Tuesday, July 29, 2008


As the temperature and humidity soared, after Morning Offering I spent my early office time working on and sending an information request to my MacDuffie classmates, preparatory to writing a class update for everyone next Monday.

Melissa and I went to the Napa River Grill for an Avalon planning session and lunch and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. I congratulated her on finding four wheels for Avalon’s farm truck, a Ram, for $35.00 apiece. It is a savings over new ones of $55.00 per wheel. The wheels are 16’s, the standard size, so now our new tires will be about $70.00 cheaper per tire. Kudos, Mel!

In the afternoon I played around on our archive site, www.llresearch.org, since our web guy has recently installed new features. It was amazing just how much new material is up on site now. He has all the teaching sessions from Channeling Intensive 1 up in text form now, and all the Channeling Circle sessions from both CI-1 and CI-2 are available. The Channeling Quotes Database for use in CI-2 and subsequent Intensives is up. Every session that I have edited lately is up. And there are ever more French translations of the Ra sessions on line now, joining the Chinese translations.

As well, he has given the reader a chance to register on the site with a user name. that way, when you go on line and check “recent updates”, the site tells you right off what has been added since you last went to our site. And you can book-mark within the site. Plus, you can now choose the size of the fonts used on site. It’s wonderful! Please do go and surf about a bit, and enjoy the new features.

Mick drank Fierce and water by the gallon and came home triumphant, having finished everything on his schedule for today despite a 2-hour rain delay in mid-morning. Go Big Mick! After our bath, we enjoyed a long-delayed date and frolicked to our hearts’ content in the fields of the Lord. I should say, our energy bodies frolicked! The physical gymnastics of days past are not now for me! But we play with the energy as we exchange it with all the joy that used to accompany our much more active lovemaking.

I used to wonder what people did in terms of sexual energy exchanges as they grew older. Now I know at least one way two older people are handling it. It’s still hot, and Mick still rocks my world!

Mick offered the closing prayer at the end of the Gaia Meditation tonight.