Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Mick was dodging rain just about all day, with a sharp, heavy shower at 10 in the morning and drizzle all afternoon, but he worked around the raindrops and got everything done in good time, somehow!

After Morning Offering, I found that the transcript of my teaching session on tuning at Channeling Intensive 2 last month had found its way to my Inbox. I worked on it and by bath time, it was edited and sent in to our web guy. What a joy to have that final session in hand! Thank you, Aaron T, for a double-speedy job on transcribing that!

I heard back from Barbara B, the literary agent (as opposed to Barbara B, my co-channel for Aaron/Q’uo) concerning the time it takes for a literary submission to be considered. Apparently, time flows slowly in the publishing business. She advised me to give the publisher a full two months before inquiring further. I let Ba, Jude and Steve know that. And I cleaned up one remaining editing question on that fine manuscript.

Steve M also had written some musings to me about a possible project he was interested in tackling after his upcoming retirement, and as it had similarities to thoughts of my own, I took some time in late afternoon to talk by e-mail with him about the concept of an on-line store which offers many links to good vendors of the New Age area besides ourselves. He had noticed that there really is not a trustworthy source on the web for evaluating such vendors and felt that such a site might be helpful to seekers. I think so too!

After our whirlpool, Mick and I experienced what has to be the single most amazing energy exchange of our lifetime! We were struck silent by the majesty of it! Thank you, Lord! I have the feeling the Lord was thanking us as well!

I passed a tiny milestone today, reworking my last recipe in the vegetable section of the database. Now, no matter what Mick decides to choose for his weekly menu – protein, starches and vegetables – all the recipes are reworked! The bulk of the database, with its many categories of foods, from appetizers to desserts, still remains for me to rework. And I have not yet worked with the beef, pork and lamb recipes in the "meats' folder, since Mick never chooses them, preferring turkey, chicken and fish. But it is a good feeling to know that now all the recipes I have lovingly collected over the years for our most used categories are available in their refurbished form.

I offered the prayer at the close of the Gaia Meditation tonight.