Tuesday, July 22, 2008


After Morning Offering Mick set out to mow between the raindrops, getting thoroughly soaked once but finishing his work for the day in good style. I wrote thank you notes in the morning. Then Melissa and I went out for a planning session at O’Charley’s.

We chewed through the issue of tires and rims for our newly donated Dodge Ram truck. It currently has very bad tires and they all need to be replaced. The current rims are 16.5s, a non-standard size, which makes the tires quite a bit more expensive. It would be logical to buy new rims in the standard size, which is 16. However the truck has over 100,000 miles on it. And the current rims are in good shape. It’s a close call. It is also expensive, either way! But the truck will be a blessing for Melissa on Avalon Farm. It is a big, sturdy workhorse.

We also decided to put off our annual picnic on Avalon until the leaves are turning and it is a bit cooler.

I then spent the remainder of my afternoon at the skin doctor’s, where I waited for over an hour before finally seeing the doctor. I had two moles removed that had sprung up over the past few months. I suppose they are evidence of my childhood summers, where I swam and played in the sun without worrying about getting too tanned. I never lay out and invited a tan; I was just an active child who loved the outdoors. Today, more is known about the sun’s tendency to produce skin cancers and a child’s skin is usually treated with sunscreen before outdoor play in the summer sun.

Mick and I came together for a bath and then a date, sharing vast waterfalls of energy and feeling very blessed. We shared some dinner with Melissa and Gary before she left for Avalon. Gary offered the prayer at the Gaia Meditation.