Friday, July 11, 2008


On this picture-perfect day, with temperatures gradually rising to 90 but with low humidity and abundant sunshine, after Morning Offering Mick worked his way through his mowing schedule and then finished the complex hedge-clipping job he had begun yesterday. He came home tired but happy, pleased with his developing deftness in hedge trimming, which he says is an art.

Meanwhile I continued my office clean-up, still working on the Inbox. I wrote a dozen personal e-mails, thanking people for their forwards, responding to questions and generally sharing energy with my beloved friends.

The highlight of the day was a surprise e-mail from a friend of Don Elkins’ whom I had not seen since the mid-seventies, Frank O. He thought of our work and just had to make contact, he says. It was terrific to hear from him.

He was with Don when Don flew to Giant Rock to meet George Van Tassel, the builder of the Integratron, and also George Adamski, another early contactee. The Integratron was supposed to be an age-reversal machine. However it did not work. It looked, Don said, like a giant chicken coop.

Frank was also the witness to Don’s arm turning blue one night during meditation, when Don was astonished to find his own arm moving, quite involuntarily, rapidly up and down as it lay on the chair arm. Later channeling indicated that ETs were “winding his coil”, as he had grown low on energy. The Elk loved to tell that story to illustrate the high strangeness factor in doing research into UFOs.

During the afternoon Gary heard from Bob R that Bob had rejected our proposal for a Williamsburg gathering. The problem here is basically money. An event like this requires a good bit of pre-production. Space in a hotel must be rented and so forth. Since L/L Research has not proposed this gathering or chosen the topic and venue, we are not willing to foot those bills. Usually the sponsor of such a gathering takes responsibility for the pre-production costs and then reaps his profit from attendee fees. It may be that Bob turns the gathering into an event for William Henry only. Henry is a good speaker and I certainly recommend the conference to any who are interested.

I am relieved not to be doing an additional gathering this October, for we will just have come through Homecoming 2008, over Labor Day weekend, and will be looking forward to the third Channeling Intensive in early November. It will be good for me to rest up between those two events.

I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.