Saturday, August 23, 2008


We’re having a heat wave! Unfortunately, it is a dry one. All the moisture is in the air. We're watering and watering! Mick and Gary set out after Morning Offering to get their Friday customers mowed and came home triumphant around 2 p.m. Then Mick worked for the customer who is redoing her flower beds after the sewer connection plowed right through her gardens.

Gary spent his afternoon cooking up next week’s food for the house – turkey, curried carrots and a rice dish.

I spent my working day developing quotes pages for three more of our Homecoming attendees. Now I have eleven topics to go.

Micheline, the French woman who is on the last few sessions of The Law of One, translating them into French, wrote to ask what she should translate next! What a delightful question! I suggested that she translate Q’uo channelings, starting with the latest ones and working backwards, then picking up new sessions as they are added to the site this fall. Once 101 is finalized, I suggested that it would be good for her to translate that volume.

I felt quite under the weather all day, but was greatly revived by a delicious energy exchange with Mick after our bath. How he works so hard in this kind of heat and then has the energy to ask for a date is a miracle to ponder, but I am thrilled about it! We enjoyed the Olympics with Gary until time for the Gaia Meditation. I offered the closing prayer.