Thursday, July 10, 2008


After Morning Offering, Jim set out for a long day’s work, mowing all his customers and then taking on the trimming of a complex series of hedges for a customer with a very intricately planted yard. He got more than half of that chore done today and says he shall attempt to finish the job tomorrow.

Meanwhile I spent the day working on The Great Office Clean-up, focusing on e-mail. I started the day with sending to Gary all the topics that were requested by last year’s Homecoming attendees on their way out of that fine Gathering. We’re in the process of forming the curriculum for Homecoming 2008, and I would like to get going on creating the study guide to accompany our discussions soon. Hopefully, more attendees will chime in with their preferred topics in the next week or two. So far we have meditation, insight/intuition, polarity and witnessing as topics. It is a fine start.

In the course of responding to personal e-mail I ran across an interesting web site for kongen water. Check it out if you like at It seems to be a very good product – water that has been processed to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. In my quest for becoming more physically comfortable, this water seems to be a very promising resource. The gadget that creates the water looks like a coffeemaker, so apparently there is a distilling process involved. However, whereas distilled water is acidic, kongen water is alkaline.

Gary had sent me a request for more information after I asked him to hunt up my song-and-story version of The Journey. All in all, I wrote four stories, with song lyrics, for gifts to my parents back in the seventies. Then my brother Tommy put the songs to music and sang them with me as well as reading parts of the stories.

In addition to The Journey, there was Engelbert and Stella – the Christmas story seen through the eyes of a cow and a donkey – Jenny, the story of a Christmas tree angel, and This is the Day, a story revolving around Easter themes. The only story-and-songs we have transcribed so far is Jenny. I would like to get the other three stories/songs transcribed and put them up on our archive site in text and audio versions. So I set Gary to hunting up those old audiocassette tapes.

I also wrote a very short article about how the 1955 Picasso sketch of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza came to be L/L Research’s logo. Gary had asked for that a few days ago, and I got to that writing today.

Ian wrote to say that the archive site now has an options page, so that people can choose how they see our site. So far he has rigged it for various font choices. Now he is working on offering color choices, so people can decorate the site as they prefer. I think it is a great idea! Please go and play with it! And let him know if anything misbehaves, so he can work out any glitches.

Altogether I responded to 16 people, cutting the Inbox down to only 28 people with perhaps 50 e-mails – some correspondents are fond of forwarding interesting articles, jokes or inspirational writing, so I have a good bit of listening and reading to do in some cases before responding to the correspondent. I honor the practice of forwarding information and inspiration. We are all busy people and when we run across something that reminds us of a friend’s interest, it is only natural to want to send it along, even if we do not have time to write a letter to go with the forward.

After the e-mail is brought up to date, I have some awesomely tall stacks of items on my desk to deal with, so I am thrilled to have a few days of uninterrupted time in which to get this clean-up done. There are creative and editing projects awaiting this clean-up but I would like to get current with the small stuff before starting another big project. Thank heavens for this little bit of time before I need to take up Homecoming preparation and other projects.

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.