Wednesday, July 23, 2008


More rain had fallen overnight, which gets our area back into the comfort zone. We shall not need to water for a week or so! It is great to have the rains still coming, this late in the summer. Some years, this is a draughty time. Mick had one shower to mow through in the early afternoon, but otherwise his day went well.

I am pursuing the Great Office Clean-up and after Morning Offering I spent the early hours finishing my snail mail correspondence. Now that felt great! I ran myself out of stamps up here in the upstairs office and felt triumphant!

After lunch I re-did my to-do list and after perusing it, decided to catch up the e-mail first, before tackling any remaining items, since the Inbox included requests from Ian for decisions regarding the disposition and labeling of materials taking place in the Channeling Intensives, plus mail from Jude regarding the A/Q material. All in all, I responded to ten letters.

I intended to work with Maria R’s request that I find some good hymns for children, but inadvertently changed plans by napping in my chair. This was a blessing, although certainly not efficient of me, as I have been sore of tummy today and the rest helped.

After discussion, Mick and I decided to look further into having a generator hooked into our house's power system. Our power goes out with some frequency due to our virtually living in a forest. Branches can fall on the lines even when there is no storm! And this has happened to us twice recently. The cost of such outages mounts up quickly. In the long run, it might be smart to get a generator. Gary volunteered to look into it, stating with succinct truth that it would be sweet!

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.