Sunday, August 17, 2008


After Morning Offering I worked on my scrapbook, only to find, after I had done four pages, that I was working from the back of a scrapbook dedicated strictly to MacDuffie matters. My whole morning had been devoted to a big mistake. However, since the rest of the MacDuffie scrapbook pages will be my update letters, it’s OK. I removed the sheets on which I’d carefully placed my mementos and will tape them, whole, into the new scrapbook, which Mick got me when he went out for errands late this afternoon.

So I spent the rest of my working day reading Papa’s Journals. I learned from him today that chimpanzees are divided into the common chimp, whose habitat is north of the Congo River and whose society is aggressive and confrontational, and the bonobo or gracile chimpanzee, whose habitat is south of the Congo River and whose society is matriarchal and given to displays of sexual play when in tense situations. Make love, not war! Papa suggests that STO types source the DNA of the bonobo, while STS folks choose the common chimp DNA. Both genomes are 98% the same as humans’.

I am a bonobo-sourced human, definitely!

Mick’s day was full of good deeds, from cleaning the kitchen to restocking our front-yard fish pond, which has lately been depleted by a blue heron, to seeing to the depositing of gravel on our driveway. Mick makes everything better!

We were treated to a delicious dinner after our bath by Romi, safely home at last from Czeska. He took us to Limestone Restaurant. We conversed the night away, enjoying having Romi home and also enjoying a handsome dinner. I had two of my favorite dishes, steak and lobster bisque. Yum!

Gary was at the L/L Research helm today and gave me hard copies of all the Homecoming attendees’ presentation papers so that, come Monday, I can begin accumulating some good quotes from our channeling archives for our packet.