Saturday, July 26, 2008


After Morning Offering, Mick and Gary went into the bright, Edenic sunshine to do their big day, coming home triumphantly early, a bit before 2 p.m. Gary spent the rest of his work day creating our food for next week while Mick did his weekly maintenance on his mowers and other lawn equipment and then worked in the yard until bath time.

I had a very slow day of it, being still unwell. I had the White Castle burgers for lunch as planned but this time, they did not have the desired result. However, I finished the editing on Channeling Circle session 7, which was recorded on June 8th during the second Channeling Intensive. It was the weakest session the Circle has done, to the point that I footnoted it, as some information therein does not gibe with the 1500 or so other sessions collected by L/L Research over more than 30 years. However this is to be expected with new channels.

The question had to do with the discernment of spirits, and there was a heavy bias on the part of several channels in the group towards recognizing the spirit without the need to challenge. There is always the need to challenge: this I have learned from hard-earned experience as well as from the channeling received. I believe we will do more story-telling at the next Intensive before tackling more informational questions.

I heard from Lana L-B that she likes my idea for framing the book she will begin writing in August. She had told me that her problem with writing this book, in previous failed attempts, was that her basic in-your-face personality, which is a wonderful, sparkling thing, got in her way. She would want to embrace the reader with wisdom but found herself getting sarcastic and basically shouting at the reader to wake up. I suggested that she create two roles, the wise teacher who could embrace her children while offering her highest and best wisdom and her rowdy student, who was naturally sarcastic and tended to rant. I really hope it works for her.

I heard from Romi today that he will stay another two weeks with his Mom in Czeska, as she is having tummy troubles on top of her recent hip replacement surgery. I wrote to ask him about our BBS Radio material. Romi routinely takes care of sending them an audio version of a session a week. However he has been gone longer than he planned by two weeks already, and I want to make sure BBS has a constant supply of our sessions and does not have to repeat. I asked the Ro Man to share his protocol with the Bean Man so that Gary can take over this task while Ro is gone.

Doggone it! I had to turn down a date with my beautiful husband this evening! I was far too busy clutching my poor tummy. Hopefully things will come out all right for me by tomorrow!

We particularly enjoyed watching the Colbert Report tonight, as he covered the Lambeth Conference, which is taking place this week in Lambeth, Great Britain. The big to-do that is rocking the Anglican Communion world-wide stems from our having an openly gay Bishop here in the United States. We have, as was pointed out on the program, always had gay bishops and priests, but they were so far in the closet that their shoes didn’t show!

This bishop has had the same partner for thirty years and is a lovely guy who has impeccable pastoral skills and is much beloved by his diocese. But some conservative elements in the church feel that unless you are heterosexual you are doomed to burn in everlasting fire – a suggestion which seems quite silly to me, and typical of the problems you run into when you try to take every word of the Bible literally.

The consensus of the report was that the Anglican Communion wants to stay united, and so it will undoubtedly do so, despite threats of schism over this issue.

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.