Wednesday, August 20, 2008


As the temperatures and humidity crept up to serious summer weather, Mick set out after Morning Offering to mow and garden and water, water, water. We are in drought now. I worked on the recipes for Homecoming, creating special versions of them to feed two dozen instead of twelve. At 10:30, Dianne S and I went to have our hair cut at Images Salon. This was Dianne’s first time with Jazz, the very jazzy lady who cuts my hair and makes me look my best. She fell in love with Jazz and with the way Jazz cut her hair so that it would take no trouble at all for her to look good in daily life.

Dianne has curly hair, and has always been at pains to contain its natural exuberance. Jazz cut her hair so that it will curl naturally and look perfect with just a wash, a conditioning rinse and a squeeze of frizz-control cream rubbed in to the wet hair. Comb and go! It dries on its own and develops its own crown of curls.

I was so tickled that the experiment worked out well! Now Dianne and I can have our hair cut together every six weeks and spend our girlfriend time together without having to make special arrangements every time. Since we have been getting together every month or two for years, this arrangement is perfect for us.

I took some time in the afternoon to respond to our archive web guy’s request for which way to format a new document in our “Origins” section, HTML or PDF. Two years ago I would not have known what those acronyms signified, so there’s progress! Since HTML is less trouble, I suggested HTML for now, and changing to PDFs when we are ready to publish a printed book of all the “origins” documents. Or, alternatively, he could do the PDFs now and get that work done ahead of printing time. His choice! I was a lot of help, eh?

Then I got back to work on the Homecoming recipes. By bath time, I had finalized the rough draft of our choices, and sent that to Gary and Melissa, my partners in creating the menu. I still need some information from Gary on a cauliflower recipe for Homecoming’s Friday night welcome supper and from Mel on her sauce for our Fresh Fruit Salad, which we will offer at breakfast and as snacks all the time.

I had a wonderful time going through Steve E's new work on! Steve has developed the forums, chat,news, blog and several other sections of the web site, which previously has only had the on-line store fully functioning. It is a splendid job and I am thrilled! Steve hopes to have it all up and functioning by Homecoming! to view it in its rough-draft form, go to

I have run out of time on Papa’s Journal reading and on my letter to him. So as bath time came, I finished writing my letter to him for now, promising to keep reading and taking notes in the evenings on his Journals, and to write him again when Mick and I are in Nebraska visiting Mom in early December.

Gary and I consulted at bath time, and he made some needed small changes in the curriculum for Homecoming, and created an agenda for our L/L Research Board Meeting tomorrow night which he will e-mail to everyone.

The paint was dry in my bedroom, so Mick and I were able to be back on my articulated bed. We greatly enjoyed the enchanting lovemaking we had delayed yesterday night due to our backs being uncomfortable on his flat bed downstairs.

Mel worked with the plant project of making a planting out of Tom C’s loofah gourd and some nasturtiums, but she got hung up on the question of how to water the finished planting without literally watering the floor beneath it, so I will write Lorena L, who gave me this creative idea, and ask her how she solved that problem with her own gourd-and-flowers hanging plant.

She also scrubbed a lot of Avalon dirt off of her beloved Saab and vacuumed a full bag of detritus from its insides. Poor Kemo Saaby has been Mel's farm truck for over a year! Now that we have Moonshine, the Ram which Bob R donated, the Saab can once again become a passenger car. She left early to reunite with her chickens and new kitty.

Gary offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation.