Friday, September 19, 2008


The weather heated up today and left our out-of-power house with an increasingly stuffy interior. After Morning Offering, Mick and Gary headed out into the heat for another killer day of storm debris clean-up for Jim’s Lawn Service's customers du jour. They won through, with five hours of chain-sawing and hauling for one customer and three hours of the same for another. They have done a massive amount of work this week!

As the power company gets into repairs of the local residential customers, as opposed to the services and commercial repairs, they are finding all kinds of unexpected further repairs that need doing, so the chances of our getting power back any time soon here at Camalot are mighty slim. Even in a small power-out emergency, our little village is at the end of the line for getting back on the grid. We are bearing up well, our only real complaint being the coldness of the showers, which is increasing daily.

I completed the editing of Dana Redfield’s introductory text to The Alphabet Mosaics today, with the exception of the Bibliography. Dana’s style of listing is alternative to the one to which I am used, and she omitted many details of publishing information which she apparently ran out of time before nailing. It will take me a while to straighten the Bibliography out, and probably this is not the best time to do so, as it is time-consuming to consult the Library of Congress listings for each book. We are currently operating on dial-up, so I will put that chore off until we regain our power and are back on DSL.

My version of Word 2003 has begun refusing to allow me to save a new document. Gary got my difficulties handled for today, and showed me a way to create documents on the desktop, so I am using his method for now and hoping that Romi can bring everything back into working order on Saturday. All in all, this was a day of resistance for me, with every detail hanging up and refusing to work. So I majored in reading! When all else fails, there is nothing as enjoyable as a low-tech, user-friendly book!

I got a call from BookSurge, who had heard that I was looking for help with marketing 101. However they offer pretty much the same thing as lulu and blitzprint, so I suggested they call back next week, when hopefully we will have power and can do business. Gary is currently getting price quotes from lulu and blitzprint and we will ask BookSurge for the same.

After I had accomplished all I could do with Dana's work I created a good many e-notes. Bob R has had further tough news and faces a lot of doctoring, so I sent him off a note as laden with love and light as I could make it. I think it is very hard to be in pain and isolated. I wish we could visit and cheer him up in person!

I also wrote Terry H concerning a detail of The Law of One Session 99 concerning the necklace I wore during the Ra sessions. It is always interesting to see what will be hard to translate into another language.

All in all, I responded to sixteen e-mail notes. It felt good to bat back the ever-burgeoning Inbox and to touch in with beloved friends.

My left side has settled into a zone of discomfort that is a bit easier than it was, while remaining such that I must work in short bursts and then rest. It is a good discipline for me. Patience is a wonderful aspect of the spiritually mature character and I am getting more than my share of practice with it. Thank you, Lord!

Gary offered a particularly good prayer at the close of the Gaia Meditation tonight, asking that we always remember where the real power is! Amen and Alleluiah!