Wednesday, August 06, 2008


It was a much cooler day than had been predicted because of a couple of fairly substantial rainstorms which sprang up in the morning and drenched us with about an inch of rain. It was wonderful to see the rain, which we needed, and Mick managed to get his work done working around the rain delays. He was tickled to see the extra raindrops as it means a longer run of weekly mowing for JLS. When draught hits here, the grass stops growing and Mick loses revenue.

After Morning Offering I edited my MacDuffie Class of ’61 update and sent it down to Gary. He will generate the 51 copies of the 6-page letter plus a set of mailing labels. It is good to have this project done, and very satisfying to have caught up with these wonderful classmates of mine. I adored MacDuffie and am a fan of the school still. So it is a pleasure to be class captain.

You never know when some issue will pop up that blindsides you completely. Such was what to me is a minor issue but what to our web guy is a critical one: names or initials identifying the channeling circle channels in CC sessions. Our web guy feels that giving names to channels and initials to questioners is elitist. That never occurred to me. However I am going with his judgment, which in the past has been absolutely sound. I mention this because the issue took up a good bit of my working time yesterday, both in e-mail writing and in having a fairly protracted conversation with Gary on the subject.

That’s OK! I am glad to give the time to any issue which our web guy brings up. He has given L/L Research an amazing amount of time over many years, spanning upwards of two decades now. My heart overflows with thankfulness for his presence in our lives, and it goes out to him for having to deal with sometimes insensitive and thoughtless folk such as I.

I did a bit of personal e-mail as well, writing a letter to a friend considering divorce from a husband whose spiritual path is still undeveloped, while she has developed into a channel. I have seen this situation again and again through the years. It is always wrenchingly painful. I am sensitive to the altar promises made, and as always in this situation, my thoughts were upon just how she could spent time and space alone without dissolving the marriage bonds.

To slough off a chosen lifetime companion because of spiritually based differences seems to me to be a bad idea, generally speaking. One of the values of a lifetime companion is that you can work on your spiritual life by dealing with him/her lovingly, non-judgmentally and with the intent of retaining unity and harmony. It is certainly a challenge, but I think it is a spiritually useful maturation agent to do so.

Nevertheless, I am behind her whatever she does. A friend whose love is conditional is not a friend at all. Only she knows where the rubber hits the road in her relationship and her life.

Mick and I had a lovely, quiet evening. I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation.