Wednesday, July 30, 2008


It was a slow and languid day for me, much like the steam-bath weather outside. Janet F. stopped by with five boxes of books to donate to the L/L Research Metaphysical Library and stayed to chat until lunch time. So after Morning Offering my morning was devoted to relationships, and that’s the right priority.

In the afternoon, I wrote my journals and did a bit of e-mail. Jude R wrote with questions about the status of The Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues, and I answered her, noting that we are at pause until Steve M finishes reworking the session summaries in the Table of Contents.

I wrote Ian concerning my experiences with the new features on, telling him there were no glitches whatever and that it recognized me when I logged on and called me by my user name, kindly informing me as to what had been added to the site since I last visited.

And I forwarded a very upbeat video clip from Tony Robbins speaking on MSNBC to Janet, since it was quite synchronistic with our conversation of the morning. That address is He has good things to say about the coming of 2012.

Then I embarked on another item on my Great office Clean-Up List, gathering some good hymns for children from my various hymn books – I collect hymn books, as I love a good hymn better than sweet wine! I got partially done before bath time. Maria R has asked that I send her some, as she is trying to lead a children's choir and has no funds for song books.

We had a real disappointment today. Various fans of the Law of One material like Gary B, Toby W and Jeremy W would not be disappointed at all, as they thought selling a book by infomercial was tacky. However Mick and I were thrilled at the thought of selling Living the Law of One 101: the Choice on TV, as it promised publicity, something I have never managed to gain any skill at garnering on my own.

But Bill Hay called and said that he no longer felt that it was a good idea to do this. This puts us back at square one on selling the book. We will self-publish it, but we have no idea how to advertise it, beyond making the people on our mailing list know that it is available. We can only hope for good word of mouth.

Sigh! I had this fantasy where one of my books finally created a solid income stream so that I could hire Gary and Mick full-time for L/L Research and have Mick retire from the lawn care business and Gary could retire from serving at Cracker Barrel. I’ll keep the fantasy! It is a good one.

Meanwhile, Mick slogged through the heat and humidity and got all his mowing done. He’s hardened to the heat from working in it all the time, and he hydrates himself with gallons of water and Fierce. So he was doing well. Then he climbed up on a high ladder and cleaned a customer’s gutters. Since heat rises, you better believe that was hot work! It finally got him, and he came home, did his daily equipment maintenance and had a restorative nap before bath time.

I asked Gary to schedule an L/L Board meeting so that we can share our news – that we are low on donations, and that we now have a new book to produce and sell – and find some solutions. And I am happy to report that we have a bit over a month of money for fees, not a bit over a week. I goofed and reported things as being worse than they are. It’s good news! We still need the donations, but it is no longer a crisis! Whew! Praise the Lord!

I offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.