Sunday, August 03, 2008


After Morning Offering Mick went into the steamy sunshine of this hot summer’s day and continued mulching all of our plantings, as he prepares the yard for Homecoming 2008, which will occur at the end of this month. I continued my Great Office Clean-Up by finishing the worksheet on the side effects of the medicines which doctors have prescribed for me. By lunchtime I had a complete listing of the information available. Now I can have a productive talk with my G.P. about my prescriptions.

In the afternoon I declared “free time” and worked on our recipes database. I have finished all of the meat recipes now, including red meats, white meats and seafood of all kinds, and decided to tackle the organization of the very large salad folder next. By bath time I had divided the salad recipes into eight sub-folders, and then sub-sub-categories within each sub-folder where needed. The recipes themselves have yet to be reworked, but at least you can now find a pea salad recipe or a mixed greens recipe far more easily than when all of the salads were in one huge folder.

Meanwhile Mick mulched some more, getting to within one planting of finishing the yard. The remaining planting is a large one, the cruciform patio that sprawls across the back section of our back yard, and St. James figures he will find the time during this coming week to complete that last mulching job. He’s used up over half of the huge pile of mulch left by the tree service’s chipping and shredding of our accumulated storm debris from all Mick’s customers. He said that he enjoyed himself very muulch!

Gary has been away from the L/L Research helm since Thursday in order to enjoy the DMB concert with his guests from hometown, Ohio, and I really missed his expertise today, as my printer ate a piece of paper and then expired in acute gastro-printer-itis. The instructions specified removing the sadly crumpled paper from the back of the machine, and after a fruitless half hour, I still had not been able to figure out how to get the back plate off. I left him a request for help in his Inbox.

After a lovely bath together, Mick and I went to the Lyndon Elks Club to enjoy some live music and a picnic supper at a benefit for the Pat Smith Habitat for Humanity House for 2008. The music was fine. The band, Dr. Boom, was playing a repertoire of which Mick and I were previously unaware, sounding like 1950’s bebop and blues, very toe-tapping and fun. It was an interesting ensemble of guitar, electric bass, alto sax, drums and harmonica, with one vocalist. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and felt good about spending our donations money on such a good cause.

Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight. Then while I read a novel of intrigue and romance, he topped off his day of good deeds by cleaning the kitchen. We toppled into bed praising the Lord for weekends!