Wednesday, July 02, 2008


It was again a halcyon day, although warming up almost to 90 F. I had just finished my journals and written Jude R, OK-ing copy editing changes Steve M had suggested in A/Q, when the power went out at 9:15. I went downstairs where it is naturally cooler and worked on the hard copy of the next issue of our Light/Lines Newsletter until it was time for Dianne and I to go out for lunch.

Meanwhile, after Morning offering, Mick set out on his round of mowing and gardening, getting his jobs done and then cutting our Camelot grass as a fine finish to his work day! What a guy!

Gary spent his working day packaging and shipping out a large number of mail orders and then working on an even more massive number of e-mails coming in to L/L Research.

Dianne and I had a great time eating at the Napa River Grill and then exploring the new shops at Norton Commons, which is quite close to us, in towards Louisville off 146 at Lyndon Lane. They have done a marvelous job of transforming the defunct Camelot Shopping Center into a visually gorgeous and fun collection of galleries, boutiques and restaurants. We shall return, we vowed, and visit more of the shops - and dine well again, too. Yum!

When we returned, the power was back on – and why it had gone off in the middle of a day of still wind and ample sunshine is a mystery – and I gratefully returned to Jenny Traveller. I love my computer! I got the newsletter and comments finalized for Light/Lines and sent that off to Ian, who will publish the newsletter on-line.

Then I wrote to George Green, asking him if he would be interesting in teaching with me in October at the Williamsburg “Time of Awakening II” Gathering. He is responsible for the Handbook for the New Paradigm channeling and that work is congruent with our own channeling on the subject, so it is a good fit. I hope he agrees!

Diane B from FATE Magazine wrote asking for our Picasso Don Quixote logo so she could give us a free advertisement, I presume in the same issue in which their interview with me, which I gave to Phyllis at the International UFO Congress last February, is run. I asked Gary to send that to her. How generous of them to offer that publicity! Thanks, Diane and Phyllis!

Then I chatted with Steve M by e-mail. He is responding to the reading of A/Q which he is conscientiously doing in order to amend our session summaries in that volume’s Table of Contents. He commented on the material’s richness and depth. He is now about 2/3rds done with the reading and promised that he would keep working as he commutes to finish that reading. He is eager to get back to 101, which is now ready for his FINAL read-through.

Mick and I rendezvoused for a lovely, quiet evening of whirlpooling together and then enjoying a block of Star Trek: Enterprise over dinner. I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.