Sunday, September 21, 2008


After the rigors of this last week, Mick took it a bit easier today. He cleaned as he went in the kitchen, not trying for so thorough a job as usual because of having no power for the vacuum. In the afternoon he polished up the yard, which was bestrewn with hundreds of the small branch-ends that the seventeen-year locusts had chewn and killed. All summer, these little brown ends had hung up on the trees, especially our big oak tree. The winds of last Sunday had brought most of them down.

Gary had already picked up the big debris in our little acre and used the chain saw where it was needed earlier this week, so once Mick raked and bagged these locust-leavings, he could get at the rest of the little debris and mulch it with the mower. Now our yard is as pretty as are all of Mick’s JLS customers!

I am hung up on my editing projects, waiting for the power to come back on. So I enjoyed a lazy day, reading and reworking recipes. Currently I am reworking biscuit recipes. I just did a dandy recipe for refrigerator-pre-made biscuits made into lemon-glazed breakfast rolls.

We welcomed Romi for the regular L/L Research meditation meeting tonight and had a good talk around the circle and then a silent meditation together. I offered the prayer for the Gaia Meditation as we closed out the silent meditation period.

It was the first relaxing, easy day for Mick since the catastrophic windstorm, and I was very glad to see him take a good nap beside me here in the living room this afternoon! If a man ever deserved a rest, that would be Mick! Hail the conquering hero!

We saw two LG&E men walking on the ground here on our street today, out of their trucks, which is a very good sign! They were looking us over, scoping out the damage. Perhaps soon this period of emergency will be at a good end!