Thursday, September 11, 2008


It was a clement day, never quite reaching 80 F, which was much appreciated by Mick as he went about his work after Morning Offering. As for me, I had overslept and had to write my journals in the morning work time. I also wrote to Mr. Wickey asking for appointments for Melissa, Talitha and me on November 4th, the Tuesday after our next Channeling Intensive. I made reservations at the Auburn Inn for the 3rd and was able to reserve the same rooms we had the last time we three went up into the Indiana hinterlands to visit the Wickeys.

Chee of the Cosmic Lighthouse e-zine wrote to ask permission to use my column on Pat Smith in their next issue, which delighted me. It is so good to see the new writing being used already!

I went to a late morning appointment with my GP, Dr. A. I wanted to check the three prescriptions she has for me, one for high cholesterol, one for high blood pressure and one for low thyroid. All three of these medications show shortness of breath as a possible side-effect. She stopped the cholesterol medication completely and changed the blood pressure medication. About the thyroid prescription, there are no real alternatives, as all such medications do precisely the same thing in the same way. I will check my other medications with the two other doctors prescribing them soon.

She also gave me a prescription for a generator. This will help allay the cost of purchasing one. Since our power goes out regularly in this heavily forested village, having a generator will help save money in terms of spoiled food and the costs of eating out when we have no power. When one is in some chronic discomfort, as I am, losing power often means increased physical discomfort. If it is hot weather, the heat spawns lots of mold and mildew, to which I am very allergic. If it is cold outside, my rheumatoid conditions object to the damp chill in the house. So this will help my comfort level a lot.

Dr. A then sent me directly to the hospital in the same medical complex as her office building to have a CT scan of my heart and lungs. She is concerned about the intensification of this shortness of breath which I am experiencing and all the accompanying symptoms. I’ll find out the results of the test in a couple of weeks when I see her again.

It was a grueling afternoon, since I had not had lunch. It was 5:30 before I got home! Had I known ahead of time that I would be in the hospital, I would have been able to arrange for someone to push my wheel chair, and the experience would have been much more pleasant. The hospital sprawls across a wide area and the walking I needed to do in order to get to the CT section crowded my abilities far beyond the comfort limit. However the staff was kind enough to provide me with a wheelchair ride for the trek back to my car, which was a signal blessing.

It was wonderful to arrive back home and have a good bath with Mick. Then I was off to choir practice. Then it was a late supper with Mick and Gary, pleasant conversation and the Gaia Meditation, at which Mick offered the closing prayer.

Gary has recently visited with a psychic and he tells me that a mutual friend, visiting this same woman, asked about L/L Research. She replied that our Gaia Meditations are very important for Planet Earth! That was good to hear.