Saturday, August 30, 2008


The first portion of my day was rest. It was prescribed by Dr. Mick, and I was glad to obey him. Other than writing Bob R to assure him that I’d be giving his presentation for him tomorrow on “Encouraging the Ground Crew” to live fourth density lives and dropping a note to Jude to assure her that all was still on track on A/Q, I toiled not, neither did I spin. I read most of a book by Catherine Coulter called The Maze - an excellent FBI mystery-romance - and had two glorious naps. The next couple of days will be long ones for me and this front-loaded rest will help me to enjoy them.

The rest of the people in the house were far busier than I! Jeremy and Gary set up chairs inside our tent, rearranged the living room to hold more chairs and moved a fat blow-up mattress into my upstairs office after removing my office mama chair to the Homecoming tent circle. Then Gary re-established my connections at the desk so I could keep my journals. Mel, who will be sleeping in my office for two nights, kindly encouraged me to come on in and write my journals early in the mornings.

Mick put in his usual Friday of mowing and gardening - and now, watering - and then did equipment maintenance and errands.

We gathered for our first time at 6:30. As the pretty, sultry day wound down to sunset, we received our Homecoming booklets and Gary talked us through how everything would go during this Gathering. Then we broke for the Welcome Feast. Everyone seemed to love the food, thank heavens.

Our evening circle was devoted to a round-robin talk around the circle, with each attendee introducing him or herself. It went late, as everyone this year is glad to share, and at its end, we had the Gaia Meditation together before we broke up into groups, those who go to sleep early and those who want to continue conversations. Mick offered the closing prayer.

We have had no less than 10 cancellations, so it is a smaller group this year. However, it is still a few too many attendees to fit in our living room, so I’m glad we got the tent. Jim’s tent garden was just beautiful to look at, with a huge chrysanthemum as the centerpiece which wintered over last year and has turned into a bush, and pretty coral bells around it.

It’s such a good group! I look forward to everyone’s presentations.