Saturday, July 19, 2008


I did it! Today is the day that, for 10 precious minutes, I had an empty Inbox. After Morning Offering I came upstairs and worked until 2:33 by the clock, stopping briefly for lunch. I wrote a total of 31 e-mails today! It felt so good to crack the backed-up e-mail at last!

I spent the rest of the afternoon compiling a fresh to-do list for cleaning up all the hard-copy office piles. I went through those suspiciously tall piles of paper and sorted them into letters to write and chores to do. I wrote it all down, and then began to tick items off the list. I got all the way through item 2!

Meanwhile, Mick and Gary powered through their Friday mowing. Then Gary mowed our grass while Mick went back to St. Luke’s to finish the cutting there. They had been unable to complete the job earlier in the day because of the children arriving for summer bible camp. And then they polished off their afternoon’s work with Mick doing his weekly equipment maintenance and Gary cooking curried chicken and rice and a vegetable dish.

Mick and I came together at eventide for our bath and then a date, exchanging energy with great love and thanking the Creator. Then we came downstairs to enjoy dinner and a block of Star Gate SG-1 and Star Gate Atlantis episodes. Gary offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.