Saturday, June 28, 2008


As the sun shone bright on our old Kentucky home, Mick and Gary set out after Morning Offering to dance with the lawn and garden devas of Anchorage. They came home in mid-afternoon flush with triumph. Mick spent the rest of his work day doing weekly maintenance on his ladies and gentleman mowers and other equipment. Gary finished out his day cooking, producing a turkey ready to roast, potatoes ready to bake and the realization of an asparagus recipe which I recently reworked. I am eager to taste it and see how it came out.

Meanwhile I met Bob R for a planning meeting on the October Gathering at Williamsburg. Melissa joined us, as Bob also wanted to get the details squared away on his donation of a truck to the Avalon branch of L/L Research. We worked over lunch at Lynn’s Paradise Café, a fun restaurant which I knew would tickle Bob, who greatly enjoys restaurants and loves to eat.

Mel spent the rest of her day split between finishing the painting in my bedroom and the project of changing the gardening door in the garage. My shelves and cabinets are now restored, my broken curtain is now mended and the room is just splendid! Mel also got a coat of primer on the garage's garden room door before the planning meeting and the first coat of paint on it afterwards. She spent the rest of her time working at the computer on research on her new chicks.

As for me, I continued reading through 101, getting within 50 pages of the end!

Mick and I had a most revitalizing date after our bath and then snoozed and chatted in the afterglow until suppertime, which we shared with Mel. Then we offered the Gaia Meditation, with me praying at the end, before Mel headed back to Avalon with her chicks.