Tuesday, August 26, 2008


The summery weather continued in humidity and drought as Mick sailed through another day of mowing and gardening, my doughty knight of the mower so bold and true! He managed to conclude his work for his customers at 3:00 p.m. and spent the rest of the afternoon right here at Camelot, finishing his yard-wide weeding and continuing to water and spiff up the plantings.

You can easily know my day, as it was in only three parts – Gerri G’s quotes, Steve M’s quotes and Melissa B’s quotes. Gerri had written in to Gary asking about quotes concerning Jesus of Nazareth in our material, So working to support her was fairly straightforward and I found good quotes of my Beloved, Jehoshua, for her.

Steve M was a lot harder as his proposed subject is outside of my competence, having a base in physics. However his thesis is that free will has given rise to science. And we have many quotes concerning free will! So his quotes are all on that topic. I can't wait to hear his talk!

Mel’s was hardest of all, since her topic has to do with the spiritual journey from city to country and few questions have ever been asked about that in our sessions. So I researched biodynamic farming and found some good discussions of living a life unified with nature there. She has been our caretaker on Avalon for well over a year now, and I look forward greatly to her talk as well.

I barely finished before bath time, so I am on schedule but MUST finish the other six quote searches in the next two days. And I have appointments both days – tomorrow I cook with Mel for the choir party. Wednesday I am booked from 2:00 p.m. onwards with a massage and pedicure/manicure and then the choir party. Uh oh! We’ll see how I do! I can always have evening work periods if needed.

I got the good news from Steve M that he will do a readthrough of 101 right now, this very minute! He explained that he was hung up on doing the session summaries for A/Q because there were points he did not grasp. He said he has no such trouble with my book and to send it on, and it was a joy to send him the manuscript on the instant.

Ian, our archive site web guy, was tickled to find that Steve E, our activist site web guy, was bringing www.bring4th.org to launch very soon. He’d like to talk with Gary and me about what to transfer from the archive site to B4, and I suggested we have that conversation by telephone after Homecoming. Homecoming is like the juggernaut that cannot be stopped! Its momentum is already accelerating and it will sweep us up until Labor Day has come and gone. It’s an exciting ride.

Mick and I had a delightful and energizing date before coming down to dinner and the Gaia Meditation. We enjoyed watching Jon Stewart and Steve Colbert with Gary over dinner, and I offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.