami versus his alma mater's team, the Florida Gators.

I deserted the field in late afternoon to bat away at the e-mail Inbox. I wrote personal notes to Rick, Marcia, Janet, Lana and Ba. Gary and I met for a short planning session, looking at our www.llresearch.org site and discussing what features of that site we may want to move to www.bring4th.org when it launches soon. Then I wrote Ian, our web guy for llresearch, starting to set up a conference call next Tuesday so that when Steve E, the web guy for B4, does launch, we will all be on the same page.

After our bath, we had supper and then welcomed Romi to our first public meeting of the year. It was a silent meditation week and we had a good, leisurely catch-up conversation, talking around the circle, before the meditation itself, and then a fine meditation together.

So starts another season, for us at L/L Research! Don Elkins and I took over the meetings from Hal and Jo P. in 1973, so this is our 36th season! Counting the years we met at the P's, it is our 47th! We incorporated the Gaia Meditation into our silent meditation and I offered the closing prayer.

Saturday, September 06, 2008


What a terrific day! It was not the day Mick had planned, but it was even better! It rained! It rained all morning and misted all the afternoon. Thank you, Hurricane Gustav. So after Morning Offering Mick cleaned the kitchen, did the Saturday errands and transplanted ajuga from the edge of the pet cemetery to the Wuthering Heights rock garden’s alcoves.

Gary did the cooking for the week, producing some fine-looking Asian-flavored fish, mashed potatoes with spinach and a tomato, corn and bean dish. The guys did cut a couple of lawns late in the afternoon, but most of Friday’s mowing will take place tomorrow.

I had a sorry morning of it. Jenny Traveller was all messed up. She would not send e-mail. She took forever to process a command. I eventually went in search of Gary. I should never have wasted two hours in rebooting and otherwise fiddling with Jenny! Somehow, when Gary entered the picture, she started working again. Praise the Lord!

Finally I was able to enter my profile in the UPI blogging site, add my photo and post my first blog entry there. And Justin was as good as his word! As soon as my first blog entry went in, the archive of all 76 of my previous articles showed up. I’m back! It feels good. I think I’ll write about Pat Smith in next Monday's article.

I took the afternoon to begin working through Steve M’s comments on his read-through of 101, which had come in overnight. There was a glitch, unfortunately, which complicated the process. Steve referred to page numbers for his comments, but his page numbers and mine are different. I used the “find” feature of the edit menu to locate almost all of his references, but there were a couple of suggestions I had to discard since I could not find the text to which he referred – not enough surrounding context to do a “find” search on any key word.

Ah well! It is wonderful to see this last step of the long process of readying the book for the printer being accomplished. When Mick called bath time, I had gone through all but three pages of his comments. The rest I shall consider tomorrow. And then the manuscript will be ready for Gary to send to blitzprint.com and lulu.com for their estimates.

After our bath, Mick and I shared a particularly beautiful energy exchange, keeping the tempo deliciously slow and winding the coil of the power between us with infinite sweetness as we moved to the finale at last. I sank down into sleep in the afterglow while Mick watched Democracy Now and a Stargate SG-1 episode.

Gary joined us for supper and the Gaia Meditation, and offered the closing prayer tonight.

Friday, September 05, 2008


Whee! We lucked out today and caught about a quarter-inch of sweet, sweet rain. And the heat was a bit abated as well, rising only to 90 F. Mick enjoyed the change as he did his day’s work after our Morning Offering.

My goal for the day was to write my first UPI article since last October, almost a year ago. I got it written to my satisfaction by mid-afternoon and then created a profile for the UPI blogging site. All of this will soon be duplicated on B4’s blogging page. Gary tells me that Steve E is closer and closer to launching our B4 site! It will be so good to have that up! I think it will enable and support a lot of scattered Law of One seekers by giving them a place to interact.

I tried to post the photo, profile and article but even with Gary’s help I could not. So I attached those three items to an e-mail to Justin, UPI’s blog-site guy, and asked him either to tell me how to post them or to post them for me and tell me how to post further articles.

Gary spent his entire day at the L/L Research Inbox, dealing with a flood of e-mails. He tells me it probably will be Saturday afternoon before he gets it under control. He had to leave it to accumulate for about a week during the run-up to Homecoming.

We particularly enjoyed the Democracy Now, Jon Stewart and Steve Colbert shows tonight. The Republican National Convention comes off as a pack of fools under their deft and accurate reportage. I pray that most Americans see it that way, for McCain is known to have a mighty temper, and I’d as soon his finger was nowhere near the red button!

