Thursday, August 14, 2008


I had a very quiet and pleasant day of it, coming upstairs to read Papa’s Journals after Morning Offering and staying with it all day. Things he says always prompt me to write him in return, so I probably spent as much time writing him as reading his words. He has embarked on a history lesson for me, trying to explain the present moment and how we got here. Papa knows the whole sweep of history as well as the history of religions and the day flew by as I watched populations swirl across the globe, moved by natural conditions and war.

My one upset was literally an upset of my water glass, right over the surge strip into which all my computer gadgets are plugged. I had just switched to using a plastic tumbler instead of a glass one because I did not want to break a glass up here, and eventually, I generally do upset my drinks for lack of muscle control when picking up something heavy. And that’s just how it happened. My grip slipped on the very heavy Journal and kerplooey! It was soon toweled dry and all is well. and no glass was broken! I love it when a plan comes together.

Mick’s day was also pleasant but much more active. After he finished his mowing and gardening customers for the day he rented a dingo – a miniature bobcat with a 4’ scoop – and worked on a customer’s long mound of dirt which followed the path of her new sewer line from the road to her house. Three hours of work saw the job with the dingo done. Tomorrow he will go back and use the tiller to break up the tumbled soil so that he can rake it all smooth and plant grass.

I had another chat with Justin W, the webmaster at UPI’s Religion and Spirituality website. He is fixing me up with the codes and passwords I need in order to blog there with my Small Medium at Large column. People are so incredibly kind! I look forward to fall and getting back to writing for that column. There is so much to share!

I also wrote out the plan for Gary to use in collecting all of our addresses, both e-mail and snail-mail, for use in publicizing 101 when it is printed. Right now it is on pause until Steve M does his read-through.

And after talking it over with Mick, we have responded to the need for funds at L/L Research by making a donation which will cover a $2,000.00 bill from our accountants, who have had to redo L/L Research’s books completely this year, plus another $1,000.00 to seed the cost of printing 101. We will be asking our Board members for financial help to tide us over until the 2009 funds drive on the 20th, and it behooves us to put our money where our mouth is. It is such a blessing to have Don’s trust fund to call upon when L/L Research needs help. I know that’s where he would want the funds spent, as L/L Research was as much his life as it is Jim’s and mine.

We enjoyed an evening of Amy Goodwin’s Democracy Now, World Music, Olympic events and the antics of the Colbert Report. Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.