Friday, September 26, 2008


I took this mini-vacation day with great pleasure, enjoying the leisure to rest and feel better. My afternoon was spent getting my nails done, my monthly treat since I can no longer be trusted with a nail clipper on my toenails, and I also had a wonderful massage there at Absolutely Salon. Driving back home afterwards, I could see fall color everywhere. Happy Autumn!

After Morning Offering Mick worked in the morning for the customer with the most trees down, finally clearing her acreage – she has an historic, 200-year-old farm – and cutting her grass amidst an amazing cloud of dust. Even in this drought, her yard needed mowing and trimming. In the afternoon, he finished the clearing of smaller debris from another hard-hit customer, bagging the leaves she already had raked into piles and chewing up the rest in fine style with the mulch plate on Fielder, his largest Skag mower.

To polish off a great day of rest for me, I shopped for shoes on-line. I plan to go purple for Christmas this year, coloring my hair a deep shade that I have fancied ever since choosing ruby red last Yuletide. Naturally, I am eager to have coordinating footwear! I was hoping the Goth style would produce more products in that royal shade. No luck yet, though.

This was Gary’s first day back at the helm for L/L Research, and he was swamped with e-mail. He moved a whole lot of mail! He joined Mick and me for a late supper, the Colbert Report and the Gaia Meditation, at which he offered the closing prayer.