Friday, July 04, 2008


As the humidity intensified and sunshine flirted with clouds, after Morning Offering Mick and Gary hustled through their Friday jobs a day early, since an extreme likelihood of rainy weather all day tomorrow is predicted. They got all the jobs cut in good time and Jim finished his day by doing his weekly maintenance on his equipment. Gary finished his day by putting in some office time.

I have officially begun another Great Office Clean-up! I made appointments today for getting my teeth cleaned, getting a mole on my lower appendage removed that has changed color, and seeing Dr. June. I got tickets for the seven of us going to St. Luke’s day at the Louisville Bats, our local baseball team, on July 20th, when our choir will offer the national anthem before the game. They have a wheelchair section, and they have 2 seats there for Mick and me, with the other five people seated one row down from us in regular seats. And I recorded an appointment to have my hair cut next week which I had neglected to record earlier.

Then I took off to take my choir robe to the cleaners, get a new nail clipper and give blood for the month’s lab tests.

In the afternoon I edited the personal channeling session for Yelena G and sent that off to our web guy to put up on site. That empties my editing folder except for a transcript of The Journey, a music CD we offer, featuring my songs put to my brother, Tommy’s, music. That transcript has lain there for months because it is not close enough to right for me to correct. I wrote those songs in the 1970s and I don’t remember the words any more. So I asked Gary to find me the original tape. I can listen to that, perhaps, and correct wrong words and fill in the many blanks.

Mick and I had a lovely date after our whirlpool and enjoyed a quiet evening thereafter. Gary offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation.