Sunday, August 24, 2008


Saturdays are always a pleasure, with our fast-food lunch tradition and the after-lunch nap anchoring a relaxed day. We also get up an hour later, which gives us a shorter work-day too. After an abbreviated Morning Offering Mick cleaned the kitchen and did a round of errands. In the afternoon he weeded in the yard and then worked on our driveway, seating the stones on the front-yard side of the drive where he had to dig them into the hillock made by the sewer connectors and left by us as it is, since it's a good little dam in case of hard rains. He also widened the drive on the side-yard side, then re-seated the stones there.

Gary put in a full work-day at the L/L Research helm, quitting at 8 p.m.

I worked at finding quotes to support Nathan L all morning and Leonard G. all afternoon. Both men had topics that were challenging to support with quotes, so I had a thoughtful and creative day of it. However I still have nine collections of quotes to make and three days to do them, so I had better do three collections per day on next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!

I also rounded up one last recipe for the Homecoming menu, Asparagus Mimosa. It turned out that Gary had the Homecoming version of the recipe already, but I had neglected to change the last line, so the recipe said it fed 12. That fooled him, despite its ingredients list calling for "16 pounds of young asparagus". That was the easiest job I had today, changing ‘12’ to ‘24’.

I pass on to you what I looked up today: it is called "Mimosa" not because it has the pretty Asian flowers in it but because the egg yolks in the topping make the sauce golden, the color of that bloom.

Gary offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.