Thursday, July 31, 2008


It was lowering this morning when we awoke, and after Morning Offering I had a hunch that it would rain this morning, although it was not forecast. I suggested to Mick that he mow one of his customers right away, out of order, as she does not like her grass cut when it is drizzling. He was glad that he took my advice! Just as he finished her lawn, here came the rain! He was rained out for two hours, but found good things to do at home, and ended the day with all his customers mown and trimmed.

I pursued my Great Office Clean-up today. In the morning I finished selecting the hymns for Maria R’s children’s choir. The hymnal which still remains to copy pages from is heavy, so I asked Gary to do the copying. He said he will get to that within a couple of weeks. I think I gave Maria sufficient hymns when she was here in June that she has enough to tide her over until this big batch comes. I’ll also ask my choirmistress, Lisa, if she would like to share from her collection of children’s pieces.

In the afternoon I began looking at the wonderful books which Janet F donated to our Library, then had to break away to go to Absolutely Salon and get my toes and fingernails groomed for the month. Gary and I finished the unpacking after I returned. I am happy to say that except for duplicates with books we already have, we welcomed all her books and other media. Our diet/health section will be much amplified, as well as the sections on energy work, especially Qi Gong, and crystals. Janet is a touch therapist, and her donation reflects her interests.

Gary gave Mick and me a report on his meeting with the generator installer. Our power goes out often here, as we live in what is virtually a forest and branches come down on the wires even on clear days - forget about stormy ones! It’s expensive, but so is losing our food and having to eat out, again and again. We’ll talk it over with our trust officer, Doris, before deciding. I will also see if I can get a prescription for a generator from my G.P. Certainly living in the extremes of heat when the power is out exacerbates my health concerns.

Gary offered a sweet prayer at the end of the Gaia Meditation tonight.