Wednesday, August 27, 2008


After Morning Offering Mick set out upon his day’s schedule of mowing and gardening while I came upstairs and worked on quotes pages for Allen F and Tom C. I was thrilled to get them done, as I knew my afternoon was going to be crowded and I thought, only one more search to do today and I am on track.

Melissa spent her morning greatly to our benefit! She treated our lawn for chiggers again. That second treatment should mean that our lawn is now fairly safe for our attendees as we sit under our open tent in our Homecoming circle. Kudos, Mel!

When Gary told me at lunch that Allen and Tom had both called in to say that they were not going to be coming after all, I was crestfallen to say the least. How could it be! I could have howled! My morning's work was entirely wasted!

In the afternoon Melissa and I worked together on the food I promised to bring to the choir supper tomorrow night – potato skins and a rum cake. We left the skins unbaked so that we can bake them up nice and toasty right before the choir supper and have them be fresh. They look so good! So does the cake! We finished around 5 p.m., after which Mick and I bathed.

I explained my predicament to my beloved mate and we arranged for me to have two evening work periods tonight, one from 7:00 to 8:00 and one from 9:00 to whenever. This worked very well, and I collected quotes for Steve T and Jeremy W, finishing around 10:30 p.m. I must admit that the long day gave me an unaccustomed headache, but that was a tiny price to pay for the feeling of relief I felt when I managed to cut my work-to-do from four quote collections to two!

Then Gary, who was manning the L/L Research Inbox late today, came up to tell me that we had another cancellation, for a very sad reason – Gene T is in ICU! His wife called to cancel. What amazingly tough luck for him! I asked Gary to let him know that our prayers are with him, as they are with Bob R, who is similarly unable to be here because of health problems. Since Gene and Bob were the two people whose quote collections I still had to do, it would seem that suddenly I was finished with the quote collecting work.

Bob, however, did write Gary and ask him to request of me that I give his presentation for him. So the situation resolved itself. I have exactly one quote search left to do tomorrow, Bob’s. And I will be happy to offer his presentation, which is on the subject of moving into cooperation with the new paradigm of love and unity as fourth density rolls in.

I am so relieved, because I can do that one search tomorrow morning! And then I will be free to enjoy my afternoon of spiffing up my nails and getting a massage and then going right into the bath and the evening’s choir party. Whee!

Now that the concern that I will be able to finish this work is allayed, I can look with immense satisfaction over the fascinating bunch of topics which will be offered at this Homecoming. I really feel that the energy of all the attendees being involved in offering some of their concerns and the gifts of their processes will make this the best Homecoming ever. I can feel the intensity building.

I joined Jim and Gary for the Gaia Meditation, at which Mick gave the closing prayer.