Thursday, August 28, 2008


After Morning Offering Mick went out into the dusty, humid day and accomplished all his mowing, gardening and landscaping for the day, then came home and manicured our lawn, er, meadow for Homecoming, trimming up around all the plantings and polishing up the place. Camelot has never looked lovelier for this time of year! He says he may do a bit of transplanting tomorrow, as the ajuga in the Wuthering Heights nooks is sparse, and we have plenty of ajuga growing next to the pet cemetery. But basically, he’s finished! And Camelot is ready to welcome the open tent where we will make our Homecoming circle.

I had a spectacular morning, doing the last quote search I HAD to do, Bob R’s, since I will present for him. I had some time left and decided to see if I could do two more searches to round out absolutely all of our proposed segments. I collected quotes for Lorena L’s talk on our L/L Research prison newsletter, The Loop, and for Gene Trout’s presentation on seeking. Eugene cannot be here as he is in hospital with a heart problem, and we are praying for both him and Bob R. Gene is definitely here in spirit, so it is good to include his segment's presentation outline and quotes collection.

Gary was tickled to get everything from me in good time and spent some late business hours putting all the quote collections, together with segment outlines when those had been submitted, into one document, to be printed out, three-hole-punched and inserted into our Homecoming binders along with our curriculum and schedule pages and a map of the surrounding area by the volunteers who are coming early.

Joyous Chee wrote to ask about an article for the next issue of his e-zine, The Cosmic Lighthouse, and I sent him some candidates. The UPI web site does not have my archive of articles any longer, but they will be restored when I go through the process of creating my blog with them. During the time I have taken a hiatus from writing the articles, UPI switched from a zine format to a blog format and they did not switch my archive over. I hope he likes one of the articles I sent him!

I enjoyed having my monthly massage and manicure/pedicure at Absolutely Salon in the afternoon. After a quick bath, Mick and I attended the choir party. The potato skins Mel and I made were a huge hit! We took home only four out of a double recipe! And the rum cake was almost demolished as well. It was a fine party with such sweet people and such good energy that I was in alt. Mick and I agreed afterwards that it’s the most loving and fun group we’ve ever seen, outside of L/L Research Gatherings of course!

Choir practice ensued, and we practiced Carol Barnett's The Bluegrass Mass for the first time. It’s lots of fun! However it is hard music to read, so I am glad we have the fall to practice it.

I rejoined Gary and Mick for the Gaia Meditation, at which Gary offered the closing prayer. After Mick and I had gone to bed, Gary went to the airport to collect Aaron T, who has come early in order to help out with preparations. We also heard from Lorena that she and her husband and child were on their way and would arrive in the wee smalls of tomorrow morning. And Jeremy is due soon also to lend us a hand in getting ready. So L/L Research's Homecoming 2008 is ramping up!