Friday, August 08, 2008


After Morning Offering Mick departed on his rounds of mowing and gardening. It had rained overnight and the temperature and humidity were both blessedly abated by the showers. This was the day for two of his largest-acreage mowing jobs and I only saw him again at bath time.

My morning was taken up by a very good telephone conversation with our web guy. We solved the protocol problem to our mutual satisfaction and then went on to chew over deeper matters, moving gradually from topics related to our work together to more abstract philosophical considerations – what is truth; what is knowledge; are there parallel universes. It was the perfect day for this leisurely conversation, as my Great Office Clean-Up can easily wait a day!

The conversation ended right at the time Mel and I had agreed to go on our round of errands. The day moved smoothly ahead through a lengthy search for new bathroom rugs for the upstairs and downstairs baths and a welcome mat for Sugar Shack, Mel's domain on Avalon. I finally chose simple, solid-color rugs for both baths, blue for the upstairs and lime green for the downstairs. I also came away from Kohl’s excellent sale with three new pairs of flip-flops in colors I lacked, pink, aqua and deep brown. Mel found a great welcome mat, a simple rooster design on a semi-circular mat with great traction.

We went paint-hunting for the touch-up project in my bedroom, but Mel was not satisfied with the prices and will look elsewhere tomorrow. And we stopped by Office Max for pens and post-it notes.

Mel and I chewed over the question of further repairs on Moonshine, Avalon’s newly donated farm truck. Altogether the fixes would cost $1300.00, which L/L Research simply doesn't have. Mel will look further into prioritizing the long list of needed repairs. Fortunately she can make do with the vehicle as it is. It just lacks flashers, a horn and has system-wide electrical problems, plus a leaking brake cylinder.

She suggested calling the truck in to a local radio station that specializes in swaps and trades among its listeners, offering to trade it even for a smaller truck with four-wheel drive. Moonshine is a large utility model, but it does not have the four-wheel drive that would make it handier on our steep access road.

Gary and I sat down with four more of the Homecoming attendees’ suggestions for their presentations and topics for discussion, all of which sound fascinating. He and I worked to make suggestions as to which of several topics to choose for the main focus for three of the four attendees. I am so happy about this! The Homecoming will just burst with all of this creative energy on the part of the people coming and sharing. And I will have about a week from now to wind up my office chores before settling in to create the q’uotes which will accompany our curriculum.

This summer is spending itself with delightful rhythm in my working life. After Homecoming, I shall be ready to take up more substantive projects, enjoying the mental peace of no office back-up! Only the e-mail’s constant build-up remains to challenge me! It is like housework in that it always needs doing!

I do try to do some each day. Today I finished out my work day by writing Terry H, a stalwart Law of One scholar who has accomplished translating all five books of TLOO into Chinese! He wrote to inquire concerning our need for funds, and I was glad to reply that we did indeed have a temporary shortage. He responded quite shortly with a handsome donation, and we thank you, Terry!

Several other generous souls have also chosen this time to donate, and I can see now that we will make it through to Homecoming, where we will generate more funds from the attendee fees. We’ll have a Board meeting on August 20th to discuss this shortage and also the question of just how to proceed with publishing my new 101 book. The annual fund drive won’t start up until October.

One of our Board members, Tiffani, will be married tomorrow. I can imagine that she could not resist the date! 8-8-08 is pretty special! I'm thinking about you, Tiff, and wishing you and Ryan the very best!

Gary joined us for Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report. Mick offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.