Sunday, September 07, 2008


Having badly overslept this morning, I took some of my work time after Morning Offering to write the Camelot Journal and the Holly Journal. Then I tackled the rest of Steve M’s comments on 101, finishing the consideration of them by lunchtime. Or so I thought. Just as I was shutting Jenny Traveller down for the night, I saw that Steve had sent some additional comments on the last forty pages of the book. So the exhilaration of being done, done, done was halted in mid-cheer.

Perhaps if I have some break time tomorrow afternoon, I can consider these last few comments. I would really like to be able to deliver the finished manuscript to Gary by Monday so that he can get started on collecting estimates on printing costs.

Meanwhile, Mick and Gary accomplished their Friday mowing schedule, enjoying the fresh, cool air – the temperature barely reached 80 F today and yesterday’s rain had washed some of the humidity out of the soggy air.

We rendezvoused for lunch and football. Mick did not get to see Nebraska break open a close game over San Jose State and romp to a big victory. He had to settle for watching Ohio versus Ohio State and Miami versus his alma mater's team, the Florida Gators.

I deserted the field in late afternoon to bat away at the e-mail Inbox. I wrote personal notes to Rick, Marcia, Janet, Lana and Ba. Gary and I met for a short planning session, looking at our site and discussing what features of that site we may want to move to when it launches soon. Then I wrote Ian, our web guy for llresearch, starting to set up a conference call next Tuesday so that when Steve E, the web guy for B4, does launch, we will all be on the same page.

After our bath, we had supper and then welcomed Romi to our first public meeting of the year. It was a silent meditation week and we had a good, leisurely catch-up conversation, talking around the circle, before the meditation itself, and then a fine meditation together.

So starts another season, for us at L/L Research! Don Elkins and I took over the meetings from Hal and Jo P. in 1973, so this is our 36th season! Counting the years we met at the P's, it is our 47th! We incorporated the Gaia Meditation into our silent meditation and I offered the closing prayer.