Thursday, August 21, 2008


As the weather ramped up into the 90s F, we shared Morning Offering. Jim then set out on his mowing and gardening rounds and came home at bath time exclaiming at the dust his mowers kicked up. We need rain very badly! I’m doing a rain dance in my head. Hey-ya ha! Hey-ya rain!

I began my work day by writing my Journals. I had overslept so badly that Mick had to wake me up at 7:30. I suppose I was making up for a sleepless night earlier in the week. Usually I finish my journals before I wake up Mick at 7:15. I've always been a naturally early riser. But not this morning!

Then I did a bit of further work on the Homecoming menu, making some suggestions for the bread we offer at our Friday supper welcome feast. I’d like to get away from serving biscuits, which we have done before, as they involve adding butter and jelly and as each person uses the condiments, the line clogs up. I suggested three different recipes for garlic bread.

In the afternoon I edited the interview I had given Rosemary G of FATE Magazine and sent that back to her with the changes tracked.

I also wrote Lorena, asking her about the gourd planter she suggested as a good use for Tom C’s loofah gourd. Mel and I cannot figure out how to keep the planter from leaking when it is watered.

My working day was concluded as I got a handle on the quotes pages I need to do for Homecoming. I got organized and then I did the quotes for the first one of the eighteen topics we’ll discuss around the Homecoming circle, meditation.

Which reminds me, Gary rented padded chairs this year! Moving on up for our backsides!

After our bath, Mick, Gary and I gathered around our telephones and joined the teleconference Board meeting. Our concerns for this meeting were the shortfall on donations and the publicizing of 101 in order that we may sell it more effectively. We discussed several ways and means and I have a legal pad page full of things to do to follow up on that once we clear Homecoming. In the meantime I shall write Steve M to discover if he still wants to do that read-through of 101 about which he has talked. We need to publish that book sometime in October. Bill H offered a handsome donation which will tide us over until we have our annual fundraising campaign. Thank you Bill!

We spent the remainder of the evening watching the Olympic Games, conversing and reading. Mick offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.