Tuesday, September 02, 2008


The day after Homecoming dawned hot and very humid. Thank heavens it was cooler last weekend! I had been wakeful in the night, probably due to the energy deficit I had created in pushing to keep up with things during the weekend, so after Morning Offering I napped for most of the morning, only doing my journals and reading some e-mail around the edges of my rest.

In the afternoon, Jim picked me up for the drive to Shelbyville to cut Steve F’s lawn and I read in the truck while he worked. It was a pretty drive down, but we were sad to see how brown the grass is out that way. Some oaks in that area have started to fire up already!

Mick was just putting his mower on the trailer and picking up his weed-eater for the trimming when we beheld with surprise and delight a vintage ice cream truck coming our way! Shades of early childhood! We indulged in fudge-cicles, eating them as fast as we could so the 94-degree heat did not steal them from us drip by drip.

Aaron was picked up by Melissa around 10:00 a.m. and will stay on Avalon overnight. She was hoping to find some work on Avalon that would help out Mel. I look forward to hearing the news of how that visit went tomorrow.

Gary had a good day at Cracker Barrel, coming home with a generous pocket-full of tips on this Labor Day.

After a good bath to wash away the dust of the day, Mick and I enjoyed a lovely date, our energies swirling together in a beautiful and life-restoring dance. We rejoined Gary for supper and the Gaia Meditation, at which Gary offered the closing prayer. I kept going to sleep all evening even though I’d slept all morning. It was a blessing to come upstairs at bedtime and seek my rest!