Monday, September 29, 2008


The Sabbath dawned sunny and lovely, the air cool and inviting. It was the first Sunday service in months where I did not overheat. We sang Brahms’ “Create in Me, O Lord a Pure Heart” and Brench Boden’s beautiful, jazzy arrangement of “I Will Sing”.

Mick picked me up and brought me back to the spanking-clean house and over lunch, we finally began the films which we were sitting down to watch two weeks ago when the power went out. Our first of two features was The Forbidden Kingdom, a Jackie Chan – Jet Li romp. As always, Chan’s work was athletic and balletic in the numerous fight scenes.

He chose a role for himself that clearly gave him lots of pleasure – a drunken, amiable Kung Fu fighter. Michael Angarand played the hero, a young man who learns Kung Fu in the eponymous Kingdom and then wallops the tar out of his neighborhood’s bullies. It was fun and the production values soared as Chan showed us his country, the city and the countryside both. And the costumes were magnificent!

In the middle of that film, we called a pause because we were falling asleep in our chairs, and had a lovely, leisurely nap together. This is one thing that home viewing has over the big screen! There’s no pause button when you go to the movies!

Then we viewed most of a jerky, cinema verite film called Sister Aimee – The Aimee McPherson Story. I had no objection to the story line, as it was a straightforward film biography of this noted healer and evangelist. And the lead was realized well by Mimi Michaels. But the camera work was just silly. A hand-held camera is used to give one the feeling of being there. However it was a failed idea in this application. We finally abandoned the movie with twenty minutes to go and enjoyed a break before supper.

Gary offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.