It is to be noted that although Hurricane Gustav has blown itself out, we still have 3,000 people stuck at Louisville’s Fairgrounds Convention Center, forbidden so far to go back to New Orleans. This city has the wrong nickname. It should be changed to The Big Sleazy. The city “fathers” keep tearing down housing for the poor and not replacing it, using flooding as the excuse. They do not want this population of poor people of color to return. They want to build more upscale and tourist houses, hotels and stores for wealthy preppies. It is so very unfair!

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Thursday, September 04, 2008


The current heat wave peaked today as, after Morning Offering, Mick set out to mow and Gary took Aaron to the airport. I had overslept badly and so worked on my journals while Mel did town chores. Then we went out for errands: a new baby blanket for Wills Rueckert, getting my labs for the month done at LabCorp – and Vickie got me on the first stick, bless her – and an attempt to buy two coffeepots for L/L Research. The latter attempt was a failure, as we liked a model of which there was only one on the shelf at Wal-Mart.

After half an hour of dealing with store officials, we discovered that they absolutely refused to order us another one. They said that they were not able to do this and asked us to go home and make our order from Wal-Mart-on-line. Then, on line, the model was shown as missing from their inventory. The store on line offers only the model we do not like as well since it is not user-friendly at all. This means that volunteers are less likely to be able to help us set up for breakfasts.

I was shocked. When did stores stop being sensitive to customer preferences? When did managers become so completely incompetent? Sheeple, arise! Cast down thine persecutors! Defend thy right to thy choice of percolators!

This was the height of my accomplishments today, as after Mel left and I toddled up to the office, I promptly fell asleep in my chair and awoke only ten minutes or so before Mick came in to suggest an early bath, around 4:30 p.m. So yet another day has slipped away while I recover my ability to stay awake and get to work! I shall have to have another go at working on my first UPI article since last October tomorrow.

Noteworthy was a stray rain shower which cleaned the air and gave us a good half-hour of blessed rainfall while we enjoyed the evening! What a joy to hear the sound of the raindrops on the roof! Mick said, "At least it will settle the dust tomorrow."

I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


As the temperature soared to the mid-nineties F again, after Morning Offering Mick carefully planned his day to include the hardest work first and then the easier mowing work last. He spent close to four hours up on ladders, taking vines away from the columns of a customer's beautiful 200-year-old mansion and also removing them from the chimneys of this fine old home. Then he trimmed bushes and shrubs for her. His plan worked! He came home fairly comfortable, having been able to sit down and ride Fielder and Thetis all afternoon.

I continued to feel as though I were not quite all here, so I read romances and napped all day. I feel very blessed in that I have not contracted any flu or cold, which I am prone to do after a Gathering, I suppose because of the combination of wearing myself out and of having people here from all over the country who inadvertantly carry their area's bugs with them when they come. This time I am just exhausted, and I feel sure I will nap myself back to my usual good energy level soon! I read two of the romance novels Melissa found for me at yard sales and thrift stores. I love to escape into stories with happy endings when I am tired!

I got a lovely letter from Aubine which explained a minor mystery – the disappearance of Jimmy and Kai Rueckert’s baby blanket. My Brother James Heir (Oh, a good pun there!) was sent, I thought, as a gift to celebrate his natal day, but it mistakenly got sent to Aubine K in Igny, France! Big oops! When Aubine thanked me for the second gift, the mystery was solved. I shall have to get little William Rueckert another blanket. This is easily done! and I am glad for Fassely, Aube's grandson, to have two.

Mel and Aaron came down from Avalon after Aaron’s two-day visit there in a very happy mood. Mel showed Aaron all around the place, and Aaron even drove the tractor a bit. She was in alt over the whole experience and raved about Melissa’s kindness and hospitality.

However she came back with a lump under the skin of her calf, and I will breathe more easily when I hear that it is nothing serious. She was engaged in moving some rocks with Melissa, and could have popped a blood vessel doing the heavy work. Aaron’s about my age, a good 25 years older than Mel is, so is naturally a bit more fragile than Melissa, whose slenderness is deceptive, hiding a very wiry, sturdy and dexterous body.

Just as we sat down to a late supper, Romi joined us. It was good to see him. We had prepared a card for him at Homecoming, since everyone missed him. He is usually a fixture of any L/L Research Gathering. The card touched him. He had spent the weekend with his brother, Dushon, up in Ohio near Cleveland, talking with him about future plans for their Mother, who is getting older and more fragile.

