Thursday, July 17, 2008


It was my birthday today and I had a lovely day of it! After Morning Offering I came upstairs to try to gain on the e-mail. I did well at that, reading or viewing and then deleting 13 “forwards” and responding to eight e-letters including a darling e-card from Jean-Claude K.

Mick got an early start on his morning’s work, and by 12:30 he was ready to head down to Shelbyville to cut Steve F’s grass. Gary very kindly offered to come with Mick and help him mow that big place, which meant that the job was done in half the time! I went along just for the drive and hung out in the car, reading. Mick and I had time to take our whirlpools and lounge upstairs before getting dressed up and going to Volare’s Restaurant for dinner.

Mick gave me a whole box-full of clothing in my new and larger size. We had arranged it so that I selected some very-best buys from a deep on-line sale at Draper’s and Damon’s. Then he wrapped them and I conveniently forgot about them. It was a wonderful bunch of clothing and I can’t wait to try everything on! I also received a lovely bracelet from Pupie H-B and a cowgirl shirt and some cash from Mom McCarty. And from Gary, I received a ticket to the upcoming Dave Matthews/Willie Nelson concert. Mick got the matching ticket on his birthday.

It was an entirely satisfactory 65th Earth Day! I blew out the candles - a taactful 7 of them - on the sweet little cake Mick had bought and gave profound thanks for all.

Mick offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.