She lives in Brno, Czeska, and eventually, when she can no longer cope, Romi will move there to care for her. That will be a sad day for us if it happens. Romi single-handedly keeps all our computers and their network functioning and is always a willing volunteer to complete our channeling circle when we are asked to do private channelings.

Aaron and Mel had started a movie before Mick and I came down for supper, and they finished watching it after we went to bed. Aaron will return to the west coast tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


The day after Homecoming dawned hot and very humid. Thank heavens it was cooler last weekend! I had been wakeful in the night, probably due to the energy deficit I had created in pushing to keep up with things during the weekend, so after Morning Offering I napped for most of the morning, only doing my journals and reading some e-mail around the edges of my rest.

In the afternoon, Jim picked me up for the drive to Shelbyville to cut Steve F’s lawn and I read in the truck while he worked. It was a pretty drive down, but we were sad to see how brown the grass is out that way. Some oaks in that area have started to fire up already!

Mick was just putting his mower on the trailer and picking up his weed-eater for the trimming when we beheld with surprise and delight a vintage ice cream truck coming our way! Shades of early childhood! We indulged in fudge-cicles, eating them as fast as we could so the 94-degree heat did not steal them from us drip by drip.

Aaron was picked up by Melissa around 10:00 a.m. and will stay on Avalon overnight. She was hoping to find some work on Avalon that would help out Mel. I look forward to hearing the news of how that visit went tomorrow.

Gary had a good day at Cracker Barrel, coming home with a generous pocket-full of tips on this Labor Day.

After a good bath to wash away the dust of the day, Mick and I enjoyed a lovely date, our energies swirling together in a beautiful and life-restoring dance. We rejoined Gary for supper and the Gaia Meditation, at which Gary offered the closing prayer. I kept going to sleep all evening even though I’d slept all morning. It was a blessing to come upstairs at bedtime and seek my rest!

Monday, September 01, 2008


The fair weather continued as we held our last day of Homecoming 2008. A pleasant breeze made the humid heat far easier to enjoy as we formed our circle under the open tent in our back yard after Morning Offering.

Gerri G presented a segment on the Biblical figures mentioned in the Confederation channeling which has come through L/L Research from its archives’ beginning in the early ‘70s to 1983. The most frequently mentioned figure is Jesus the Christ – no surprise there! The most frequently used quote is “Ask and ye shall receive.” The group discussion turned to speculation concerning Jesus’ crucifixion and whether it was pre-incarnatively chosen.

Jim McCarty next led a discussion on meditation, asking people about their techniques and their most interesting meditations. None in the group felt that he or she was a good meditator, but most of us do meditate daily, it turns out.

Gary B then presented a segment on the centrality of will and desire in the spiritual process. Gary had prepared an excellent paper, and he read as much of it as he could within his allotted time, leaving the remainder to the perusal of the attendees at a later time. We have much material in our Homecoming 2008 binder which we did not discuss, and the attendees will be able to continue studying these topics at home if they wish. We will post this binder material on line so that everyone may attend the presentations in spirit and imagination!

After lunch Lorena L-O offered a segment on free will as applied to the raising of children. This was a hugely popular topic since just about everyone, including me, had some advice on that subject. The consensus was that guidance is needed, but that it can always be gently and lovingly done.

Nathan L’s turn came next. He offered a moving segment on remembering and being your true self. He included some lovely Christian music as he made his points.

Finally, Leonard G offered a segment on the Confederation channelings’ take on human suffering and its possible justification. He had been drawn to this topic by reading a book in which the author said that the Christian Bible's explanation of the reasons for human suffering did not satisfy him, so Leonard wanted to see whether the Confederation rationale for human suffering came any closer to being satisfactory. At the end of the discussion, the jury was still out on that question!

We closed the Homecoming segments with a discussion of our favorite books. Gary collected these titles as they were offered by the attendees, and the full collection of favorites will be included on line with the curriculum materials. We asked people not to list the Law of One series, since presumably that would make the list very, very redundant. I believe the book most often mentioned as a favorite was Paramhansa Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi.

The attendees had the option of a final channeling session or a free-time period before supper in which to pack and get ready to leave. Although Aaron lobbied hard for having a meditation, the group voted for the free-time option. Throughout the evening, people were leaving and by bedtime only a very few attendees remained. All of those will leave tomorrow except Aaron. She will stay over to visit Avalon and take her plane home on Tuesday.

We enjoyed pizza and Chinese take-away food, both delivered, for our supper and then had the Gaia Meditation. Mick offered the closing prayer. And thus endeth Homecoming 2008! It was a good one! And I was pleased to make it through OK, as my situation was uncomfortable throughout. Thank you, Lord!